Getting Pregnant After D Amp C Without First AF

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mptate24 - November 6

Okay well I went in for my 12 weeks apt. on Halloween and when they did an ultrasound to check the heartbeat there was no longer one. The baby had died at 9wks and 1day. I had a D&C on Friday Nov. 2. This was my second pregnancy, Dh and I have a 3 year old. It has been very hard on both of us and we were so excited to have our second child. I have a doctors apt. thursday. What I was wondering was has anyone had a D&C and became pregnant without having their first AF after the D&C? And did it turn out okay? We really don't want to wait, I would love to become pregnant the first time after. I haven't really bled from my D&C just a little spotting (very little) when I wipe after going to the bathroom.


smmom2 - November 6

Mptate....I had my dr appt on Oct. 24th for 12 wks and found out the same as you....I have had 2 very healthy babies myself and was wondering the same thing. I had the D&C on the 26th and have been bleeding for almost 2 wks. Well....light bleeding and spotting and a couple days it went away. From what I have been told by alot of people and is best to wait for atleast 1 af. But there have been successful pg's wo af. it depends on your body and what you went through. I have my dr. appt tomarrow and am going to ask myself. I had the suction D&C not the am thinking it is less harmfult o the lining of my uterus...but I am no dr.


GimmeaBub - November 7

As Far as i have been told sweetie it depends on how far along you were and how fast your HCG levels drop. I was 6 weeks when i miscarried, had a natural miscarriage on October 13th. My levels returned to zero ina week, so i was given the green light to ttc again. I would consult your dr first, just so you reduce the risk of any infection. I am so sorry about your loss sweet. Many wishes and best of luck for your future pregnancies. Baby Juice



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