Going For Babies 15

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tiffany79 - June 26

We have a few ladies needing that BFP SOON!! Baby Dust to us *~*~*~!! And Congrats to the new Moms!! You girls are wonderful!!


tiffany79 - June 26

Welome Allie! Okay, im copy/pasting the last couple posts................................................................. Name: tiffany79 | Date: June 26, 2008, 13:41 Answer: Tori...LMAO, TG your not a horse!!! Okay, please send her, she is the cutes little girl. Did you take your pics of piczo? 7dpo for me! Teardrops, hows it going??! Hope all the Moms are doing great w/ their babies!! .................................................................................................. Name: AllieP. | Date: June 26, 2008, 14:48 Answer: Hi Girls, I hope you don't mind me jumping in! Tiffany invited me over! Thanks Tiffany! I usually post on CS. I know a lot of you already! TORY-Good to see you post again! I miss hearing from you! Gosh, woman, don't fall apart on us!!! Feel better and demand better pain killers or start using crack, whichever suits your needs! :) TEARDROPS- i remember seeing you post before. I'm so sorry but i can't remember, what is your name again? Hopefully your chart tells it all and you're pregnant! Good luck! As for me, i just did my first round of Famera and now in the two week wait. I'm 6dpo! I don't temp so no chart stalking! Does anyone else take Famera other than Tiffany and me? Oh and i'm also on progesterone which is making me super tired! Hopefully it's a short term side effect and will subside the longer I take them! baby dust to all!!! :) =


TearDrops - June 26

I took femara this cycle. We'll see if anything works out. I had a .09 drop in my temp today... so that made me sad! Hopefully it will go up tomorrow. We are going to get pregnant Tiffany and Allie!!! By the way, Welcome Allie! =D


tiffany79 - June 27

Teardrops...waiting to hear todays test results!!! And i completely forgot what your name is? Im so sorry.. i do remember your in Oklahoma tho! :-) Im 8dpo! Like i said before...the longest TWW ever!! Tori, hope your feeling better!


Tory1980 - June 27

Hi ladies. Feeling fine if a little tired. The drugs work well!!! LOL! I took my pictures off ages ago and was gonig to try and sort it all out onto one page or a page with links off it but it isn't working. Bob's computer is having none of it unfortunately and my laptop is still bnroken - insurance company fighting over it at the minute. Hopefully I will have it up and sorted soon!


tiffany79 - June 27

Oh good! Would be cool to see more pics of CJ and Shiners little ones too!


Tory1980 - June 27

I know! It has gone very quiet lately but I suppose they are all busy bees with their little ones. TearDrops where are you??????


AllieP. - June 27

Hi girls! i agree, we will be getting preggo soon!!!! Hopefully we are now! Teardrops, don't let that tiny dip get to you! Temps flucuate so much! How many dpo are you? Tiffany-yep, i agree, it IS the longest two week wait ever!


AllieP. - June 27

Tory- i hope soon you can get your piczo page straightened out! Imogen is so freaking cute and i like to see her grow!


TearDrops - June 27

Well... I took one this morning and there is the faintest line there. I took one just now and nothing. Only 11dpo so still kinda early... My temp didn't drop anymore so that's positive =) Can't this TWW go any faster?!?!? How many DPO are you Allie? oh, and my name is Brittany lol.


tiffany79 - June 27

Oh...thats right, Brittany! LOL. Okay, so you saw the faintest line?? Well, FX for you! Testing tomorrow?? I hope so! Your chart looks so awesome!


AllieP. - June 28

Hi Girls! Brittany, That line sounds promising! I think its ok if you had it that morning with FMU and when you retested later on there wasn't one. Its still too early and your body may only have enough hcg in it for the test to be positive with FMU. I am 7dpo but that is negotiable! LOL When i went in for an u/s check last Saturday they said my follicle was half full of fluid and that i just ovulated or in the process of ovulating? So I kept my O day for that Friday but i guess it could be Saturday. I WISH we bd'ed that Friday but we did it Thursday night. I was expecting to get the trigger shot on Saturday but my body I guess went into overdrive and ovulated itself! We did do it Saturday morning after the appointment too so we'll see! I wish i was feeling SOMETHING though! I'm also on 100mg of progesterone a day. Tiffany-Have you decided what exact day you will test? I don't want to hear Sunday! :)


Tory1980 - June 28

# TearDrops is pregnant, TearDrops is pregnant # Congratulations honey! No more temping - test again tomorrow. if you keep temping you will freak yourself out completely as temps fall and spike randomly during pregnancy. Stay away from the thermometer!


TearDrops - June 28

Well I had another BFN this morning =( I did temp, but Tori is right, I should probably stop LOL! I woke up a little early this morning and my temp was WAY lower, but I was sleeping with my mouth open lol so when I woke up at the right time, it was back up to a little higher than yesterday... quite a scare! I just wish I could get a freaking BFP that is unquestionable!!! AHHH! I'll probably try again later today and definitely everyday until I either get a BFP or AF. When are you testing Tiffany??? What about you Allie? You still have a great change of catching that egg even if you did ovulate on Friday =) It would be so great if we were all pregnant on the same cycle. FX for both of you!!! Thanks for being so positive!!! Hope everything works out for you as far as your back and everything Tori. I'm so sorry you're having so many problems =( At least the painkillers are working well, I hope you get good news about all of that very soon!


tiffany79 - June 30

Teardrops...whats the verdict today???!!! I tested yesterday (sunday) and BFN. It was only 10dpo, so im not out of the game just yet. I will probably test agian wed or thursday. Allie and Teardrops...its our TURN!!


AllieP. - June 30

Brittany-did you test again today? GIRLS-it is OUR turn!!!


TearDrops - June 30

BFN and a temp drop... ugh! Yah Tiffany! Not out of the game yet! =) I'vebeen SOOOO nauseas lately it's horrible! And I don't have sore Nips like I always do before my period, which is due in like 2 days so that's odd. C'mon girls! BFPs!!!



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