Going For Babies 13

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Shiner081 - November 4

K girls this ones #13 and the lucky one for those of you's still trying to get preggo and those having problems with there pregnancy.Things will be good from now on!!!!!!!


tiffany79 - November 5

Tori...how did your doc appnt go today??? Nothing new in my neck of the woods!


ZenGirl - November 5

TIFFANY- thanks for adding your chart to the CS chart stalker page!! i enjoy stalking!!


Tory1980 - November 5

Hello. Thank Shiner for the new thread! TearDrops sorry about AF but good news on her showing pretty much on time! LOL! Tiff, appointment was long! Simply because I tortured them to the point of no return! I have a physio referral going off today so should hear back soon about that. Midwife sent me to nurse for another LFT since the itch is in full force - I am hoping since it isn't as severe as it was last time I might get away with taking treatment at home instead of being hospitlaized. Asked Doctors about the + antibody screen. He said he wants another test done next week (already have an appointment for B/W on iron levels) and depending on whether it comes back positive or not the baby may need a direct blood transfusion now and again later before delivery - goes through the umbilical cord. I have heard of it but I always thought that that was an extreme case but it seems not. Will the bad luck never end? Oh BP was 100/58 and I now weigh GULP! 13 stone/83kg!!! I have never been that heavy. I nearlly died! TearDrops, no idea on when I will deliver but I think it is a 2007 baby, not a 2008 one. If I make it to January I will be very surprised. I am expecting Christmas week sometime, no idea why. Of course if they induce me I will be 37weeks on the 20th December so it will be that date or straight after. I just really want to be home for Christmas morning either way for the little ones. How is everyone else doing? As for the Contractions, mine seem to be settling unless I overdo it or lift Logan too much so I am taking it as easy as I can!


tiffany79 - November 5

Zen...i didnt add it, i wasnt sure how, and forgot to ask the Cleanslate girls. Tori...did you? If so, thanks!! Zen...how are you feeling??!! Tori...my goodness women!! When will it end is a d__n good question! LOL. I think DH had to have a full blood transfusion when he was born, cause his mom is RH neg. He is Pos now. That would be weird thru the imbelical cord...never heard of that before baby is born!


tiffany79 - November 5

Oh...and dont worry about hte weight! Im sure it will come off fast, as soon as you deliver! Your a tiny thing! At least you have an excuse for the weight gain LOL! I have gained about 10lbs more than i want lately... stress eating LOL! If AFs would quit showing up...i would have reason to stress eat!!!


Tory1980 - November 5

Tiff, nope wasn't me! Maybe Kathy. Sorry. Either way the chart shall be stalked! I have heard of it before but I always thought that would be kept for extreme cases where baby is very sick but he was saying they would rather it was done as a precaution and being so far into the pregnancy it wouldn't be a problem with the procedure - it can cause complications sometimes - as even if it put me into premature labour the baby is a good size and gestation. It wouldn't be for at least a fortnight anyway by the time the bloods were done and back again so by then I would be nearlly 33/34weeks which I can handle. I know what to do with a baby born then! Any earlier forget it! LOL!


Tory1980 - November 5

Exactly! Blame the b___h! LOL! I had difficulty getting rid of the weight after Joshua and lost it all after having Logan (after delivery I am usually lighter than pre-pregnancy) but it is a complete farce BF'ing gets rid of it easier! I only wish it did for me! LOL! Breastfed them all and without doing exercise I never got rid of an ounce! However I had an increase in b___b size with all of them. I was a 34B with Matthew, a 36C with Joshua, 36D with Logan and I am hoping to God I don't hit an E with this one but I am blaming some of the extra weight on the extra size! LOL! Hubby doesn't seem to mind anyway!


tiffany79 - November 5

LOL....DH is looking forward to the bigger b___bs too...when the time comes!!! I am too, actually :-) I hope BFing will help lose the baby weight i gain.


Cjordan - November 5

hi everyone. Sorry about AF teardrops. next month for sure right??!!I had a Dr appt today too Tory. Everything is looking good on my end. And no gest. Diabetes. They also talked me into a flu shot. Darn! Tory, it sounds like you have your hands full right now. I hope for your sake you do have that baby at the end of December! Tiff, that is strange you are having CM now. Stranger things have happened though! So do you bd now or not? Well off to argue some more with DH. His family is turning Thanksgiving into a circus and he seems to be ok with that. Drives me nuts!!


Tory1980 - November 6

CJ, enjoy the argument but don't get too worked up! As for the flu shot I had mine a few weeks ago and also the Pneumoccocal! Joy. I get the flu one every year as I am asthamtic and used to suffer from a heart condition that seems to be fixed after an operation when I was 20. They offer it here as standard to all pregnant women over fle season too as they are a risk category. Good news on the lack of diabetes and the good doctor's appointment! I hope it stays that way for you - nothing but plain sailing from now on!


tiffany79 - November 6

Hello ladies...how is everybody???? Anything new and exciting going on? Im still in the boring wait before Ov. This is the MOST boring part of TTC! Going camping this weekend, thinking will be perfect timing to get some BDing done!! Might be trapped in the trailer if its raining LOL!!!!!!!!!! Never camped in the fall/winter before! Im excited...will be relaxing thats for sure!


Shiner081 - November 7

Hi all.Been really tired here latley.I get my glucose checked in a couple of weeks.baby is still really active.Tiff,I a__sume some testing will be done after 6 months of trying if things do not pan out this cycle?Could be hubbies sperm!Tory ,hope your little one holds on for few weeks yet.My hubbies brothers wife is a couple of days behind you .So far she has had no problems.They plan to have only one baby.That would kinda suck for that child.Cjordan hope you are fine and anyone else I for got(teardrops)???Been trying to get some cleaning done here but I get played out so quick so that process is slow going.Anyway all is fine here.


Tory1980 - November 8

Girlies where is everyone lately? It has been very very quiet in here. I hope no news is good news. Nine weeks to go for me!!!


tiffany79 - November 8

Tori...OMG, 9weeks?? WOW!!! How are the cramp/contractions? CD11 for me, FM is High! AND...i had EWCM this morning..yeah!!!! Getting closer to ov time :-)


Tory1980 - November 8

Yep nine weeks - hopefully maximum too! 31 weeks today. Oo la la on the EW!!! Baby dance like there is no tomorrow! LOL!


Tory1980 - November 8

Oh and contractions come and go. Got urine result back saying 'mixed culture, possible contamination' which is c___p! No way it could have been contaminated. Need to wait for the LFT tomorrow.



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