Getting Pregnant After Miscarraige

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georgie p - August 22

please help, we lost our baby on mothers day 08, I had a missed miscarraige, I had to have a d&c and we were told we could try again after one proper peroid. we have been trying since april with no sucess do you think having the d&c affected my chances of concieving again, I feeling down at the moment, please help me with some answers if anyone can, thanks


austin-our-sweet-angle - August 23

no a d&c can not affected your chances of getting preg,two of my friend have had d&c and one has four month ld and the second is 29 weeks preg .i just had a miscarriage last month i was 18weeks and had to give birth to my baby boy and had promblems after promblems and after everthing i wish got a d&c .just do not give up it .baby take time and you get there in the end.after my first miscarriage it told nine month to get preg again with my fisrt healthy son he is now five .talk to your doctor and that should do some tests.hope this help you.babydust and prayes of babys


eclipse - August 25

Hi Georgie. Don't fret. I had a missed miscarriage back in November of 2006. I waited a few cycles because of a personal choice to try again, and got pregnant after my February 2007 cycle. I am now the proud mommy of a 21 month old boy. I was terrified the entire first trimester because I miscarried at 10 weeks, but my doctors were great. Take your folic acid and prenatals now to get them going in your system so when you do get pregnant here shortly (!) you will be ready to give it the best start possible. You will get pregnant very soon and be successful, I know it!!! Also, try not to stress about the conception, you might be psyching yourself out so much that it is interfering. I know, easy to say, hard to do. I personally feel that the d and c cleaned me out and made me all fresh so that I could go on to have a healthy pregnancy, hope it is the same for you! Good luck, keep us posted! :D


CaliTrish - August 26

Georgie - So sorry for your loss. It's never easy. As long as there were no complications with your d&c, it's unlikely that it's affected your chances. Sometimes, it just takes a while. I had my first d&c in January, waited 2 cycles, and got pregnant right away. Unfortunately, that ended in another missed miscarriage in May. Had my second d&c the week after Mother's Day. AF took 9 weeks to show up. Just finished my 2nd cycle. We were planning to wait 3 cycles this time, but since AF took so long we might TTC again this month. Sending lots of baby dust your way. It will happen when the time is right.



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