Fertile For 3 Months After

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Norma - March 29

I've heard you're very fertile for 3 months after a mis-carriage. Is this true? We want to wait 3 month before trying again as I am still a wreck just now and not ready just yet. We want a baby so much. If we wait 3 months am I less likely to concieve as fast? I am mid 20s by the way and Dh is mid 30s don't know if that counts. I just want to do the right thing and for my body to be healthy for conceiving again.


Alison - March 29

HI Norma, I have heard similar theories about being very fertile in the months just after a m/c but if you feel you need a few months to feel physically able to try again then I wouldn't let the theories put you off. If you're in your 20s and conceived without problems the last time you should conceive again ok even if you do wait 3 months after the m/c. Most doctors seem to think you only need 1 period before TTC again but it's what you feel able to cope with that's important. After my first m/c I waited 1 period and conceived the first month trying - I then miscarried again (not saying there's any connection as I was told by hospital each loss was seperate and not related.) But still after the second one we decided to wait 2 periods and so I'm TTC again now. No success last month (first month trying) but we'll see what this month brings. Take care of yourself and I hope you conceive quickly after trying again when you do and that you have a healthy baby xxx


Petra - March 29

I had d/e on feb. 10. My periode started after five weeks. My dr told me to wait one cycle... this mainly to have a correct due date. I wasn't sure if I wanted to wait longer than one month... I decided to play it by ear. Some women start trying right after d/e. I did not want to do this and be in the dr office for US and they don't know if the baby is healthy b/c you don't have a correct date... All that extra stress. Anyway, I feel that enough time has past to try again. I feel great and we will make an attempt again this week (I'm ovulating right now!!) . Just hang in there and let the feelings come out if you have the urge.... I had a major melt down when friends told us they are expecting, same due date as I would have been and since then I feel much better. But not all women are the same and what good is for one person may not work for the next.


Jess - March 29

Norma I have heard about being very fertile after a miscarriage as well. I had a m/c and d&c on 3/7 and when I went for my fallow up the Dr told me to wait 3 cycles. It only took me 1 cycle after going off the pill to concieve so I am hopeing to start again after my 1st af. If you feel emotionally ready then go for it. You are young so you have time. I am 28 and dh is 31 so we don't have to rush but like you we want a family so badly. I wish you the best.


stacey - March 29

They do say you are fertile for 3 months, but that's if your cycles are regular. I am in my second cycle after m/c (Jan) and it is not normal- not even sure if I am going to ovulate this month. If you're not ready, don't worry about it. If you got pregnant w/o a problem, then I wouldn't see one if you waited. Good luck!


mulgajill - March 29

Norma, wait the three months, it is important to feel emotionally ready ... "most fertile after miscarriage" as compared to being very fertile in your 20's anyway.... i have heard it too... but maybe women who have a miscarriage were "very fertile" before the event, as in they were pregnant anyway? Maybe women who have miscarriages are more fertile to begin with (more pregnancy's = more chances of m/c)? ............ I conceived last year (had m/c later) when i had s_x the first time with my fella... i hadn't had unprotected s_x (or any type much for that matter) for a couple years before... so a break is not going to do any harm... just do it when YOU feel ready ... :-)



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