Feelings When Ttc First Time After M C

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Devin - May 16

I miscarried on 4/3/ I am now ovulating and my husband and I are ttc again. I have a mix of emotions-happy we can try again but sad that I'm not still pregnant. I'm anticipating that trying, especially if we don't get pregnant right away, will be very stressful. Anyone else feel the same?


Kirsty - May 16

Feelings can really be confusing, It has been just over a month since m/c the thought of trying NO WAY well feelings change I am not trying but having all these thoughs about trying and what dose that mean?? Little Fingers Little toes it's a strange ,scarey and great feeling all at the same time.One thing that I have sorted in my head it that we all can move on without feeling that we have left our babies behind they will be with us always. I am thinking of you and wish you luck (((HUGS)))


Kat - May 16

For me, the thought of not ttc right away is devastating. The thought of getting pregnant seems to be the only thing that keeps me going


ChristinaS - May 16

I am too getting near my ovulation. I m/c about the same time as you (Devin). Its hard, I want to ttc so bad, my doctor doesn't see way not as long as I'm ready. I've tried for 3years before I m/c. I'm so scared that it will take a long time again or have the same result, it is very stressful, but I know once that end result of holding a baby in my arms happens I'll be glad I made that choice to try again and so wont you!


Tara - May 17

I can totally relate. I m/c on March 22nd & my husband & I ttc this month. Well, yesterday I started af and I was a little disappointed, but figure my body must not be ready. Hopefully, the waiting will be worth it very soon! Good luck to all who are trying again!


Kara - May 17

Hello all. Its been a long time since I have posted here. Too painful re-living all the emotions, I guess. I had a d/c for missed m/c on feb 10th. We waited the full 3 cycles before trying (very irregular after d/c - 33 days, then 18 days, then 24 days). I just had a positive hpt today. I am not nearly as excited as I thought I would be, but maybe its because I had such a strong feeling that I was last week. Or maybe because I am afraid to loose another baby. I'm sure I once it all sinks in I will be elated! Just a tidbit of advice for those ttc with an irregular cycle - both times I have concieved by having s_x everyday for ten days straight from the 6th day of my cylce to the 16th. I never did get a positive on the ovulation kit or have any inplantation spotting either time. Hopefully the ten days of s_x will work as well for you as it did for me.


To Kara - May 17

Thanks Kara! That is good information to know. I hope things go well for you on this pregnancy, I'm sure it will!!


rachel - May 17

hi i miscarried on 21/1 and conceived again straight away only to miscarry again 4 weeks ago. i have just had my first period since november and am looking forward to ttc again i hope i'm lucky this time..


Devin - May 17

Thanks for all the answers. I too am worried it will take longer than the first time to get pregnant (5 months). I'm also anticipating that if my af comes, I will be even more disappointed than when we tried before my m/c. I just keep wondering if something is wrong with me. I hope that when we all get that bfp we are elated and not scared to death. I guess we will feel a bit of both



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