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lovelyn - February 18

Hi, I was pregnant twice last year and i lost both pregnancy at 8 and 21weeks respectively. I was told by the doctors that i had a large fibroid. am preparing to have a myomectomy to remove the fibroids. can any one that has done myomectomy enlighten me about the risk involed and how much it cost to have the surgery in NHS United Kingdom.


Bumblebee - February 19

Lovelyn - Sorry to hear of your losses last year. Would you happen to know the size of the fibroid? I have one too and mc twice in 6 months. I think my largest may be about 3 cm. I was thinking of myomectomy and asked my doc, but she said it is too small. Don't know if that may have caused or contributed to mc./


KM Williams - February 19

Hello everyone, I been reading this thread for awhile now and decided to post my story. I am 26 years old and my husband and I have been trying to have a baby since Feb. 2006. I knew I had fibroids since 2003 but was told it wasn't the reason I wasn't getting pregnant. After a sperm a___lysis on my husband and month after month of disappointment I found out I was pregnant Sept. 29, 2007. All was well but in my 11th week I got intense fibroid pains. Went to the ER was given medication and released. On Dec. 28th had mild pain didn't think anything of it. Took it easy for a few days. However, on Dec. 31st at 2:00 am had to go to the ER. After waiting 2 hours for a room. Took off my clothes and noticed the bleeding. I was given morphine which did absolutely nothing for the pain. I was given a pelvic exam and told the worst case scenario by the doctor. Hoping for the best I was sent to get an ultrasound done in which the ultrasound tech wouldn't answer my questions. After being escorted back to the room I gave birth to my daughter at 19 weeks. I am really having a hard time with this but what makes things even harder is I have to make a decision about an operation that may take my chances of getting pregnant away permenantly. I have 2 known fibroids. One was located right next to the baby.. like a twin was 9-10 cm and the other was at the foot of the baby.


Bumblebee - February 20

KM - Why will the op take away your chances? I read on another thread that myomectomy was successful. Or is it a different op? That is such a difficult thing to hear!! I don't seem to recall my doc saying it had those type of risks, but didn't really look into it that much yet. I hope you get a few other consults for a good and safe plan. Please let us know.


angelkitty - February 20

KM _ I think I have seen you on the pregnancy after myomectomy board. I have been through the same thing with the loss - I delivered at 16 weeks. I just had my myomectomy almost 2 weeks ago. I going to a__sume by you saying the myomec. couold possibly take away your chances of having baby you are referring to the chance of having to get an emergency hysterectomy during the operation. I unerstand how scary that can be. I do. But my point of view was this - I would rather take that chance and if my RE did the hysterectomy then I would know I would have to adopt and that would be it. What was more frightening to me was the thougth of not having the myomectomy and then getting pregnant again and losing another child at 16 weeks. I do not want to go through that again. I also understand how it must have felt to have the u/s tech not answer your questions - they did that to us too. I was darned mad i wanted to punch the wall in. And this goes to both you KM and toBumblebee - we thought I just had 2 fibroids. When my RE did the myo he found 14!!!! He could only remove12 b/c the other 2 were in critical locations that would cause major blood loss and he would not take that chance with my life. I wonder if that was why we never could pregnant on our own. We had to do IUI's to get a BFP.


Bumblebee - February 20

Oh, I see, so the myo could possibly lead to hysterc!! That is really scary, but you're right , if it is inevitable and if it is good exp doc, then, you would know it was needed. But still, I now understand. I dont know, I need 2 check into it more. My acupuncturist is going to have me on some herbs 2 reduce the sizes after I get done w/ this m/c (hope soon) & before we try again.... fingers r crossed...



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