Getting Pregnant After Miscarriage

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Mary - September 4

I lost my baby six months ago. I want so much to get pregnant again and the last 3 months we are trying butn i am still not pregant. I am only 23, my doctor said that i am healthy why i am not pregnant yet? Please help me.


Rachel - September 4

Every month a healthy fertile woman has a 20-30% chance of conceiving. I think it is something like 90% of woemen will get pregnant within a year of trying. Most women take between 4-6 months to conceive but obviously it varies-some it happens quicker and some it takes longer. Also getting pregnant quickly the first time does not mean you will again the next time-and also if you take a while to conceive the first time you might get pregnant quicker the second time. These things vary so much. But I can say the general % of conceiving in any given month for a healthy fertile woman such as yourself is 20-30%. 3 months feels a long time especially after losing a baby and being so desperate to get pregnant again-but it isn't really that long. I imagine you will be pregnant before Christmas is here. I wish you all the best next time.


Blaire - September 4

Mary- do you know for sure if you are having s_x around the date of your ovulation?? If not, are you having s_x frequently enough? If you have a fairly regular cycle every month you can type in ovulation calendar in the search engine, and ther is a section on the left of the site you can fill out. It will let you know the few days each month you are fertile. If you are not very regular with you may want to try ovulation predictor kits or else monitor your basal body temp every day. there are allot of factors that can come into play, and I know its aggrivating waiting around each month to see if your pregnant, but I'm sure you will get there soon. hope this was of some help to you.


Blaire....again - September 4

the website I was referring to for ovulation calendar is . It will only be accurate if you have a fairly regular cycle, but it may help you some.


Mary - September 5

Thank you both very much for your replies. I have a regular period and i know the days of my ovulation and i have s_x frequently on these days. Do you think that after a miscarriage a woman will not get pregnant again?


:o) - September 5

No of course not! having a miscarriage had absolutely no negative effect on a woman being able to get pregnant again. One in 5 pregnancies miscarries it is awful but is very common. There is no reason to think a woman will not get pregnant again after miscarrying. Don't worry it will happen soon!!!


Ana - September 5

You could take FEM RESTORE, from Gaia labs. It restores the health of the female reproductive system. It worked for me. It has areally nasty taste and you need to take it with warm water a few times a day. I had been trying to get pregnant since my D& C (blighted Ovum) in December 2003. I tried clomid, but it didn't work. Doc sent me to specialist but it was too expensive and insurance did not cover treatment ($3,000 per month). My primary doc told me about natural medicines and I did some research about it and took FEM RESTORE along with other herbs and evening primorose oil. I am 2 months pregnant now and it is not a blighted ovum. Good luck to you.


connie - September 5

Don't worry..there are hope after an miscarriage..One I know miscarriage but 3 months later have a healthy baby..She just have another healthy baby again. A girl 39 year old have an m.c (her baby stop growing)..she went on to have an healthy baby after. A lady sister at work have 3 miscarriage on the row before Dr. give her some medicine to help..she have an healthy baby after..Another work have 2 babies, then 3 miscarriage in a row, then another baby after..So there's hope!! Hang in there and keep trying!


Jo - September 5

Mary I had a miscarriage in June 7 found out on June 30 had a natural riding of the baby and sac. Had a somewhat normal period July 30 and am now one month pregnant again


AJ - September 6

It takes time! At least for me it took YEARS! I have gone through 4 m/c to include an ectopic and it took three years of activly trying to get pregnant again.. Nothing is wrong with you, nothing is wrong with your dh - it will happen when it happens. It might happen next month, next year. If you are worried about it then that makes it that much harder. Relax - and if nothing happens in a few more months, talk about fertility methods...


amm - September 7

have your dr check to see if there is scar tissue blocking the path, my m/c at 15 caused s/t that never broke loose till I was 20, and it bled as much as the orig. m/c and scared me, but i was pregnant within a month. and got pregnant again 4 month postpartum have 2 beautiful girls now good luck


anonymousss - October 12

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anonymouss - December 10

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Mediterranean - January 3

Is this still an active thread? It doesn't say the year 


faithnicole451 - February 23

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Progenesisivf - February 26

Sorry for your loss. You can get pregnant after the miscarriage. However, you should wait to attempt again until you are physically and emotionally ready. It takes time for the uterus to recover. It is safe to conceive after two or three menstrual cycles. 


wellspring1 - April 16

Yes, you can get pregnant after the miscarriage, once you are ready to get pregnant firstly mentally and physically you can try to get pregnant.
To overcome the loss of the blood and health it is important to be physically fit and uterus takes time to recover from a miscarriage. 



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