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daisymelis - March 11

i had a d&c thursday and they are sending the fetal tissue off to a lab for genetic testing. (my third mc in a year and second d&c) has anyone else had this done? what should i expect? any questions i should be asking? any particular test i should look for? i also need to have blood work done for myself. any help would be greatly appreciated- scared! :-(


hugs - March 12

Hi Daisy, I had a mc last week and the doc is sending the tissue for testing. I had a previous pregnancy loss at 25 weeks due to preterm labor/incompetant cervix. After that I had taken all the possible blood work to see if everything was ok with me and my results were normal, now inspite of that I again had a mc, though this time it was at 8 weeks. I dont think you have to worry much. I believe what the doc is trying to do, is just figure out why you are having recurrent miscarriages. If you dont mind me asking, how old are you? Sometimes the chances of ms just increase with age as well. Dont worry, i know its easier said that done, but I have been going thru a lot as well, but I can a__sure you, that you can chat with me as an when you feel like on this forum. Please also let me know if you found out anything. Im sure you will have a healthy baby pretty soon:)


daisymelis - March 12

i am 28 and can't seem to find any information as to what they are looking for. i tried to find out from the doctor- possible causes can be as simple as a blood clotting issue (decided through blood tests which i have in 2 weeks) or something more serious- my husband and my dna don't work together! i just don't know what to ask or look for. any sites out there for genetic fetal testing from a miscarriage?


stefkay - March 12

Hi daisymelis, I had this done also for my last m/c in January and they did mainly chromosomal testing to see if something went wrong there. It is a good idea to have it done, especially being your 3rd. They will probably do a standard miscarriage screen on you with the blood tests (check for clotting disorders, etc.). Don't be worried...I was actually excited to finally get the testing done so that I could get some answers and find out what was going on! Good luck!


hugs - March 13

Hi Daisy, Did u find out whats going? Did u get the results..please let me know, i wld really appreciate it.


daisymelis - March 14

Still no answer although they did say it would take nearly a month to get the results. I have to go for the blood work next week. I have to wait 2 weeks after the d&c so all the pregnancy hormones are out of my body. I can't stand this wait and see game. I am hoping it is a blood clotting or some other easy solution. Otherwise, I could be looking at IVF to make sure my husband and my chromosomes match up to make a baby and then choose one. Wait and see.


daisymelis - April 23

Hi Hugs! I just wanted to let you know that I did get everything back- I have one gene mutation MTHFR so I need to take more folic acid, 4mg, and a baby aspirin for a blood thinner. We also went to a specialist who now wants to biopsy my uterine lining to see if it produces enough progesterone to nourish the developing fetus- I always miscarry at about 6-8 weeks (3 times now). Hope this helps. I feel a little more at ease. Back to the waiting game!



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