Getting Back To A Strong Body Post Miscarriage Thru Herbs

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Jennifer - April 11

I had a very bad miscarriage 15 days ago followed by a D&C 12 days ago. I want to know what vitamins and herbs and excersises would be best to return my body back to it's healthiest as it was before. I am 27yrs old and enjoy holistic recoveries but do not know alot about what my body may need at this point after all this trauma to it and the hormonal changes. Any ideas?


flybaby - April 11

My mom works with a holistic healer. She recommended liquid chlorophyll to me, after my m/c about a month ago. She said after a lot of blood loss this would help restore healthy blood levels.


aa - April 14

Hi Jennifer - I come from an East Indian backgound and I was told to take Tumuric (not sure of the spl) it's a yellow spice commonly used in Indian food...this helps with the blood loss and keeps iron levels high. What you do is take about spoon or so of the tumuric and mix it with olive oil. Knead it like dough so you can make small round tablets of it and take with water - or with warm milk. I took it right after i miscarried and my blood tests showed iron levels were fine. so try will not have any negative affects! PS. Hope that you are feeling much better


u - April 14

Hi AA, I just saw your postings. I am also interested in natural remedy. So this turmeric, is it one spoon per day? or how often do you need to take and how many? Please let me know, Thanks,


annie - April 15

I have taken turmeric in a little pill that is combined with milkthistle. I read about it in Andrew Weill's book and found it at Central Market (kind of like a Whole Foods grocer). I noticed that it said you shouldn't take the turmeric when pregnant, though. Am curious as to why. I was taking this to reduce inflammation before I was pregnant.


sarah - April 18

i was taking tumeric a while ago. my friends training in ayervedic medicine its good for breakouts too..i mixed mine with aloe vera gel.


aa - April 18

hi u: i'm not sure how often you should take this...i only made one 'tablet' and took that. i think one a day may be too much .... perhaps one of the small tablets a week?? take about one spoon worth and work it in with the olive oil till it's hard enough for you to make a small tablet (the size of a tylonol) .... hope this helps you!



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