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brooke - April 21

i am about 6 weeks, 0 days, i guess anyway. when i first got prenant, i didn't think that was right but had two different drs. office confirm that. well i went in for my initial exam and they weren't able to tell how far along i was due to tilted uterus so they did a va___al u/s and saw a slow heartbeat (like 62 from what they said) so they did follow up HCG, last tuesday it was 34,000 and last thursday it was 32,000. i went back on monday for another u/s and they didn't find a heartbeat at all that time. they gave me the 3 options of D&C, natural or the medication. i feel like i am losing PG symptoms but also feel like it could be in my head, i don't know, i think i'm just holding onto something that isn't there b/c i haven't had any cramps or bleeding or anything. i am going back today for HCG test just to put my mind at ease, i tried to get a 2nd opinion from another dr. but i think that i gave them too much information and didn't really recommend seeing me or doing anything further. i am definitely going to find a better OB/GYN after this is all over with, it's just not the right time for me to switch drs. right now. oh and also, they said on monday with the U/S that i had that they baby didn't measure any bigger. anyway, this was unplanned but i did really want it and had about 2-3 weeks of getting excited about it. i think i am holding on to false hope but we'll see what happens. i really don't want to go thru D&C and am waiting for something to happen naturally, if nothing has happened by next friday (the 29th) they recommend that i do something which i will consider then, medication or D&C. i probably won't try again for about a year after this b/c my boyfriend and i live together right now but ultimately would like to be married or at least engaged first which i am hoping we get engaged this summer. does anyone have any recommedations as to the natural m/c, medication or D&C??? thanks for reading and if you'd be interested in chatting, i am brooke_pfleging on yahoo IM. another good website with lots of messages and reading info. is, i have posted a few messages there. thanks again!


elyse - April 21

brooke iam sorry for what you are going through, but you are right to be certain about the baby and wanting a second opinion any of us would. For the natural /med or d/c i had the natural one and it wasn't very nice to say the least but that is my opinion may be other women will say different i really don't know from what my friends say who have had d/c they some what found it a little easier (if there is a easier way) rather than seeing what happens with a natural m/c but again it is your personal choice, i know it will be a tough choice for you either way and i wish you all the luck in world take care.


~me~ - April 21

Hi Brooke, I am sorry for what you are going through. As for going with one of the 3 options the choice is your's. I wasn't that lucky with my choice. My doctor forced me to take the pills. I was 12 weeks when I found out that the baby stopped growing at 10 weeks. For me to take the pills was probably the worst thing that has had to have happened to me. Physically brining on the miscarriage was really really hard for me but I didn't have a choice the Dr. said that a D&C would take at least 2 weeks .... and naturally may take up to 4 weeks. So this was the only option I had. I really wanted the D&C...I hear it's not that bad. It will all be over in a matter of 10 minutes. For me it would have been easier to have had the D&C - I hear a lot of people find it easier and help emotionally. The pills were given to me because the Dr. believed it's better to have done it naturally (which i agree) however it does not ensure that all the material will be removed. I found out that all material was not removed and I had to go back so the Dr could manually take out the material (this was PAINFUL -) so I had to go though it twice!!!! Anyhow take care and I wish you all the best ... you take care xxx


Crystal - April 21

Brooke - I found out when I was 6 weeks that my baby had a low heart rate and would m/c. I was almost 9 weeks when I finally did naturally. From all I have seen and read the d/c seems to be the less stressful both physically and emotionally. I didnt have the option and had to wait for everything to happen on its own. That was torture - not knowing when it was going to begin. And then when it did finally start that was difficult for me emotionally because I knew all of the pain was not for a good cause as it normally would have been. Ultimately you have to decide what is the best for you and what your threshold is. Any choice is not an easy one. I wish the best of luck to you in the future. Take care.


Heather - April 22

Brooke - I'm sorry for your loss... I know how excited you can get in just a few weeks. My only experience was with a natural m/c. I can tell you it is quite painful. My dr didn't tell me to expect the pain because she thought I would freak out or something. I'm the least likely to freak. Anyhow, one of my close friends told me what to expect. I bled very heavily for 3 days & had some light bleeding for another 3... Then spotting for a week or so. I was dead set against having a d&c for personal reasons so I don't know much about that. I found out at my 8 week u/s there was no fetus. Blighted ovum. One week later I had a scheduled u/s to confirm and I started to m/c that morning. Good luck.


joanna - April 22

Hi Brooke, well I just took the tablet this week at 11 weeks after fetal heartbeat not found and HCG levels going down. I was happy to not go through the D&C, but you must be prepared for a few days ( 3 or 4) of quite a bit of pain and bleeding. I took codeine and that helped, and had a lot of bleeding. Its very physical - you really feel as if you are going through the loss, seeing quite gross things come out of your tummy.. however I imagine with D&C its all over so quickly you may feel its all a bit surreal. I think the pills are fine, rather than waiting for natural. But perhaps I would have a D&C in hindsight as I really have pa__sed the worst 3 days of my life! positive side is that apparently your body gets back to normal quickly as it has gone through the real thing.. good luck with your choice, and be strong.. x


brooke - April 22

how long after it occurs will you continue to bleed and how long before things are back to normal? also, i'm concerned about being able to workout again, i plan to go back to working out next week even though i haven't pa__sed anything yet and then once i do, i know i'll have to quit again but just hoping it's for only a few days. if i had a d&c, would i be able to do it on a friday and be back to normal and work by monday? was everyone here put completely out during D&C, is that a choice or just certain dr.'s preferences?


elyse - April 22

Brooke from what the dr told me you are knocked out completley for about 5minutes. I was offered a d/c after my natural if all contents haden't come away.As for you working out i would speak to your dr first as your body will need to recover either way you decide go. I personally took a month off work after but each person is different you will know your self when you are ready to return.The bleed for me was quite light after for about 12 days on and off as i did loose alot of blood with the m/c i was 12 weeks with a b/o and the dr told me that was normal to have light bleed after a big loss. Take care .


Joanna - April 22

Hi brooke, myself, Im going back to work on monday after taking the tablets on monday then wednesday. I was feeling the worst on wed and thurs / fri but Id say you need a week off work due to tiredness and needing to recover mentally. The bleeding may continue for a week or 2 but only like a period. I think its best to have a general anesthetic for D&C, and that seems to be the only was I have heard of. If you really cant take more time off work, the D&C may be quicker for you. good luck.. take it slowly


brooke - April 22

well now i'm getting kinda nervous. i just got the call from my dr. office that my HCG level dropped to about 29,000. last tuesday they were 34,000 and then thursday they were 32,000 so that's a 2,000 drop just in two days, now they have only dropped 3,000 in a week? the nurse said that they were pleased with these numbers, gee thanks! and that they want to continue testing them each week until they drop to below 10, i'm just thinking that at this point it could take forever to M/C naturally.


joanna - April 22

brooke, you are only 6 weeks so you could go for the pill option, as the products are not so big yet. Dont just sit there and wait.. ask your doctor for the options you have, at least you'll see what his opinion is. These days you dont have to sit around and wait as thats a hard option for any woman. If you take the pills just make sure you have a few days off work with some support nearby to make you food and bring you drinks and just be there for you.. and some strong pain killers, but again I think at 6 weeks it may be easier than at 11 weeks as myself. Everyone is different but my levels were only 9,000 when I took the tablet on monday.. good luck with the next few days. take care xx


Mellissa - April 24

Brooke, i am going through the same thing right now. I am 7 weeks and was told a few days ago the there was no heartbeat. the dr. had blood drawn to see what my hcg level was but when i called him for the results all he said was "at this point the numbers don't matter". he strongly recommends that i have a d&c or take the pills. i have another u/s the 26th and if he says still nothing then i will get a second opinion before making any decisions. but from all of the advice i have been given, it seems having a d&c would be the best way to go if you don't want to go through all of the pain of m/c naturally. i am still as confused and scared as you are... if you need to talk privately my email is [email protected]


brooke - April 24

melissa and everyone thanks for the posts and everyone's ideas. i really probably think that the D&C is the easier way to go but i may still give it another week. more than anything i just have a hard time dealing with the day to day issues.



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