Getting Pregnant After D Amp C

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Christy1 - February 4

Hi! I had a D&C yesterday afternoon. I was 8 weeks pregnant. My doctor wants me to wait for one complete cycle to begin trying to conceive again. I have heard you are more fertile the 3 months following a D & C. Does anyone know if this is true?


Susan W - February 4

I have read that that is true, but it's not the months, it's the cycles; that's a big distinction, as your period may not return for a couple months after a m/c. It is supposed to be nature's way of taking advantage of whatever circ_mstances were present at the conception of the failed pregnancy (improved hormonal status, physical health, desire for offspring by the parents, etc.) to create a new pregnancy as soon as possible. Many women ovulate within 2-4 weeks after a m/c, so you could potentially get pregnant w/o having a period and have a normal healthy pregnancy go to term. Good luck, and hope you are feeling OK after the D &C.


Jenn - February 4

Hi Christy, I didn't have a d&c bc I mc'd naturally at 11 weeks, but I waited 3 periods and then got pregnant that first month trying, I am now 23 weeks and everything is fine so far! But I have heard at minimal to wait 1 period after a d&c.


Lisa Marie - February 4

I had a d&c last year and my doctor told me there was no need to wait. he said i would be the most fertile afterwards due to all the pregnancy hormones and didnt believe waiting would make much difference. the only problem he said i would have would be trying to pinpoint when you ovulate because your cycle can be messed up. and you may not be ready for it because of the trauma youve just experienced. but if you feel you wanna get back on the horse straight away i would say go buy some ovulation stix and get peein on em.... i know i did!!! Good Luck *~*~*~*~*


deltabwa - February 4

Sorry for your loss Christy - my doc said same thing Lisa Marie's did. I was also told if I didn't get af by 6 w. aznd i didn't have a bfp, call them. the tough part is how youf eel emotionally. some ppl are no way ready emotionally, some are. it's all personal.


Christy1 - February 4

Thanks everyone! I think I will give it one full cycle. I had a small hemorrhage outside the sac and I think this is why my doctor wanted me to wait. I feel emotionally ready, but I do feel like my body needs a period for some reason. Physically I feel pretty good after the D & bleeding or anything, but my b___bs still hurt just like when I was pregnant. Did anyone else experience this? And also I keep seeing people write bfp? what does this stand for? does it mean a positive pregnancy test? Thanks!


AshleyB - February 4

Hi Christy1, Bfp is big fat positive, for a + hpt=home preg. test. It's been 5wks since my d&c and I thought I was pg again but now I don't know. Haven't had a period yet. Hoping for either a bfp or a period, at least something to know where i"m at. Good Luck to you.


frankschick2001 - February 4

It took 7 weeks for my first period to come after my d&c. I had the D&C in October and no period until December. I considered it a christmas gift because I was dying to start trying again. We started trying right after that. January was not sucessful. So my period showed up again and now we are trying again for the second month in a row. I am praying for sucess this time around. I've read so many opinions on when to start again, so I say just go for it whenever you want!


rachel1 - February 4

Hi franks, i read in another post that you are trying the sperm meets egg plan, how are you getting on with it? I have been trying it too, and now just waiting for my bfp or bfn. Christy I sorry about your loss, and Im sur you will have a beautiful healthy baby soon. Franks hope you dont mind me asking but waht stage are you at at the moment in the plan? Im sure you are the same as me. Speak soon and baby dust to every one.


Christy1 - February 4

Frankschick2001, I hope you get pregnant this month. Let us know. Good luck!


frankschick2001 - February 4

RACHEL1: Hi there, I am finished with the plan. here is what I did: We "tried" almost every other day since cycle day 8. We tried on day 8, then again on day 12 (OK, we ALMOST followed the plan!). We did it again on day 16, 17, & 18. Day 18 was last night. I started taking the OPKs starting on day 10 like the plan said. I didn't get a positive until day 16. I am now on day 19. I also tested on day 17, got a positive again. Then on the night of day 18, I got what looked like a negative opk result. Both lines were really light, but the same color so I don't know for sure what kind of result that is. So now, it's just a matter of waiting and seeing if we succeeded. It's been really difficult because we both work full time, and are in the middle of a bathroom renovation, so between having s_x, working and going to home depot I am exhausted!!! Last night, I practically had to threaten him to "try" one more time! The sperm meets egg plan says that you should try the night you test positive, and the following two nights. I am hoping that if I was negative for ovulation last night, that there was an egg sitting there just waiting for a sperm to "meet"! I don't know how much more s_x it could possibly take to make a baby! I'm just praying that everything was right and that it all works. If not, then its back to the "trying" board! How has the plan been going for you so far?


Lisa Marie - February 5

I was the same as you Franks after my d& was 48 days before i had af. it ws so frustrating. i had d&c in Sept and af in Nov. what a godsend OPKs are because it turns out my cycle has been well and truly messed up and i only ovulated on day 24 or something crazy like that!! I really hope you all get BFPs soon and sail your way through your first trimester and out of the m/c danger zone!!! x


rachel1 - February 5

Hi all, thanks for your reply frankschick, I did the same as you. I Had s_x on day 8, started opk's on day 10 had s_x this night also, then again every other night up untill I had a positive opk, once positive I had s_x that night plus another 2 nights in a row. My opk showed positive on day 17 but was a little lighter than the control line, then on day 18 it was the same colour, the day after it was negative. Today Im on cd 24, of which my af normally comes anytime between 25 and 28 days. Im dying to take a test but to early yet. How about you when are you due for af? and when are you going to test? Good luck.


frankschick2001 - February 5

RACHEL: I am due for af around Feb. 16th or 17th. I hate waiting! Sometimes my cycle can vary give or take a day. It's anywhere from 30 to 33 days long. I hope that you dont get your period this month and that you can come on here and tell me that the sperm to egg plan works!


Susan W - February 5

Hi Christy1 -- Your b___sts probably still hurt because your hormones will need a little time to return to normal. Mine hurt for about a week afterwards, and I still even had morning sickness. So what you are describing is perfectly normal and expected. . . We are choosing to wait too before beginning ttc (except we had a mishap the other night!) and it's pretty much what you feel is right for you and with your doctor's approval. Good luck :)


Christy1 - February 5

Thanks Susan! Did you have a D & C also and how far along were you? (I hope you don't mind me asking)


Susan W - February 6

Christy1, I had a natural m/c even though I was pretty close to 12 weeks. The fetal membranes were measuring a bit smaller than that, so my midwife thought it would be OK. It was. I hate hospitals and a D&C would have made everything even more traumatic for me, so I wanted to avoid a procedure if possible, and she was very supportive of that choice. It worked out OK. The hardest part is the emotional stuff. Are you doing OK?



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