Fertile CM 2 Weeks After Preg Loss Is This Possible TMI

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Patreasa - January 14

Hello once again ladies. I have a quick question. I gave birth to my daughter Dynasti 2 weeks ago. Sadly, She died an hour after she was born, because she was so tiny. Well, I bled and the bleeding has tapered off to nothing for the past 2 days...well, today I was going to the bathroom and when I wiped (sorry ladies, TMI!!!!!!!!) I noticed some blood tinged fertile cervical mucus...I'm wondering if it is too early to be seeing this or what? I have been taking Ovulex for the past 2 weeks since I gave birth, and I'm wondering if it is the Ovulex speeding up the process. I took it before I got pregnant, and got pregnant one month after i took it, so this is some good stuff. Anyway, has any ladies had the egg white cervical mucus so soon after they either gave birth or miscarried? I used to saliva ovulation test, but I don't like that thing. I am going to buy some strips at walmart later, and keep you guys posted, but I would like to hear any positive stores on any ladies who had the EWCM this early after giving birth/miscarriage........thank you


Patreasa - January 14

Well, I think maybe it's just my hormones playing with me, because when I went to the bathroom again, there was nothing. I was bone cry (sorry, TMI again ladies!!!!!!) I guess I should expect this, but I am still going to get the Ovulation tests at walmart and use them so see where I stand every so often. I'm just so anxious to get started again. I really want to have another baby, and bring this one home healthy.


Ashley - January 14

Hi patreasa, I don't really have an answer to your question, but just wanted to say that i'm in the same boat as you. I'm so sorry for your loss. I had a d&c 2wks ago and I kinda felt strange yesterday and today. Like ovulation pains. I really don't know, I'm new at this. Hopefully I was ovulating. I want to be pregnant again so bad. Good Luck patreasa.


Patreasa - January 14

Hi Ashley, you know, I had some ovulation pains too, and when i saw the CM, I thought maybe I was ovulating, but I'm getting discouraged, because I've been reading some different articles online, and it says maybe ovulation occurs 2-4 weeks after we lose our baby. I'm sorry for your loss too. I"m with you, I want to be pregnant again as soon as possible, because I miss the feeling of having a little life growing in my belly and nurturing that life. I also miss holding my daughter. I miss her. If you don't mind my asking, how far along were you? I was 22 weeks, and i went into preterm labor out of nowhere. it stil hurts to even think about ti sometimes, but it's part of the healing process I guess. She was my firstborn.


Patreasa - January 14

Well ladies, I went to walmart to day to get the Ovulation tests, and I took one and it came back positive. both lines were dark and clear as day. I"m wondering if it's too early though. I had the fertile cervical mucus, and now the positive test, so I'm wondering if maybe I could be ovulating already after only 2 and a half weeks. It's possible, I guess, but I don't want to get my hopes up.


Ashley - January 15

Hi patreasa, I was 11wks when I went for 1st u/s and there was no hb and my baby only measured at 9wks. I had a d&c. It was a missed m/c, I had no signs that there was anything wrong all my symptoms were still there and I had no bleeding or anything. So needless to say dh and I were shocked to find that our baby was pa__sed away and had been for 2wks. It was awful. Before getting pregnant, I never really tracked my ovulation, I just used one of those calenders on the net that is for a typical cycle. But we got pregnant the first month.. So I don't really know about the signs of ovulating. I've never paid attention to myself to see if I could actually feel it b/cause I was on b/c so long that I never thought about it. But today and yesterday I've had alot of creamy discharge and a little bit of a backache. I've been really ga__sy too. Are those all signs of ovulating? Also, I took a pg test to see if it would still be + since my m/c was only 2wks ago and it was still positive. Is it possible to ovulate if your levels are not back down to 0 yet? We were planning on waiting for one cycle but hubby and I had a slip up 2nights ago and if I'm ovulating now then that's sounds about right to me. Just wondering. Don't know a whole lot about this. This was my first pregnancy. Thanks for any info you might have.


Patreasa - January 15

Hi Ashley, I know there aren't any words I can say to make you feel better about your loss, but I will say I understand because it happened to me as well:) I know what you mean, because I got pregnant after the first try. I do know that when you are approaching ovulation, you may be a little twinge in your right or left side, depending which side is releasing the egg, and you will get some fertile cervical mucus...like egg whites.


Lynne - January 16

I have heard that you are more likely to become pregnant right after giving birth. I don't know how accurate this is, but I have heard it from numerous sources.


Suebee - January 16

Hi Patreasa, I had a miscarriage on the 11th of December. I ovulated around the 28th of December and just had my period the 10th of Jan. So, yes it's possible to ovulate that quickly. I couldn't believe how quickly my body rebounded. We'll be ttc again this week so hopefully I'll be lucky and everything will work out great this time around. Good luck to you and I'm sorry for your loss.


Patreasa - January 18

Hi Sue, I'm sorry you had to experience this kind of loss. I think I ovulated, because the tests were positive, and I had fertile CM. I hope you are lucky and get preg soon. Good luck!!!!



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