Going Crazy Did I Have A Miscarriage

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anj - July 22

i am only about 5 days late for my period which is ALWAYS on time. I do not take any form of birth control and had unprotected s_x with my fiance. i have been having symptoms of pregnancy but then this am I woke up to go to the bathroom and this clear tissue came out that was about 3/4" long with a small yellowish circle at one end. could this have been a miscarriage??? i am feeling very confused and sad right now so any response would be great. thanks.


Kim - July 22

Hi Anj, Isn't all this pregnancy stuff crazy?!?! It does not sound to me like you had a miscarriage. Have you taken a pregnancy test? If you've missed your period, enough time has pa__sed that a test should be able to pick up your hormone level and give you an answer. Let me know...


Anj - July 22

Thx Kim:) It is crazy especially with our emotions. I have taken a few pregagncy tests which showed neg...one the day after I missed my peroid...but I had been taking them at night, which I just read you should do 1st thing in the am. I have also been drinking TONS of water. Way more than usual so by the end of the day my urine was pretty diluted. Anyhow, strage...I have a Dr. apt today, so hopefully we'll get it figured out. I am so impatient though!


Kim - July 22

Hey Anj, You know, it sounds like you are quite possibly pregnant! Usually, anything that's clear and long and stretchy like that is probably not a bad sign. If you were bleeding it would be more concerning. I continued to have lots of clear discharge after I got pregnant and that could be from any number of things. I'm anxious to hear how your appointment goes!


Lucy - July 22

If you were miscarrying there should be some blood there too. There would be tissue but also blood and probably clots as well though they may be very small clots early on in pregnancy. Also in pregnancy it is normal to have lots of discharge-is it possible this was a glob of discharge? When I was pregnant I had yellowy and clear discharge and was told it is normal. I hope your doc helps clear things up so you can know what is going on. Not knowing is a horrible feeling isn't it. Let us know?


crisy - July 22

Hi anj. It is very common when you are pregnant to pa__s more secretions. If you are not bleeding it's a good sign that you did not miscarry. There is a chance that you might be pregnant. When I was pregnant I did a pregnancy test after the first few days that I was late and the test came up negative. Then I waited and when my period did not come a week later I did another pregnancy test and it was positive. Also, drinking ++++ water can be a sign of pregnancy. I had that symptom when I was pregnant. I would drink liters of water and still I would be thirsty afterwards. Unfortunately, my story is sad because I lost the baby. If you are pregnant, you did not miscarry because you bleed +++ and you have +++ cramps. Anyhow that was my experience. I wish you all the best and don't worry if you do the pregnancy test in pm. because if you are pregnant it will still show up positive. Lots of luck to you and baby dust. Keep us posted.



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