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Nic784 - February 15

i just have one small question again.....would it change my due dates if i had a miscarriage instead of period?? even after 2 two ultrasounds n fundal height measurements??? thanks so much again!


AshleyB - February 15

How far along are you? I think I may have read your other thread wrong. The u/s should be able to tell you exactly how far along you are, regardless of a previous period, it goes by the length and all that.


Susan W - February 16

I don't think so. Your fundal heights would not correlate well. Something would be off by now, and your doctor would figure it out. The only time I've ever heard of fundal heights not being accurate was in an older woman having her 4th child, and she popped out huge practically at conception. But it evened out by 6-7 months. . . . .And if one of those u/s was early, it would accurately estimate the fetal age. However, after about 5-6 months (I think, can't recall exactly) the baby starts growing at its own rate based on genetics and your diet and dating isn't nearly as accurate. My first was already huge at the 20 week u/s, and if it hadn't been for an u/s at 6 weeks, the radiologist probably would have thought I was further along. I think you are worrying yourself at a time you don't need to stress yourself :)


Nic784 - February 16

thanks susan i am starting to feel better! the reason y i am worrying is because i slept with someone on the 30th of july which was a mistake but previously my bf and i had been wanting to have a child. i cant remember the exact dates inwhich i was with my bf but im sure that it was before the 30th of july and after my LMP or m/c....i was also a bit worried coz we had been trying ( not 24/7 ) but a few times a week and we could not suceed this was about for about 8 months....the guy that i was with on the 30th (the mistake guy)!! we used protection and he didnt come but for some reason i always think of the worse possiblilty...(expecially since we were not able to conceive before this) maybe it is just a coincedence??? what do you think??or could have not put it on properly n his pre c_m got out somehow?? i have told my bf and beats me why but he is still going to be with me (which i am unexpectedly thrilled abt) help i think my mind is going crazy :(


JuJu - February 16

Hi Nic- you sound like you're in a difficult situation - you are so fortunate that your BF is so understanding! I guess the only way to really know is to have dna testing done after your baby is born. Susan is right: u/s late in a woman's pregnancy will not accurately date the baby as their growth has become a very individual thing. Good luck!


Nic784 - February 16

my first ultrasound was done at 13 weeks and my second was done at 20 weeks


Susan W - February 17

Those both can accurately date the fetus. Your doctor would have detected any inaccuracies. You are right on, but again, the due date is rather inaccurate, as babies come when they are ready! You can deliver anywhere from 37 to 42 weeks and still be considered on time. Personally, I'd rather deliver early, as that last month of pregnancy takes an eternity. . . Sounds like you have a very forgiving bf. Good luck!



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