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broken21 - March 27

Hi i had a miscarriage at 19 weeks due to cervical incompetence. i went yesterday for my follow up appt and my doctor told me im physically ok. it happened about 5 weeks ago. this is my first miscarriage and i want to try again but im not sure if its too early, and im a little scared about the procedures i have to go through when i get pregnan again...what should i do? is it too early to try again?? please help


sterlinberlin05 - March 28

Well I had my stillborn daughter at 27 weeks do to a cord complication. Physically I am fine and my doc said whenever I'm ready. She said just to wait at least 1 cycle for timing purposes. Which I finally got my first af at 7 weeks post baby. I think it takes a total of six weeks for your uterus to heal and get back to normal. So I say wait that 1 cycle and go for it I know I am. good luck.


Judi Sarah - March 28

i am sorry for your loss. it's very tough, but like you, i also have been wanting to get back to the ttc game. my loss was at 17 weeks and the d&e was 6 weeks ago today. i still have not gotten af and my dr won't give me drugs for it come. she suggested i wait 2 cycles to start ttc again since this loss was in the 2nd trimester. however, i have heard there is no real reason to wait. i have heard it's only for timing purposes. but, i wouldn't be able to forgive myself if i ignore my dr's advice and God forbid have another loss. that's a personal decision. good luck to you and keep us posted!


Jessicab3 - March 28

Hi broken21, I'm so sorry for your loss. I recently lost my son Cooper at 22wks, so I know nothing I will say will help your grief but know there are others like you out there. I had a cerclage with my second pregnancy (Cooper was my third) so I can tell you they are piece of cake and nothing to worry about. I a__sume you will be getting one when you choose to get pregnant again. I would also suggest making sure your OB has lots of experience with cerclages or having a perinatologist do it. As to when to get pregnant again that is up to you. Your doc says physically you are OK just make sure mentally you are OK. I also lost Cooper 5 wks ago and still haven't made a decision. I want to make sure I can emotionally handle another pregnancy first although I want nothing more than to be pregnant again.


broken21 - March 31

Thank you so much for all your advice, and i am very sorry for all your losses. you dont really realize how common this is until it happens. we decided were going to keep trying and hope for the best.. my doctor wants me to go in for a 'depistage prenatal' at 11 weeks and right after that go for the cerclage. i read that its done at 14 weeks is that normal? im still really scared that this will happen again even with the cerclage


Jessicab3 - March 31

I believe preventative cerclages are usually put in around 12-14 weeks. My midwife told me that if the cervix is going to change due to an incompetent cervix it usually occurs between the 14-18 week window. Since you have already been diagnosed then it makes sense to have the cerclage before 14 weeks to prevent any cervical changes. I don't know what the statistics are but I think you have an excellent chance. Your OB will probably monitor you very closely and you will get lots of u/s's your next time around. Good luck ttcing. I've just started a thread "Getting Ready to TTC - Please Join Us" You are welcome to talk with us all there. =)



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