First AF After M C

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Beth - April 10

I had a m/c on March 3rd and AF FINALLY arrived (I think) last night. It is strange, I have no cramping and no br___t tenderness (I usually always do pre-AF) and I only have VERY light brownish when I wipe. I was ready for a full-on AF to know that I was "normal" again after m/c, but it seems so different to me. Did anyone else have a similar experience? Is it maybe just starting up and will turn into a "regular" AF?! please advise... I was so excited to get AF b/c it would be my first cycle and then we'd be set to ttc again! Thanks for reading!


AmyF - April 10

I had the same experience as you, Beth. I m/c on 1/26 and got af on 3/1-3/8 (brownish- very light/ only used pantyliners) and now I'm waiting for my second cycle, but I don't know if I am back to 'normal' again.


Beth - April 10

Amy- thanks...glad I am not the only one experiencing this. I too have only needed pantyliners. Were your cycles regular before your m/c? Thank you!


Heather - April 10

I had a similar experience. I called my dr to find out of I counted it as af and they said no. Wait for another one. I only want spotting really. Mine was 3 weeks after the m/c though so I just attributed it to "left-overs"… I had a natural m/c.


stacey - April 10

I had light spotting 4 weeks after my m/c, but had a full-on af at 6 weeks. I m/c on 1/28 :(


Beth - April 10

It makes me so sad that so many of us have expereinced a m/c. Thank you for all of you input on good old AF!!! Mine has actually kicked up a few notches and I am now suffering with SEVERE cramps and a lot more bleeding... it's ironic how you don't seem to care though after waiting for it for so long! Thank you Stacey, Heather and AmyF!!! It is wonderful to have a place to get some answers and I wish you all happiness and luck!


Michelle - April 11

I got my AF 28 days after my m/c and D/C. It started out light pink and then turned into a reg. AF. I had no cramping but just bleeding and a few clots. I am very pleased to be able to ttc again. Good luck to all of you! Baby dust.


Julie - April 12

Hi Beth, I had the exact same situation also. I had m/c and d/c on March 9th. I started very very light brownish stuff on April 6th, off and on, then on the 10th of April, wow, heaviest period I've ever had. Never had any b___st tenderness either (usually do) My doctor told me to expect pretty much anything, that your hormones are so whacked out, but once you get that period, that is a sign that they are normalizing. I hope the same is true for you.



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