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Erin - May 12

I m/c on March 26th and had myfirst AF on April 20. Ever since then I have been feeling nauseou and tired. I took a test yesterday and it was negative. But I can't stop thinking about being pregnant again. My partner does not want to try again for another year or more, the very thought of that kills me. I am scared and excited, but I don't know how to handle every month waiting to see if my period comes. If I am truly not pregnant is the way I am feeling all in my head? How do I tell my partner? Can anyone help?


Kirsty - May 13

I am sorry sorry for your loss, I m/c one month ago tommorow, In the first three weeks the thought of trying to be pregnant again I couldn't even imagine. When people said "You can try again" It was like a knife ripping through my heart I wanted to scream I don't want another baby I wanted this one"!!!! well this week I find myself thinking about little fingers and toes again, I think for me I was hanging onto all the anger but I have found myself in a better place this week I can think about my baby and feel comfort not anger and trying again is really playing on my mind. I know I am not really answering your question regards your partner we are all in different situations but all feeling the same haunting pain inside....I am blessed to have two kids already so in the beginning I just told my husband that I could never go through this again we are blessed with what we have been given and I wanted to leave it at that, I haven't told him of my thoughts about trying again yet!!! It is a process and I wish you luck my thoughts and prayers are with you (((HUGS)))


Erin - May 16

Thanks Kirsty... I know how you feel originally I couldn't imagine any baby but my baby. But these days I am beginning to realize that maybe I would like to try again. I guess it is just that we all go through the grieving process at different stages and I think my fiance feels like if he can't have that baby he doesn't want one at all. I know that will change and I must just give him time. I got my 2nd AF today, I think I just lose it now when I have PMS, I never felt like this before. This was my first pregnancy and first miscarriage and I think we are just so afraid of going through that again. I guess there is no way to avoid the fears and hopefully we will be trying again soon. Best of luck to you and I am really sorry to hear about your loss, but you are truly lucky to have 2 children. I hope you continue to find that better place



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