First Pregnancy Miscarrying

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Whisper - February 11

Hello. I'm 26, been ttc on and off over the last 6 years, this last try for 5 months when I got my first ever BFP. Unfortunately, it doesn't appear that I am getting that miracle I first thought it to be. I am supposed to be 7 weeks along. I had a couple instances of brown spotting earlier on, and then last night pink spotting that was a bit heavier, and I went to the ER (because I'm rh- and needed rhogam) and they said my hormone levels were too low (1100) and only measuring 4 weeks, which isn't possible that my dates were off by that much. Had they said 6, Id not of been so worried at the time. They did a pelvic exam, said my cervix looked fine. This gave me a bit more hope, but then they did the u/s to make sure it wasnt ectopic, which it wasn't, but they said there was just a gest sack and yolk, and looked about 5 weeks at the most, which really doesn't add up so I pretty much knew then that something was wrong. The minimum I could possibly be is 6 weeks, and the most just under 8 weeks. At the time I wasn't having any cramping and the doctor said 50% chance of m/c but he thought it looked more likely to be failed pregnancy, and was about to pass it, and should be able to do so naturally at home just as a period, but wants me to do a follow up in 2 days to check my levels. After I went home, I slept for about 5-6 hours, and when I woke up feeling very strong menstrual like cramps, only more painful, and bleeding again, red this time, and heavier. No clots yet, but I'm pretty sure its happening, as much pain as I am, and as little hope as the dr left me with. I'm kind of numb and in shock, and not sure what to expect. I didn't ask many questions last night because it was all I could do to keep myself somewhat composed and swallow what I was hearing. How long can I expect the bleeding to continue, and when would be the soonest I could ttc again? Right now I'm feeling like, well, I'm upset, and in pain, but theres nothing I can do but just get back in the saddle so to speak, and Im happy that I was able to conceive, and hopeful I can again, and just trying to keep positive. Also, what OTC can I take for the cramping? Is it safe to take something like Midol, or should I just stick with tylenol? Im sure I will have plenty more questions as time passes on.


sharerc - February 11

I'm very sorry that you are going through this. I went through the same thing in November but I opted to have a D&C and not wait for it to happen naturally. So I'm not sure how long you will bleed. I only bled for a few days after my D&C. As far as TTC again, all doctors will say different times. My doctor didn't want me to try the first month but I've known of several people that got pregnant the 1st month and carried healthy babies. I would imagine that you can take any type of painkillers that will help you. You don't need to be worried about taking anything at this point and should definitely take something to ease the pain. I'm so sorry you're going through this again. I hope you see a BFP soon!


stefkay - February 12

Hi Whisper, gosh it is amazing how many women I've found on here since my m/c in January who have such similar stories to mine. I wasn't having any cramping or spotting (I had some spotting around the time of my bfp, but only brown), but was having an u/s at a high risk dr when I found out mine stopped growing and the h/b that we had previously seen (so I thought I was ok) had stopped at about 6.5wks. I was supposed to be almost 11 by lmp. My dates had been set back early on because my ultrasounds showed the growth to be lagging by nearly 2 weeks. I didn't m/c naturally until almost 4 weeks after the growth had stopped (a week after I found out). I took Alleve and Ibuprofen for the pain and I thin kthe Ibuprofen actually worked better. I bled for about 5 days and spotted for 10 I think. I'm still charting temps to see if I ovulate, etc. I think I just did and my m/c started Jan. 23rd. I'll probably be having a longer cycle than normal this month, but not much longer. I've been wanting to avoid getting pg this month just because I don't want to go through another m/ sharerc said, some are fine but others m/c. This is my 4th and my 2nd and 3rd were very very early and happened right after my 1st which was a d&c, so I think it had a lot to do with my uterus not being ready, but who knows...I'm so sorry that you are going through this. If I can help with any questions at all I'd be more than happy to. {{{HUGS}}}


KMcDougall - February 12

Hi and i am very sorry to hear that you are going through this. On Jan 29 i started to spot bleed. I went to the doctor the same day and had a u/s and saw the baby but there was no heart beat. I was suppose to be exactly 8 weeks the next day but the baby was only measuring 5w6d. Being that this was my first pregnancy the doctors were pretty blunt with me and said they had no doubt in there mind that i was miscarry but were still going to give it a week to see what wouild happen. By Jan 31 i pa__sed the baby. I had quite a bit of cramping on monday(the 29th) when it all started, but the it started to die off on tuesday and the day i lost the baby all the cramping went away. I went back to the doctor and sure enough there was no baby on u/s. The doctor told me that i could bleed up to six weeks bu I only bled for seven days after that. Every womens body is different so its hard to say how long this will last. They also told me that as soon as i had oine normal cycle that we could start trying again. They rea__sured me that most of the time after one miscarraige that it doesnt happen again and many women go on to have healthy babies even after conceiving one month later. As far as pain medicine since they knew i was miscarrying they told me to take whatever i would normally take for cramping when i wasnt pregnant.. I hope this helps.


Whisper - February 12

Thanks for the replies. It is helpful to have support from others going through this and that have been through this and know what its like. Its really hard to talk about it to someone who has never m/c'd. I had a follow-up appointment today because I wanted to see if I could any sort of pain relief and make sure everything was doing alright as it should be, cause I had pa__sed the baby last night. Well, it wasn't technically a baby I guess, just a sac, and some clots, but it was still a baby to me. :(. They took blood for my hormone levels, did another pelvic exam, and said that my m/c was complete, my cervix was almost closed, and would need no further treatment, but to come in weekly to monitor the hormone levels so they can zero out before ttc again. They said I'd probably only bleed for up to a week at the most, since everything seems to have progressed so quickly and was so early (as far as actual gestation goes). The bleeding is already thinning out, but still there, and still red, just no more clots or anything and lighter flow. I'm still struggling with the "why's" yet I know that question has no real answer. Sitting in the waiting room at the OB/GYN was torture, it was pretty busy, and lots of pregnant ladies happily looking at ultrasounds and rubbing their bellies. I'm happy for them, but very sad for me. ***** So, in general, how long does it usually take for hormones to drop off to zero? Or does it just vary? I'm looking forward to trying again, although I'm scared to at the same time. Doc says I should have no problems and will probably succeed next try, but one just never knows, especially since this was my first pregnancy, it could really go either way IMO, but then again, what do I know? ****Sorry, I know I'm rambling. I tend to do that when I'm upset or stressed.


duckiec - February 12

Hi Whisper, just wanted to say sorry, and offer some support from someone else that lost their 1st. My dr said the same- it happens, dont worry about next time, etc, but I'm scared that this won't be a one time event, especially as us first-timers haven't "proven" we can carry to term. Oh well, what can you do but wait... arg! My dr. didnt test my hormones afterwards (I had a d&c, if that matters) but after 4wks of spotting I used a HPT and it came back negative then. I think thats longer than average, though- hope it is for you!


sososleepy - February 13

Hi Whisper. Numb and in shock sums it up. I'm very sorry. How long you bleed is posted all over this site; I had a dnc still bleeding like crazy day 2 of mc so I don't know from experience. I got the ok to ttc today from my doc; mc and dnc 2 weeks ago; his only concern was infection if any penetration too soon after as the cervix is still open. The otc I used for cramping and emotional pain after the dnc was several days all the beer I could drink; then I filled the tylenol 3 script he gave me and put it in the cabinet for emergencies till I throw it away when I find it there in a few years. I'd stick to meds that don't thin blood (ie not asprin) since bleeding is a concern; otherwise whatever works for you (disclaimer; not medic). After I drank enough and hadn't spotted for a day and a half or so, I jumped back in that saddle a few days before the doc said I could (we showered really carefully with good anti-bug soap first to try to decrease risk of infection). Now I'm bugging him with too much ttc and obsessed with when do I ovulate; it keeps my mind off what I lost, and I'm not sure that's good, but right now it helps a lot. Every so often I still stop to cry, but not as often as week 1. Big hugs, and best luck!



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