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crisy - November 3

Hi lovely ladies. This is a continuation of the other thread. Kim, Tracy, Sherie and Chaney got BFP. They are our inspiration! I made so many wonderful friends and you are all like my second family. I hope that we can all continue to support eachother and I hope that we will all get BFP very soon. Lots of love to all of you and may we all be sprinkled with baby dust.


sherie - November 3

Good idea Crisy, the last thread was getting pretty long.


Carole - November 3

Hey Guys! Thanks Crisy! Just needed to post so I can get updates. Hope you are having a beautiful day!!


Tracy - November 3

Thanks Crisy! Okay, I'm off on my trip now but I'll be checking in next Wednesday when I'm back. I hope we have a few more BFP's at that point. Good luck and baby dust to all of you!


Brooke - November 3

I just wanted to post before I left for my trip. If I didn't I would have never found the last thread when I got back to read today's posts! I hope I get this right, since I can't scroll back and read then write. LILU: Men can be difficult sometimes. I think they get really stressed out and feel like if they don't perform and result in you a pregnancy, then they have let you down. CRISY: I will be thinking of you when your due date comes up. It is going to be a tough day. I just can't believe how fast 9 months has gone by. I just hope it happens soon for all of us. I am sending you a HUGE HUG!!!!! CAROLE: I hope that egg is about to release. Any day now. TRACY: Where are you going? I hope you have a wonderful and safe trip. Well, I'll catch up with you ladies Monday. I love you all.


Kristin - November 3

Brooke: have a great time on your trip!!! Try to pamper yourself! I'm so sorry about the mail you received and know this is a tough month for you!Crisy: hang in there...I have so much faith and hope for you!!! Tracy have a fabulous trip!!! Carole: egg yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are an inspiration as you went through alot to have your first baby but you were successful and I know you will be again! I'm considering going to see a RE but I think people think I'm crazy. My story is really not that bad. I went off birth control a year ago in August and from that time until May I only had about 4 total cycles as they started out okay but just kept getting longer and longer. So my dr decided to put me on clomid and I got pregnant first time in May but ended in mc. We have only officially tried that time and last month and this month but part of it was that I couldn't figure out my cycles. Anyways, that's my story...:) Sherie and the rest of the pregnant ladies so glad you are sticking around! Thanks for all of the info and support on the question I had yesterday. I'm still having alot today so who knows plus some cramping. I also get discouraged when I have cramping but I know it could be okay. I'm 7dpo today so more waiting to do. I've been very emotional today as some of you have discussed too. I do really well and then will have a bad day. I'm going to spend the afternoon with my friends who get pregnant when their husbands look at them and i swear if one of them says that I might have to punch them. It kind of made me mad today when I was talking to one of them (she is pregnant with her 4th and just told me last week) she told me she had just come back from the dr and got to see the heartbeat and everything. She said "I really hate going to the doctor's appts but I figure since I can see the heartbeat I guess I can bother to go". I said to her "I can't imagine what that must be like to see the heartbeat as my only experience with the ultrasound didn't go so well. I know she didn't mean it like that but between her and the lady on the baby story today that was screaming during labor (stupid I know) I was about to lost it. :) Okay enough complaining for me. Here's to hoping for BFP to all of you who are waiting!


crisy - November 3

Hi ladies. I am finishing work as we speak. Thank God I'm off tomorrow. I'm looking foward to having a 3 day week-end. I'll get myself pampered at the esthetician tomorrow. That will help me relax. Tracy and Brooke have +++++++++ fun on your trips. Kristin, I think that I'm in the same situation like you. I have ++++ cm right now but it's whithish-yellowish (sorry TMI). I'm confused and I'm so scared to do a HPT. I want to wait this time. Last time I went crazy with testing. I have my appointment with my doctor Nov.15th. I'll test before then for sure. I am dying to know what he will tell me and if I'll have to do testing etc.??? Kristin, I hope so much that you are pregnant and I am praying for you ++++. I think that we need more BFPs. To all the ladies who are ovulating I hope that the bd will be fruitful. Lots of love to all of you and have a nice week-end. I'll be checking in on Monday.


Shae-lynn - November 3

Hi everyone! It's me again, with another neurotic question! Last time I posted I was wondering why it was taking so long for my temps to rise after the +opk. Well, they finally rose this morning (5 days later) to a nice 98.3. So I was really happy!! When I came home for lunch, I took my temp again. I don't know why - it makes no sense! I know all the particulars of how you should take bbt but just stuck the thermometer in my mouth anyways! And I got a reading of 97.3 which is around my normal pre-ovulation temp. If you've ovulated, wouldn't your temp stay high all the time (day included) And isn't your temp supposed to rise during the day; your bbt being your lowest temp of the day? I am so confused and now I'm thinking that I didn't ovulate after all. I know I should just wait for a few days and see if my bbt is still high each morning but I can't wait that long...I can just imagine you guys thinking I am realllllly crazy...Help...


Kristin - November 3

Thanks so much Crisy!!!!!! Right back at ya! Shae-lynn: don't worry at all about the second temp. It is not valid at all and your temps can change throughout the day. That is why they say you need to take it at the same time each day. Do not worry at all about!!! And I forgot to respond to your question about temps going up..I usually go by day my cervical fluid dries up because it can take my temp a couple of days or more to go up but that doesn't mean you haven't already ovulated before then. Don't worry!!!!!!!!!!!!


Roxanne - November 4

Good morning. Well yesterday I had my appointment with the specialist. I can start my medication any time. However, I am 9 dpo so I thought I would take a hpt "just in case" and to my surprise, there was a very faint potsitive. Can you believe that??? I bought bulk from online for very cheap which is a good thing. Right now I am very excited, scared, worried....Sunday I will test again to be sure, the lines should be darker by then I hope. Cross your fingers. Also I am thinking of going for a blood test to be sure but the thought of that freaks me out so bad. I hope everyone else is having a good day. Love ya!


sherie - November 4

I forgot to ask for a email telling me people have posted so here I am so I can get responses. HELLO to all, and have a good day.


lilu - November 4

Roxanne... get out! Another BFP! I'm so happy! Great news to start the weekend! YIPPEEE:)~


Carole - November 4

cd 27, ttc.....NO WAYYY!! This is awesome Roxanne. Well I sure as heck wouldn't wait until Sunday to test again. Try again tomorrow and let us know. So what medicine were you supposed to start? I'm sorry I told you I needed everyone's profile in front of me so I can keep up with what is going on with everyone. Gosh, Tracy and Brooke will be surprised when they return from their trips. Hope everyone has a great Friday. I am having lotsa lotsa ewcm so dh and I will get busy tonight too. No + opk this morning still. Wondering if I will need to get that shot after all. We just play it by ear. CRISY: I can't wait for you to test. What day are you on? SHAELYNN: I can't help you much on the bbt thing. I don't take them. I never get a solid nights sleep. Dh either snoring or Campbell coming in and waking me at 4 or 5 every morning crawling in our bed! KRISTIN: So you should know by what? Mid week will you test? I am ready for you guys to get some positive news!!!!! I will check in later. I don't feel much like working today...:)


Tanya - November 4

Yeah Roxanne!!! That's awesome. I'm thrilled for you. One more 2006 baby!! Well I'm cd27. No spotting today but my back sure feels like AF is on the way. Crisy, cm sounds like a good sign. I hope you decide to test & get your BFP in time for dh's birthday! Have a great weekend everyone!


Lilu - November 4

cd 13, ttc... Today I went to go pick up lunch at this local pizza shop and the guy goes "did you have your baby?" I said "yes". He's like "I knew you were expecting, what did you have?" I said "a girl". Then someone else goes.."what did you name her" I said.. "Sophia". He's like "congrats" I just expected it. I didn't want to tell them that my baby died. It just sucks when they ask b/c they all saw my huge belly so they just a__sume I had her and all is good. It's not there fault so I can't get upset. But sometimes it just stings alittle and I don't want to get into what happened. I mean these people only see when I run in to get lunch so no harm. Earlier this week... someone called and was like "I bet your as big as a house" WOW... 2nd time that happened since I've been back when someone called in. They feel so bad when I tell them I lost the baby. It just makes me sad. Sophie would be 3 months next week. DH and I were just reminising and we just miss her so much. I hope we get lucky this month.


Val - November 4

(cd1) Hi ladies...well, af showed up today. I'm actually rather glad, since I had been expecting it for a few days and just wanted to start my cycle over. This cycle was 2 days shorter than last time (45 days instead of 47) so hopefully that trend will continue. I started taking EPO and exercising more, and I'm going to try to get in better shape this month. I've decided that I need to focus on some other aspects of my body besides fertility, and hopefully the rest will fall into place. I haven't heard back about the u/s... have a call into my doctor's office, since it seems like 3 days is plenty of time to read the results and contact me!!! I'm thinking I'd like to switch to a different doctor, maybe one in Portland rather than in the small town where my doctor is now. I just think maybe I'd have better care with a Portland physician. ROXANNE - congrats on your positive! I hope you get another this weekend... CAROLE - good luck getting busy! SHAE-LYNN - you may want to keep bd-ing. I think fertility friend doesn't consider ovulation to have happened until you have 3 high temps in a row. Your low daytime temp may just be an anomaly though, so I wouldn't worry too much about it, and keep on bd-ing! What cd are you on? CRISY - I hope you have a wonderful 3 day weekend. I hope you have some good news by your dh's birthday. One of the hardest things about my m/c was that I had to go in for the d&c on my dh's birthday. He doesn't care too much about his birthdays in general, but it was his 35th, and I just felt so sad that we had to spend it with me in the hospital having the d&c. I hope his birthday next year is a much happier one. KRISTIN - I was considering going to a fertility specialist also, but I think it may be too early for me, especially since I got pg after the first 3 months of trying. I'm just scared to wait too long given my age. BROOKE- did you definitely get your af? LILU - sorry about your temps/waking up. TANYA - wow, you were 17 weeks? I'm so sorry... I definitely agree about this website being a godsend. KIMD3 - How are you doing today? Did you test? How many dpo are you? KIM - being tired is definitely a good pg symptom. I know that everyone's symptoms are different, and that it can change with each pregnancy, so try not to stress too much about it (although I know that's hard!) TRACY - I'm with you on u/s anxiety. I'm sure I'll be a mess when I'm pg again and have to have an u/s. Even having the b___st one done this past Tuesday was hard, since the last u/s I had was the one when they couldn't find the heartbeat. But your hcg levels sound great, so try to think positive thoughts and just take good care of yourself. :-) Alison, how are you doing? Also, Meg and Kylie?


Alison - November 4

Hey a new thread cool! :o) CD15-+OPK yesterday! Yes it seems my +OPK was yesterday not Wednesday! I though Wednesday was it as the test line was the same as the control line and I think that counts for my tests. Anyway did another OPK yesterday and test line was MUCH darker than the control line! So I guess that was the + day! Today is back to them being the same. Though I was hoping it would be negative today. Is it ok if it takes a coupe of days to fade in and out again? We are BDing away anyway and I have had Cm so am hoping it is happening this time! So how is everyone? I don't think I will even attempt to reply to all I missed on the last post I know it will be pages! I will check the posts here hope that is ok! TRACY hope you have a good trip. Sending you ((hugs)) BROOKE you too-hope you have a good trip as well. ((hugs)) KRISTEN I am like you I have good days then really bad days! it jsut creeps up on sometimes-the sadness and feeling of loss. Wow that must have been rough listening to your friend complain about going to the dr. I can see why that would be upsetting to hear. She is so blessed to have 4 healthy babies. I too can't imagine how awesome and wonderful it would be to get to see a heartbeat! I have had 3 pregnancies and every time the 1st scan has been bad news-no heartbeat. I guess for someone who has never experienced a loss it is hard to understand. I hope you got on ok with your group of friends and didn't have to hear any news from them to make you feel even worse. Sending you ((hugs)) CRISY enjoy your long weekend you deserve it! I hope so much there is a BFP waiting for you. Cm is a good sign! SHAE-LYNN I am sorry to hear temps are being confusing. I have never done them so don't know I'm afraid but I guess taking it at different times could make the results confusing? As Kristen says about the temps changing throughout the day. I hope this will be your month! ROXANNE WOWWWWW!!! A positive HPT! that is awesome!!! I am so glad you tested "just in case"! And at 9DPO a faint + is actually really good!!! Congratulations!!! I can't wait to hear about the nice dark test on Sunday!! Oh bless you!!! CAROLE yay on the Cm get busy BDing! ;o) I do hope you get pregnant and won't need the shot. TANYA I hope sore back is not Af. It can still be a pregnancy sign don't give up just yet! ((hugs)) LILU I am so sorry for what happened at the pizza shop that is rough stuff :o( You poor love it must have been awful-and the person phoning. It must feel horrible having to say out loud over again that your baby was lost I can imagine having to say it must make it all the more raw in your heart. I am just so sorry. Sending you ((hugs)) and praying this will be your month. VAL oh I am so sorry that AF came :o( I hope too the trend continues-or even better that you won't find out how long this new cycle is because you will be pregnant! Good for you for getting into shape-I could do with doing that! Hope you get your u/s results soon. Waiting for results is awful isn't it. They really make us wait sometimes! Sending you ((hugs)) and hoping AF ends quickly so a new month can begin. Well as for me as I said I think yesterday was +OPK not Wednesday. Lines back to being the same today rather than one darker like it was yesterday. Been Bding and propping up on a pillow after! I also avoid going to the toilet until the next morning which is hard as usually I'm up once or twice to go in the night lol! Oh please let this be our month! And for all of us trying! Pleeeeeeeeea__ssse!!!!!! Work is mega busy-Oh I so can't be bothered with it right now lol! Am glad it's the weekend. A week tomorrow till Dh's birthday. His birthday last year was when I tested + for my 2nd pregnancy. It seemed so wonderful at the time but if course led to M/C number 2 :o( I will make sure he has a lovely birthday though. He deserves it he is a wonderful husband (awwww!) Well got to run I'm afraid I will try and check back in soon. MEG, KYLIE, MRS HALVIE lots of love to you all too and anyone I have missed out-if I have I am really really sorry!!!! xxx



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