First Af After Miscarriage And Way Depressed

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MJM - April 13

I am having my first period after a natural miscarriage on March 11. It is very heavy and crampy and it is reminding me so much of the miscarriage. I feel like I am reliving it all over again. And I just keep thinking of my poor baby being flushed down the toilet during the miscarriage. Am I absolutely losing it or has anyone else felt this way?! Thanks for your response.


Alison - April 13

I felt like like that too MJM - the first AF afterwards really is horrible. It just feels like you're miscarrying again and it is an all-too graphic reminder you're no longer pregnant. You're not losing it I'll bet loads of other girls here will relate to how you feel just now. I know it's hard to see any positives just now but at least you've had your AF so your cycles are returning to normal and your uterus will be rebuilding and getting ready to get pregnant again. It is awful though I'm so sorry for your loss. I wish you lots of happiness in the future and I hope you are receiving all the love and support you need at this time xxx


MJM - April 13

Thank you Alison- You are right, it is a positive that my cycle is getting back to normal. I am blessed with a wonderful husband that has been very supportive. None of my closest girlfriends have experienced it for themselves though, and I just feel like a burden when I talk about it with them. They are wonderful friends and always asking me how I am doing, but, I don't want to tell them everything. I am so thankful for this site. It has helped so much to read the experiences of others. Although I don't do a lot of posting, I do love reading everyone elses. This is such a valuable resource. Thanks again.


Laura - April 13

Hi MJM I miscarried on March 18th after trying for the last ten years. I was devastated. I am doing better now and am on Clomid 50 mg and Provera 10mg to jump start my cycle so we can try to conceive again. The loss you experience when you miscarry is horrific people who have not experienced it do not understand. Hope you get pregnant real soon again. Best of luck.


MJM - April 13

Oh Laura- I am sorry for your loss. We had been trying for 5 years and I thought that was a long time. Do you have any other children? I truly hope that the perscriptions work for you, keep us posted. Best wishes!


Laura - April 13

Hey MJM no I do not have anymore I have PCOS and endometriosis and had surgery in December for the endometriosis and we were ecstatic when the test had two stripes on February 25th. But we are being strong and hoping for the best. Best of luck to you too. This was our first until then we did not even know I could conceive.


Laura - May 5

Hey MJM I finished all the Provera and got my cycle and finished all the Clomid and I am do to start ovulating tomorrow Friday May 6. The doctor is pretty sure it will be successful this month. I pray he is right. I cannot wait to be pregnant again and carry it full term this time.. Hoping and praying for the best for all of you. I am do to test on May 25th I will keep you updated. Hopefully all the meds, perfect timing, and loads of prayers work!


Allie - May 5

Good luck Laura; you'll be in my prayers this week!


Laura - May 6

Thanks Allie all prayer are greatly appreciated this has been a long trying road. I will be married 15 years in July. I have PCOS and Endmeteriosis and had surgery in December so hopefully it will be a lot easier from now on. Best of luck to you too.



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