Follow Up With Dr After A Miscarriage INPUT PLEASE

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Sam - April 18

What type of exam did you have after your misscarriage?? How long did you bleed?? My doctor didnt really do much for me after my misscarriage, normally arent there suppossed to be blood tests/ ultrasound to check that misscarriage is complete? My doctor didnt really do anything/ I dont think I have a infection BUT am worried that theres something still in there because I am still lightly bleeding after 7 weeks!Any answers are helpfull! thankyou


Kathy Z. - April 18

My f/u was just a pelvic exam. No blood tests or u/s. I m/c at 12 wks...had D&C on 3/22; bled for 2 wks; spotting after bd and its 4 wks later. I think the doc would have been able to tell from pelvic exam if there was an infection at the time, but if you feel you may have one, maybe you should get another appt. Hang in there!


staci - April 18

I m/c at 6.5 weeks and had a D&C on 3/28. I have my f/u appt this thurs. I can let you know what I experience. I was wondering the same thing, what to ask, have done etc...after my D&C I spotted lightly for like 2 days and have had nothing ever since so I am not sure about the bleeding, could it be that you have had your period during this bleeding time? I would ask for another appt if you feel worried about it, it makes you at ease then it is important!!!


elyse - April 18

my m/c was 5weeks ago i was admitted to hospital though, i had bloods done and showed i had infection and given anti's and a scan two days later.I was 12 weeks roughly with a b/o. I bleed for 12 days after on and off i didn't have a d&c. I would ask your dr for a scan if you are worried, to put your mind at rest.


Tara - April 18

I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. I had an ultrasound done to make sure everything was out a week later. My doctor told me to call if the bleeding continued after a week or two. If I were you, I would call the doctor. Also, I had by HCG level tested a couple of weeks after the miscarriage to make sure the levels had gone down like they should.


staci - April 18

tara-is the hcg test I have to request or is that standard? i would like to know if my levels are down so I can know when to suspect an doctor said we could ttc right away and I was told to wait 2 weeks to be that just for healing purposes? I want to know when I am ovulating - any ideas? it is so hard not having any idea after a m/c.


Liz - April 18

I went to a apt two weeks after my d&c because I had some heavy clots pa__s. When the NP did an internal, she felt my uterus and told me that she could tell if there was an infection because the uterus would be very soft, so I'm sure you don't have a problem liek that. Also she said she could tell I had no tissue left, because of the size of the uterus.


Tara - April 18

Staci- I didn't have to request the hcg test, but if your doctor hasn't said anything, you may need to ask to have one. My doctor also told me to wait to ttc after my first normal period, which I'm still waiting for (it will be four weeks since my miscarriage this week, so I'm hoping it happens this week). Sorry, I can't be more help.


Jam - April 19

I miscarried over the weekend. Had an Ultrsound ( internal adn pelvic) and also blood tests, My doctor said if the bleeding doesn't stop in a wekk call him and I am to see him in 4 or 5 weeks. I M/C naturally.


Naomi - April 19

I had no follow up care (for a 13th week miscarriage) and I have been having discomfort on my right side. When I went to the doctor he did a little prodding and said it was likely nothing to worry about (perhaps another pregnancy--I fear ectopic) and such could only get me an ultrasound for May 11th. So that is about all that has happened since.


aa - April 19

Hi Sam - please try and get a follow up apt with your doc. I miscarried at 10 weeks after a routine ultrasound at 12 weeks. I had the miscarrige naturally, and went for a follow up two weeks later, the doctor examined me - check the cervix but I had insisted for an US. The US revealed that I had retained material - and I was bleeding for over 4 weeks Dr then manually sc___pped out the left over retained material, after which she said no US was needed. Being the paronoid person I am...I had asked for another ultrasound ... and guess what...they still see something in the US. They are unsure if it's Retained Material or a blood clot...but the bottome line is ask to a US - my obgyn did'nt seem to really care and thought that I was fine...but my instincts told me otherwise....that's why im holding off ttc...until everything is settled. So go get checked! hope that everything is fine with you :)



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