Fertility After Miscarriage How Long

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KLM - January 15

Hi, I miscarried on Jan 10 and I was about six to seven weeks along and was wondering how long it may take to get pregnant again. My OB told me to wait for a period which would probably take about three weeks. Only problem is it took me nine courses of Clomid 50 mg then I had a larascopy done which after that I got pregnant after waiting only one cycle. Only good thing is that my OB told me everything came out and that I won't need a D&C. So now its I guess just the wait. Has anyone gotten pregnant fairly quickly after miscarriage. Any advice is greatly appreciated.


marylynn78 - January 17

let me tell you that i lost my baby in november and now i might be pregnant again. i only waited one cycle and we tried again. it seems i'm very fertile and hopefully the baby sticks this time. go ahaead and try already. you can try as long as you are emotionally ready. let me know....


KLM - January 18

Hi Marylynn 78, I am ready to try again and my OB told me to wait a cycle as you mentioned and that is a good idea since I got pregnant on cd 14 after my larascopy or should I say I ovulated on cd 14 so really wouldn't know until I did have a period. I hope that you are pregnant again and I try to look at the positive that I didn't go the full nine months and then miscarry or after the baby is born. I'm 38 so I don't want to wait too long. I have a child already so if nothing happens then I still have have him to spoil (he is already but it will be worse)!! But emotionally I am ready to try again. So we'll see what happens and thanks. Keep me posted!!


KLM - January 20

If anyone else has any input I would really appreciate it!


mls1188 - January 23

I'm sorry that I'm writing in this thread, my question is kind of along the same lines but I couldn't find one more closely related. So, my problem is this: I started on Yaz birth control pill in august 08, I had no problems whatsoever while taking it, except for the emotional change etc. I had breakthrough bleeding the first month and that's the last time I had any. Last month I was incredibly tired and sickish feeling, but just though it was the change in schedule with getting married and moving. Well, on the 12th of this month I started my period (10 days earlier than I was supposed to since my period is scheduled on the pill) and it lasted for a week to 8 days and it was unusually heavy and i had a lot of pain. Does anyone thiink that I could have gotten prego while on the pill and had a miscarriage too?


KLM - January 23

Hi, I'm not sure if that was the case but I would definitely tell your doctor what happened in case you may have gotten pregnant and then something happened. Unfortunately no system even the pill sometimes is foolproof with the exception of abstinence so it wouldn't hurt to get checked out just in case. I've heard of Yaz before and its says that its supposed to be very effective but you never know. Let me know what happens. Also if you had large clots or some clotting it may have been a miscarriage.


mls1188 - January 24

thanks KLM, let me know how everything is going with you as well! I'm interested to know! I have a doctors appointment on the 2nd of feb. and i started taking my prenatals yesterday just in case she says i'm good to go on trying!


marylynn78 - January 24

hey KLM- i took the pregnancy test last sunday and it came out positive after one cycle of waiting. i hope this pregnancy is different and i get to see my baby at the end and not have a miscarriage. what happended with you? have you gotten a BFP yet???


Sonrisa - January 25

Hey KLM..sorry about your miscarriage. Like you I also have a little boy so I understand what you mean, but it still hurts. I miscarried in November. I am almost 38 myself. I miscarried at 12 weeks. I was about to annouce my pregnancy to everyone. I did see the heartbeat at 7 weeks and then there was not heartbeat the next appointment. I was told to wait to cycles by my OB..>I don't know if it was because I was a little further along and needed a D and C. I however did not listen. We were falling her orders and then I got a feeling after my first cycle that I wanted to try again. We did and now I think that I might be prego. I had some spotting today. I don't know if I am but with the baby I lost I had spotting at the beginning right around implantation. i never had spotting with my successful pregnancy. We lost the baby because of a trisomy 14 not because of any hormonal issues. I hope I am pregnant. My gut tells me that I am...I know the doctor said to wait but my DH and I spoke about it and we both decided that if it is meant to be it would happen, so we tried. We will see. KLM...I wish you good luck. Try once you both feel ready to do so. I definitely did not feel that until two months past.


sweetpea78 - January 27

hi,i hd my m/c on the 18dec and 5weeks on im still bleeding.we want to try again but dont no how long to wait for my peroid 2 come,and dont no if you should still be bleeding for this long.im just wondering is this normalx


KLM - February 3

Hi all, First of all congratulations to you Marylynn that is wonderful news and gives me some hope that maybe it will happen soon to me too. Hubby and I were in the mood a few nights ago and just decided to give it a whirl. I haven't had my first period yet but noticed that I've had what looks like fertile cervical mucus about the last week and like Sonrisa had a little spotting so I'm not sure if something happened or since I was sore trying the other night could be a little bleed? So we'll see what happens. As I said before I was fortunate that I didn't need a d&c so that was good. So now its the waiting game, please let me know how you all are doing!! Talk to you soon!!


KLM - February 4

One other question how long did it take for you to have your periods after a miscarriage?


KLM - February 17

Hi all, I'am about nine days into my first period after m/c and wondered is that a normal length of time to bleed or maybe something an OB should look into? Anyone!


bkm - April 19

KLM- I'm about 10 days into my post D&C period (after 4-5 weeks it showed up) and I've heard it is normal (for any given value of normal after a MC, things are so wonky no matter what!) to have a 7-14 day period after a MC or D&C.


Zara03 - April 28

Hello to all. I am new to this forum but can relate. I want to post because I had a weird experience with my period. I got pregnant (1st time) in January 09. My husband and I were sooo thrilled. When I was 7 weeks I had a missed miscarriage and a D&C on Feb 12. I did not get a period until March 25. I was soo excited. I spotted at first but then it became very heavy. My excitement turned into worry because my period laster 1 month. I even ovulated (i took an opk) while I was bleeding. The bleeding finally stopped but I am now awaiting my next period so we can start trying again. Can anyone relate to this experience? Baby dust to all. I can't wait to be pregnant again and carry through term..


bkm - April 28

I can relate to that Zara03. I am now on day 20 of my first post-D&C period and I also know I ovulated at about the right time for a 28d cycle. I use a Divacup so have been tracking the amount (TMI?) and the flow is just moderate with average 15ml per day (average period is under 80ml over 5 days or so, so about the same, but just continuing...). Was hoping to start TTC in May, but will have to see what my body thinks it's up to.


love pink - April 30

how long after a dnc did it take for period to come? tomorrow is six weeks and its killing me not to know when it is coming. once it comes then i can start to try again. Please anyone?



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