For Those Who Got There 1st Period After M C

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Julie - April 27

What was it like? I think I got my period, but I don't want to be gross but usually I can feel the flow (that is how I know) and it is heavy and I feel like garbage. This is my first period since m/c which was 3/22 and it isn't heavy at all. There is nothing flowing (sorry again). The pad has some brown blood on it but nothing like my usual period. It's only the first day. Has this happened to anyone else?


MJM - April 27

Julie---First let me say that I am sorry for your loss. My first period after was horrible. It was like having the miscarriage all over again. Very heavy and clotty. I know it sounds graphic, sorry. I have heard of people that don't have them that bad though. So, maybe it won't happen to you. It came on after about 3 days of brown discharge. Hope this helps.


Sarah - April 27

yes! and I'm equally confused. Im having similar symptoms, more like dried blood that is not really flowing, mine has lasted about about 8 days already i'm wondering if this counts as a period, can i start trying again when its over? i'm going to ask my Dr. tomorrow so I'll report on his answer.


ia - April 28

hi - i didn't have the kind of dried blood as you are describing .. but it was rather a bit lighter than my normal bleeding and kinda sticky.(sorry i know )


Elyse - April 28

I had mine three weeks after my m/c and mine was a lot lighter than my normal it lasted about 8 days on and off though as i was expecting a lot more loss, even the dr told me to expect it to be heavy with clotts (sorry).


Amanda - April 28

I m/c about three weeks ago and the last few days I've had a brown discharge...and was wondering if it was the start of a period, but still no blood. Just out of curiousity when do you count the day you miscarried? The first sign of cramping and blood, or the last day of bleeding...?


Julie - April 28

I guess if you miscarried naturally you would count the day you miscarried (started bleeding). Well it's day two and I am still with the brown blood. Nothing flowing (sorry about that). Should I consider this a period?


Julie - April 28

Sarah- did you get an answer from the doctor?


Sarah - April 28

Hi, Well I got an answer from the nurse which hasn't proven to be as substantial as the dr. but she did say that by now (7 weeks post d&c) i should have a full on period flow. She actually wanted me to take a preg test (which is virtually impossible but ok) and if I'm still spotting in a week to call. I'm not really stressed about it, but I just wish everything would go back to normal, you know?!


Julie - April 29

Sahara, please keep me posted. Are you spotting old blood. I have all old blood. I tried calling my doctor yesterday, but she wasn't in. I am going to try again today.


Sarah - April 29

HI JULIE Im waiting too and dont know if i have blood from the d and c 1 week ago or a period? My doctors confused too.. I misscarried March 2 and just had a d and c 1 week ago-- For you I see the flow really getting good in a couple days thats usually how mine starts.. slow and brown the really good and flowing! dont apoligize for the graffics of your question we need details to help you!! HAHA Good luck:)))) xoxox


Julie - April 29

Sarah, Thanks for the good words. I just went to the ladies room and the blood was red. Not a lot but it was red. I am just so use to having these miserable periods with miserable c___ps. Heavy flow for 3 days and then light for 3 more days. If the flow gets heavier like you say then I will be having a backwards period this month hehehe. On a different note, what day would I consider the first day of my period. The day I had the brown blood or today- with the red blood? We want to try again this month. I miscarried on 3/21 with our first and it was terrible. I was only 5 weeks and we were waiting to tell everyone for Easter (just parents-- it would of been the first grandchild on both sides). I was so depressed and every so often when I think about it I can see myself getting back into that funk (I work for a pharm company that manufactures antidepressents so I am really fimilar with the signs). Hopefully all of us on this board withh be posting on the 1st trimester board soon.


JM - April 29

I did the same thing. spotted for three days and then it was very very heavy. I had a misc on march 20


Sarah - April 30

It seems there are two Sarahs! Anyway, Julie, I spoke with another nurse at my dr's office and she said that even a spotty period counts as an official period and its ok to start ttc again. so here goes!


Julie - May 1

Well friday night started was was my actual period. Heavy cramping and spotting. So I guess it was just lick JM said it would be. Even with the pain of the cramps and the heaviness, I must say I was happy to see AF. Now we can start trying again.



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