Going For Babies Reunion Gals Part II

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Kim L - May 15

Hi ladies: well our usual problem of a lengthy thread that is difficult to load has come up again, so let's start fresh. :-) Looking forward to hearing from you all, as always! xxoo


Carla - May 15

Hi girls, Happy Monday! 24w3d. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, I got so many mother to be cards yesterday, it was so nice. I have a prenatal appt on thursday, i will be taking my glucose test, everything should be ok b/c i test my blood sugar on my dads machine (hes diabetic) and the level is always normal. Well I gotta run, have a great day everyone xoxoxo


Alison - May 15

KIm thanks for starting the new thread! That is great you're feeling baby move lots! I still feel quite gentle movements and can't wait unti they get stronger! It all helps rea__sure doesn't it. I'm sure your DH will hear/feel baby moving soon-get him to hold his ear to your tummy when you're lying down and bubs is active! My DH was in awe! Very special indeed! I have my 22 wk antenatal app with the midwife on Thursday. I'll need to ask her about my belly b___ton! When I had my 2nd miscarriage (Dec 2004) they were worried at first it might be ectopic and did a laparoscopy (it wasn't but was an empty sac that time) So I have a scar in my belly b___ton and as my tummy is stretching it is getting a bit red and itchy. I'm sure it will be fine though-she'll probably say the same as my DH to just keep it clean. The nursery design we want is on a UK website www.next.co.uk. The direct link (hope it works!) is http://order.next.co.uk/page.asp?b=X37&p=858&o=1 ((hugs)) CARLA wow you are moving right along aren't you! So exciting! Hope your app goes great on Thursday (funny we both have a prenatal app that day!) I'm glad your sugar levels are normal you won't need to worry about getting it tested on Thursday as you know they are ok! Well better go make some tea, love to everyone....xxx


Alison - May 15

P.s - KIM it's the teddies one on the right side of the page :-)


littlemama1022 - May 15

This is my first time posting, but I just wanted to say I have a prenatal appt. Thursday also! I will be 26w1d. Good luck to everyone!


Kim L - May 15

CARLA: Isn't it so nice to be recognized on mother's day? I'm so glad you had so much fun getting cards from people, that is wonderful. I'm sure all will be well with your prenatal appt, can't wait to hear about it! ALISON: Your bedding is just darling!!!! I think those little teddies will be perfect for boy or girl, and you can always add in some girlish or boyish colors later on when you know who is going to be in that room! ;-) I will try with DH to hear baby - it never even occured to me that he might be able to until you said something! OH and I wanted to tell you - I have also had a laparscopy (for endometriosis when I was just 15) - my belly b___ton hasn't popped out yet but it is surfacing, and my scar gets very itchy too! It's funny knowing you have a scar in your belly b___ton as well, something we share!


Roxy - May 15

So it's Monday again. I am dreading Monday's more and more. Night time just sucks because I can't get any sleep, nothing is comfortable anymore. This is going to be a long 16 weeks to go. Everyone sounds just great and babies are moving around like crazy. That is just wonderful. My little babe doesn't do much. Every once in a while to me it feels like babe has the hiccups and other times there are a few boots but nothing is all that strong yet. My son and husband have felt the baby a few times. My son is always asking to feel my tummy and since I have been so moody, I sometimes get angry when he tries to touch and I have no idea why. I feel so terrible for doing that to him and it's like I have no control. So tomorrow I will be 24 weeks, my goodness. Plus, I am so hot all the time and we haven't even started summer. What am I going to do??? I said to my husband the other day that I am so glad this is our last baby because each pregnancy seems to be getting more and more difficult. I totally love to garden and have flowers so on the weekend I got everything ready, even bought some hanging baskets, and now all I have to do is wait to pick up some bedding plants. We are waiting until after the long weekend to plant (which is May 26-29) because we are leaving to our cottage on those days.I am so excited for that because we just bought a new boat and haven't been up there since last August. The weather is usually c___ppy on this long weekend but I don't even care. Just getting away from everything will boost my spirits I am sure. Plus I plant a garden every year and we are doing that this week instead of after the long weekend because I want to get a head start on it. Busy time of year but I love it. Okay, so I am not sure how much sense this makes, I had to stop a couple of times so I apologize now if it's really bad, (plus I am extremely tired). Kim, thanks for starting a new thread, that other one was getting so very long. Cheers!


justme100 - May 15

Hi! Hope everyone is doing well! Kim if you give me your email I can mail you the 3d scan. Alison good to hear you are doing well. On a personal note my belly b___ton never popped out. A vbac is v____al birth after a c-section. Kim my hospital locally won't do them b/c they don't have an immediate anestiologist available. You are more apt to be successful at a teaching hospital where their are many more drs around etc... If I went in at the best possible time like in the middle of the day when there was plenty of people around I would maybe have a chance. My dr. was honest and the community hospitals don't like to do them. They are afraid of the 1% risk. I just think if I want more children then surgery isn't the best option. My son will be 23 months as well and with surgery it will be impossible to look after him etc.. Carla your time is going by so fast!


Kylie - May 16

Hello everyone! I'm sorry I haven't posted in a while but all is fine just very busy!. I'm 17w4d and this time next week I have my next and last scan. Dh is determined to find out bubs s_x so we'll know next week if it doesn't shut its little legs. I'll be keeping it quiet from everyone but I'll let you all know. As a matter of interest and to test atheory can anyone who knows there babys s_x send me an email with your DOB and when baby was conceived. I want to see if my friends theory works so far is has for everyoen else. I'm realy tired because I;m working really hard at the moment. I'm glad your all so well I can't wait to feel strong movements from my little bundle of joy. Hugs to everyonexxoo


Carla - May 16

Will this rain ever go away??? Its been raining here on long island for what seems an eternity lol I thought this was suppose to happen in april and may was suppose to be 70 and sunny. ALISON- Teddies are such a great idea for a gender neutral room and then once the baby is born you can add boy or girl stuff! HOW EXCITING!! KIM- How many more days till your scan????? Did u start counting down? I cant wait for it! ROXY- Hi, so glad your doing well and keeping busy, I love gardening in the spring! I know how you feel about not being able to sleep and being uncomfortable, im in the same boat. What are we going to do when we are in our 8th and 9th month! Oh dear lol How exciting a new boat, i absolutley love going out on a boat but unfortunatly dont get to much often. JUSTME- I had a very deep innie and it popped out alot but definitly not all the way out, i wonder if it ever will go completly out. I would love to see your scan my email is [email protected] KYLIE- Cant wait for your scan either it is so exciting, I cant wait for another one myself, i think i get another around 32 weeks im not sure im going to ask on thursday. I emailed you my dob and month i concieved. Well i hope everyone has a great day and better weather than i do here. xoxoxoxoox


sherie - May 16

Hi all, it is soooooooo hard for me to be on computer BUT I just have to check in with ya. I am doing as fine as uncomfortable lets me be. My babyshower went wonderfully, and I was totally b__wn away at the amout of gals and presents that were there. I swear I was opening presents for 1hr and 15 min.. I am going in for a job interveiw tomorrow and I am soooooooo nervous, not that i do not love my job now BUT this one would pay more and with raising a family more money is important right? I wish I knew how to send you all flicks but I have tried it many times and it always FAILS sooooooo I give up, but I am huge right now.


sherie - May 16

Also KIM thank god you started a new thread.


Kylie - May 16

Hi Girls I forgot I also need your time zone! What that has do do with it I'm not sure but thanks.


Alison - May 16

Hya - 22wks tomorrow! ;-) Feeling very tired and groggy today but otherwise doing great - DH loving that he can hear baby moving! And today as I was lying on the settee I had my hand on my tummy and felt a push up against it under my tummy! Then a couple more slightly gentler ones in the few minutes after-It was amazing! As much as I LOVE the flutters I am very excited about them getting stronger! It's my birthday tomorrow and that was the best present :-) LITTLEMAMA all the best for Thursday-lots of us going to prenatal app's that day! 26 weeks that is exciting! ((hugs)) KIM thank you! Yes we thought the teddies stuff was lovely too! You're right we can personalise it a bit once "Bump" arrives! Wow you had a laparoscopy too-what a shame you having to go through all that when you were just 15-my belly b___ton is flattening out a bit too. I feel better that you feel the same with yours as I do-must just be from the scar tissue stretching. Can you still see the scar at the side of your abdomen too? Mine has faded alot and now that my tummy has stretched you can hardly see it! ROXY wow what do baby's hiccups feel like? My movements are also still gentle. I'm sure it's just the hormones that make you a bit moody when your son wants to feel your tummy-it's not your fault bless you. Wow sounds like you've been busy with the garden I bet it will look lovely! :-) Hope you have a lovely time on the boat and are able to relax. ((hugs)) JUSTME thanks for explaining what a vbac is I hope you will be able to do that rather than another c section. It's a shame it has to be so complicated trying to arrange it for you I hope it will work out for you. KYLIE yay nearly 18 weeks! How cool! :-) Can't wait to hear about your scan it will be wonderful! I wonder if you will be able to see if you are having a boy or a girl! How exciting! CARLA you get another scan at 32 weeks? I won't get another one unless there is a medical reason for it the 20 week one was the last one. I'm sorry to hear you and Roxy are not sleeping well and are uncomfortable. I'm not too bad but have been trying my best to lie on my side not my back and my legs get all achey and throb a bit from lying on my side lol! I had cramp in my leg one night which was soooo sore but thankfully not again since. I still get up to pee a few times a night but not as much as earlier on! Hey it's all worth it though to have a baby in our arms isn't it!; -) xxx SHERIE awww you poor love it's so nice of you to post even though it makes you uncomfortable to type bless you! Glad your baby shower went so well though that is lovely! Lots of nice gifts-what did you get? All the best for your interview I hope it goes really well for you! What sort of job are you going after? I hope you get it! Well just wanted to say hi - and HI TO EVERYONE ELSE TOO! ((hugs)) I am getting a bit of a stiff back sitting with the laptop so will lie back and eat some yummy jelly & mandarin segments for a bit-yum! ;-) Love Alison xx


Alison - May 16

KY:IE missed your post about the time zones - I am in Scotland. As I type this it is 11.48pm and I REALLY should get to bed as am falling asleep and back is stiff lol! Nighy night xxx


Brooke V - May 17

HI everyone. I think I e-mailed some of you this weekend. I had my last u/s before Addisyn is born and she is measuring (weight and length) at 33.5 weeks, but I was just 32 to the day of the u/s. The dr, said I will have a good size baby! I can't believe I only have about 8 weeks left! I can't wait to see her and hold her in my arms! Carla, we were going to name a boy Aidan if that was what we were having, so that will be the name for our boy if we ever have one. I am glad everyone is doing well! I had a baby shower at work last Thurs. and got some great things. There are 2 more planned for June. I can't wait. They are so much fun, everyone you love coming together to celebrate the coming of a beautiful baby. I am glad to hear that everyone is doing well! My husband and I attended a birthing cla__s a week ago at our hospital. It was not about much I already did not know, but it was nice to see and hear it again and see other couples due around the same time. I have already done a couple loads of laundry for baby clothes and linens. It is so much fun putting things away. It is so real now. I will keep everyone updated. Happy late Mothers Day everyone!


Carole - May 17

Good Morning Girls! I have missed chatting with you. I am back from vacation, done with weddings and showers and am now looking forward to concentrating on me, Campbell and DH. We also have a lot of yard work and planting to do as we have a party planned for late June. Disney was great for Campbell, so fun to see if thru a child's eyes. She woke up this morning asking to go back. She was a wonderful traveler, great on the plane and rolled with everything. We were very busy visiting family so she had to go with the flow. I enjoyed being with her for a solid week. It was hard to drop her off at school on Monday but you have to get back to reality sometime. As for me, I started taking my provera (which will induce af) yesterday. I take it for 10 days and then af usually starts 1or 2 days after that. On day 3 of af I will go in for a baseline ultrasound to measure fsh levels and check lining and at that point my dr will decide and prescribe my hormone injections. I think I will probably take them from days 5-9 with ultrasounds every 3 days to measure follicles and see how many are growing. When they get to a certain growth they will give me a trigger shot to release the eggs from the follicles. At that point we will do the insemination and hopefully follow up with some bding on our own for extra insurance. I am scared and excited at the same time. I will have to give myself the shots as dh is queasy with shots. I also know this may be our last chance at a baby. So I fear disappointment too. I am not discussing this with anyone here at home. I don't want anyone to know, so you guys will be my sounding board and strength thru this. So I will keep you updated on everything as it happens. As for all you pregnant mamas to be, Happy belated Mother's day to you. I hope you enjoyed part of that day as you are already a mom. I can't believe that some of you will be delivering soon. Who will be first ? Sherie? Then Tracy and Brooke. I am not sure after that. Maybe you guys can put your due date in your posts and then I can keep it straight. I look forward to hearing about the appts coming up as well as ultrasounds. The movement of the babies must be wonderful. I think I have forgotten what it feels like. To Lynn, I would see if your regular gyn/ob will prescribe clomid. Mine did and that was without going to a specialist. They can give a 5-6 month round, if you don't conceive in that time, it probably won't work for you. Ask them about it. Val, I am still hanging with you too. I hope that your specialist appt in June hurries up and gets here. We deserve those bfps too. I hope everyone is feeling well today and I will check in later!! xoxoxoxo



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