Fertile For 3 Months After M C True Or Myth

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Keera - October 27

Is it true that you are fertile continuously for the 3 months after your m/c?


< - October 27



lisa - October 27

I think thats a myth!


angel - October 27

depends on the person.... i had a miscarriage and they told me yes i would still be fertile but that my body was in shock and i should wait 3 months o let it recover. i did get pregnant again in the second month so it is possible hope this helps :)


Keera - October 27

Thanks angel yes, because that is what I have heard as well. Good luck with ur pregnancy!


Sara - October 27

I just miscarried Monday and I have done a lot of research and I have read alot that you are more fertile in the 3 months after a m/c.My dr told me to wait 2 cycles before I ttc but I had another dr tell me there is no reason to wait because I had a natural m/c. I want to try to get pg again but I feel guilty for trying so soon.Does anyone else feel this guilt?


Keera - October 28

No Sara I have been TTC since i m/c I leave it up to God... I do not think there is anything wrong with TTC so soon...... you just have to be more careful and take care of urself... I m/c October 1st and I barley got my first af yesterday...... so I am going to ttc again right after this cycle.


Sara - October 28

Keera-Thanks for the kind words and I am sorry to hear about your loss.When I miscarried I bled for almost 5 days.My Dr. said to treat that as my period so does that mean I can ovulate soon? Best wishes to you and your family and TONS of baby dust your way!!!


Tanya - October 28

Hi Keera, I sent you a welcome on the Going for July/Aug babies thread, but wanted to reply here too. I have heard the same thing, however, I have also heard that it can take up to 3 months for healthy ovulation to return. I think it's different for each of us and different with each pregnancy. It's amazing how it all works. When we don't want it to happen, it seems to come easily. When we do, it can't happen fast enough. I lost my baby at 17 weeks in Aug. I'm currently ttc after 2nd AF. Some girls conceive again before even getting an AF. But 3 months seems to be the average, even for women who don't m/c. Wishing you the best. Sara, I wanted so much to get pg again right away. I've had moments of guilt too. I think it's very natural. I think we all agree that trying again gives us hope of having a baby. But we're not trying to replace the babies we lost. We want them very much. I hope it happens for you very soon!


lilu - November 1

It doesn't necessarily mean your more fertile. The reason why people get pregnant easier is because ovulation can occur at any time. You don't ovulate more often just b/c you have a baby. Within the 3 months it's just unpredicted b/c you're cycle isn't totaly regular.


hi keera - November 1

I mc in July and waited 2 periods and started ttc. I got pregnant that month and am currently 9 weeks (and scared to death bc I mcd at 10 weeks) Good luckl to you!!



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