Finding It Hard

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papiki - November 20

I just had a miscourage this saterday. It is very hard for me to accept the situation. One minute I think as a pregnant woman the next minute I have to remind myself that I lost my baby. My boyfriend is also affected. I am keeping strong however I am very emotional When I see pregnant woman I always pray that everything goes well for them. When I see children playing or a mother with a child I start crying thinking that my baby was going to be like that one day. I am finding it hard. I woke up this morning hearing a baby crying and it realy made me is hard to cope but I am trying..


Emma - November 20

I miscarried yesterday (well I guess I am still going through it right now) and I understand how you feel. Although it's too soon for me to have seen other pregnant women or kids since it was just last night that I found out, I think I will have the same feelings as you described when I do. It is very hard but these feelings are natural and you shouldn't be scared of them. My mom pa__sed away many years ago and I found it very tough. I cried so much for so long that it scared me and I thought I was losing my mind. Years later I heard someone say something about grief that really rang true to me. They said that many people hold back their feelings to some extent or are scared by how upset they feel because they think "if they take the lid off their grief, they will never get it back on". I realized that was how I felt although I couldn't put it into words at the time. So as I try and deal with this I am not even going to try and keep the lid on and no matter how sad I feel I will remember that it's still natural to feel this way and you have to just let the lid off, wade through it and get to the other side. Just let the feelings come, cry when you want to, feel what you feel and things will get easier with time.


Emma - November 21

Thank you for the support. It realy mean a lot to me. I am trying to cope bit by bit.I hope I will finally get better.I am sorry about your misscourage.I hope God knows why it happened is just that whenever I think of the plans u had 4 my baby, I can't help it but cry. All I know is we will get over this one day and be strong.Keep strong.


Ashley - November 30

Try to stay strong you will be ok. i had a lost my baby 2months ago. i am doing a little better beside the fat that i can't walk into the baby dept. or baby store. Just hang in there.


Melissa - December 1

I miscarried 5 weeks ago. It's funny because I felt the same way. Still walking around, feeling pregnant, thinking I was pregnant too. I was just writing about that in my diary last night. I think it is because even after you miscarry, your hormones are still in "pregnant mode", so you feel pregnant because not only are you used to being pregnant, but you WANT to still be pregnant, AND your body still physically thinks it;s pregnant, so naturally, it is very hard to remember that you aren't. Hormones are very powerful things! Between your emotional state and your physical state, your mind plays tricks on you. So don't worry, still feeling pregnant is normal. I have only just started to feel like "my old self" during the last week or so. Now I kind of understand why doctors want you to wait before getting pregnant again, because I think it's important to let that fog clear from your head first. I know how you feel, believe me. It will get easier.



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