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GLORIA - February 7

Hey girl I just happened to read your post to Stefkay. I just had a m/c on Jan. 28. And thought I'd share my experience. I had been having dull cramping in my upper thighs for a week prior to the 28th. Starting about Jan. 21st. They kept me up and uncomfortable all night. And then on the 23rd I noticed a mild cramping what felt like near my lower uterus actually to be precise my cervix. Well I assumed maybe I shouldf slow down. I have a 6 month old baby boy. So I took it a little easier. Well come the 25th I still noticed the achiness in the same area. I was at that time 6 weeks along. Well M/C never worried me. Unitl the evening when I finally had some spotting and I cried and called the Dr. He said to prop my legs up and see if the spotting stopped and to come see him first thing in the morning. So I went to bed. Woke up in the middle of the night twice and there wasn't any spotting so I felt like it would be okay. But as I got up and moved around to get ready to go and see the Dr. I started spotting heavier. When I made it to the Dr and he examined me he said "yeah Im probably m/c'ing. He did some blood work to check my Hcg and sent me for an ultrasound. My Hcg count was at 800 and we couldn't see a heartbeat in the U/S. He thought maybe I'm not that far along. He said come back on monday the 29th. So I went home and rested and noticed some menstrual like cramps. Well I passed the baby on Sunday and took it in to the Dr monday and also learned after my blood work my Hcg level was back down to 200. I'm okay and sorry if your ging through a m/c too.


linds99 - February 7

Thanks so much for taking the time to share all that. Regardless of having babies already or not, going through this is just horrible, and I feel for you as much as you feel for me. I too have those same upper leg pains (it actually almost feels like my ovaries or something or tubes) that it shoots in those areas. But I went for the u/s today, and they said "no change from last week" it has been 2 weeks since losing the heartbeat, and still nothing. But I did get some really nasty discharge this morning-not blood- but really watery and it had a yellowish tinge to it. I went to check my cervix to see if it is low and it is, so maybe something is going on, there also was alot of cm in there too. I wonder if that is a sign of m/c too? Still waiting to hear what the doctor is going to do for me today..maybe I will go in for the D&C next week if still nothign happens on its own by then. This is just maddening.



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