Going For Babies Reunion Gals Part II

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Carole - May 17

Good Morning Girls! I have missed chatting with you. I am back from vacation, done with weddings and showers and am now looking forward to concentrating on me, Campbell and DH. We also have a lot of yard work and planting to do as we have a party planned for late June. Disney was great for Campbell, so fun to see if thru a child's eyes. She woke up this morning asking to go back. She was a wonderful traveler, great on the plane and rolled with everything. We were very busy visiting family so she had to go with the flow. I enjoyed being with her for a solid week. It was hard to drop her off at school on Monday but you have to get back to reality sometime. As for me, I started taking my provera (which will induce af) yesterday. I take it for 10 days and then af usually starts 1or 2 days after that. On day 3 of af I will go in for a baseline ultrasound to measure fsh levels and check lining and at that point my dr will decide and prescribe my hormone injections. I think I will probably take them from days 5-9 with ultrasounds every 3 days to measure follicles and see how many are growing. When they get to a certain growth they will give me a trigger shot to release the eggs from the follicles. At that point we will do the insemination and hopefully follow up with some bding on our own for extra insurance. I am scared and excited at the same time. I will have to give myself the shots as dh is queasy with shots. I also know this may be our last chance at a baby. So I fear disappointment too. I am not discussing this with anyone here at home. I don't want anyone to know, so you guys will be my sounding board and strength thru this. So I will keep you updated on everything as it happens. As for all you pregnant mamas to be, Happy belated Mother's day to you. I hope you enjoyed part of that day as you are already a mom. I can't believe that some of you will be delivering soon. Who will be first ? Sherie? Then Tracy and Brooke. I am not sure after that. Maybe you guys can put your due date in your posts and then I can keep it straight. I look forward to hearing about the appts coming up as well as ultrasounds. The movement of the babies must be wonderful. I think I have forgotten what it feels like. To Lynn, I would see if your regular gyn/ob will prescribe clomid. Mine did and that was without going to a specialist. They can give a 5-6 month round, if you don't conceive in that time, it probably won't work for you. Ask them about it. Val, I am still hanging with you too. I hope that your specialist appt in June hurries up and gets here. We deserve those bfps too. I hope everyone is feeling well today and I will check in later!! xoxoxoxo


Val - May 17

hi ladies... I'm 14 dpo and injured my back yesterday lifting a water bucket :-( It made me very stressed since I'm worried that it will mess up this cycle or interfere with ttc. I'm realizing that I need to find some way to stop stressing so much and become more positive - I think my back injury was at least partially due to stress. Anyway, a good thing is that my dh's sperm test came back fine, so now I guess the next step is to figure out what/if anything is wrong with me. (Also, yesterday I hit 10lbs -almost 11 actually!-- of weight lost which was some consolation for the bad day!) Tomorrow I'm going to see a ma__sage therapist and my naturopath for acupuncture and I'm going to try to figure out how to change my att_tude and de-stress as much as possible. CAROLE, I'm hoping the treatments do the trick for you... definitely keep us posted and email me all you want (I haven't checked email in a couple of days, but I'll check tomorrow.) BROOKE - I can't believe it's so close! I'd write more to y'all but I need to go lay down. Hugs and good thoughts to everyone here...


meg r - May 18

Hey girls!!!! So sorry that it has been so long!! Things are going great at 22 weeks and counting. We found out that our little baby is a GIRL!!!!! She looks great and I have been super tired!! I have to start progesterone shots weekly to help decrease my risk for preterm labor, since I had it with my son. HAppy Mothers Day to all of you mommies and mommies-to-be. Glad to see all is well. Take care and miss you all!!!


Carla - May 19

TGIF!!! Im 25 weeks today. I had a pre-natal visit yesterday and took my glucose test. It wasnt bad at all, i got a red drink and it tasted exactly like hawaian punch. I get my results this afternoon. Baby's hb is great and im mesuring perfectly. As soon as the dr put the doppler on my belly the baby kicked it off the spot he put it lol It was really funny. My blood pressure is still elevated and i saw a different dr this time and he seemed more concerned than the rest of them. However after laying down on my side for 10 min my bp went down to a normal reading, so that made him happy (me too) So we are thinking i may have white coat hypertension, which is where my bp would be high only in the dr's office. So they want to see me again in 2 weeks. He said if it becomes a problem the first thing they would do is take me out of work. Since my pressure went down after relaxing for 10 mins i dont think i will have an issue. But i will do what i have too. I am feeling great though and my little man is busy busy busy lol MEG-Congrats to u!!!!!!!! So happy for you!!! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and im sorry i didnt reply to all of you, i will if i get a chance later. HUGS to you all! xoxoxo


Alison - May 20

Hya (22.3wks) My baby's movements are definately getting stronger! Definate, strong kicks, pokes and prods :-) It's very exciting and DH loves being able to feel them too! It's so amazing! I had my 22wk antenatal app. this wk & all is well-got to listen to the heartbeat which we just love! Only thing was my blood pressure is a little low-not a concern midwife said but I've to get up slowly to avoid getting dizzy she says. She said I've put on a bit more weight than she'd like but I think that's alot due to my recent craving for slices upon slices of toast! (hardly ate any bread previously) Though the ice cream I've also been craving probably hasn't helped either! ;-) Anyway all is well with baby - yay! :-D Next app. is at 28 wks & from then on will be every 2 wks! BROOKE wow only 8 weeks left how exciting! :-) And it's great that Addisyn is a good size-she is nice and healthy bless her! AWwww it's really not long until you can hold and cuddle her isn't it wonderful ((hugs)) CAROLE glad Disney was fun-bet Campbell loved it! And what a good girl doing so well with all the travelling etc! I am hoping very much that this month, with the provera then the US scans and hormone injections and insemination will result in that BFP for you. Will you be ok giving yourself shots? I am really hoping and praying Carole that you get pregnant this month please keep us up to date we're all rooting for you ((hugs)) xxx VAL I am so sorry about your back :-( How are you feeling now? Is it very sore? That's good your DH's sperm test cam back ok - hopefully your tests also will be ok and you will get the BFP very soon. Well done on the weight loss that's great! :-D Hope the ma__sage & acupuncture will help you relax and de-stress and make you feel a little pampered. MEG yay on finding out baby's s_x that is lovely! A baby girl awwww! :-) Can't remember did you have name choices? Do you have to give yourself the progesterone shots or do you go in to get them each week? I am so pleased for you yay!!! CARLA glad the glucose test went ok - I will have mine at my 28wk app. I hope my drink tastes like Hawaian punch too! :-) Glad all is well with baby - and how funny kicking the doppler off your tummy lol! I'm sure your blood pressure will be ok - as you say it went down after lying down for a bit :-) Well only a few posts since I was last on it's been quiet-hope everyone is ok. I am able to post more just now as am doing some work on my DH's company's website in the afternoons after work so have a laptop home for doing that :-) Anyway love to everyone - I am doing well just get very tired as the day goes on, but loving the stronger movements and seeing how big my bump is getting! ;-) Love Alison xxx


Carla - May 21

Hi everyone, just a quick post. I pa__sed my glucose test YAY! So one less thing i have to worry about. ALISON- So glad your little ones movements are getting stronger, Its so amazing! I just sit down sometimes and watch my belly move around, sometimes it looks as if hes trying to poke his way out lol. VAL- Congrats on the weight loss!!!! Im so sorry about you back, I hope you are feeling better by now. HUGS. CAROLE- Glad your busy time is over and everything went great and now is the time for you!! I wish you all the best and hope you get your bfp very soon! Oh yea and my due date is sept 1st. KIM- How r u? BROOKE- Glad your doing well and your getting so close! My baby shower is June 17th and i cant wait!! Its going to be a big one lol How exciting you are having 3 different showers!! Well to everyone i missed ....Hello i hope everyone is doing well. xoxoxoxoo


Kylie - May 22

Hi everyone, Just a quick hello and to let you al know I felt my first proper kick last night. I felt it from the outside with my hand and it was amazing! Sadly I was home alone so dh missed it. Today I have just had light litle thuds down lower and can't feel it with my hand but it is awesome to feel bub moving around. My scan is on Wednesday and we'll find out if it is a he or she. Both my co-workers had their babies on the weekend. Both girls, Emmalyn Charlotte and Claire Patricia. Both are very cute and I am so so clucky. xx


Alison - May 23

Wow Kylie that is so great about the kicks isn't it wonderful! :-) Sorry your DH wasn't there for the first time but it's only going to get stronger from here on! I love it so much-around 5.15am today baby was playing and every time I gently prodded my tummy he/she prodded me back! :-) It's the most amazing thing to feel them more strongly isn't it! I am so pleased for you yay! :-) Enjoy! xxx Oh yeah also all the best for tomorrow so excting that you will find out if bubs is a he or a she! :-) xxx


Kim L - May 23

Hey girls! Sorry it's been so long so I've given an update. I just keep losing time it seems! I am 20w 5d and doing great. Bubs is growing by the day and feeling those kicks and rolling about more frequently. DH and I could see my tummy jump on the big kicks last night. It is so neat! I have my ultrasound tomorrow morning and I just can't wait to get another peek!!!! ROXY: so you would be 25 weeks today, yes? That's wonderful!!! I'm so glad to hear it but so sorry that you're so uncomfortable. I am also feeling uncomfortable - at night, sitting down, etc. Pregnancy is a total body experience, that's for sure! HOw are your flowers all doing? I think you are going to be planting this weekend, that will be so much fun! Hope your cottage trip is wonderful and that you will get some much needed R&R. JUSTME: my email address is [email protected] Can't wait to see your pics! I think I might be with you in that I just don't think belly b___ton is going to pop out. It was so deep to begin with, but it's flattened out so much! I hope that your VBAC works out. I can totally understand you wanting to do it that way, especially if you'd like to keep having children after this one! Good luck to you - how far along are you now? KYLIE: Hi there! It is so wonderful that you are feeling kicks and thuds and tomorrow you're finding out who is responsible for those!!!! ;-) That is so exciting, I can't wait to hear. CARLA: Your pic of the three of you is adorable - pregnancy suits you very well! So glad all is well and that the glucose test wasn't TOO bad. I hope that bp stays well under control - make sure you are taking some time to be good to yourself and relax! Sounds like your shower is coming up soon, it will be so much fun I'm sure!!!! SHERIE: So good to hear from you but my goodness - don't hurt yourself any more than absolutely necessary! That carpal tunnel is terrible. I'm so glad you got so many great gifts and had a blast at your shower! How did your job interview go? ALISON: hello dear! My second scar for my laparoscopy is actually down low below my hair line (tmi but hey, who are we kidding here). I think they each have a different preference for the second incision! I'm glad yours is healing well but I know how itchy and uncomfortable it is! It is wonderful that your baby is moving around so much and letting you know that he's awake and kicking! I'm excited for you that you'll get appointments every 2 weeks after your 28th week. It will be great to get to hear your little one so often! BROOKE: Addisyn is adorable! I loved those pictures, they are just too sweet. Can you believe you're almost done!?!?!? AH!!!! She will be here before you know it. All the baby showers sound so exciting, I can't wait to have mine. Hope you get lots of great stuff!!!! ;-) CAROLE: Hey you! I'm so glad to hear about your vacation and that now you are out and about in your yard enjoying the flowers and the sunshine. So this is a big month for you - and your nervousness and also excitement sound really normal. What day are you on? I am praying for the VERY BEST for you. Hang in there - I'll email soon. VAL: I'm so glad to hear that all checked out well with DH's sperm test. At least we can eliminate that one problem and move on to finding the solution! I have heard so many good things about acupuncture, and I hope it will help reduce the level of stress you're under. I'm so sorry to hear about your back injury, how painful. Are you recuperating okay? AND CONGRATS on your weight loss! How wonderful! MEG: I'm so thrilled to hear that you're having a little girl, congratulations! You are on track and in the second half of pregnancy - it's not going to be too much longer now! Hope your shots that you have to take are tolerable although that sounds like no fun to me. Hang in there! Gotta go all, but have a wonderful afternoon. xxoo


Roxy - May 23

Hi everyone. 25w today, due September 5th. I am totally exhaused from the long weekend we just had. It feels like I get no rest on at the cottage. There is so much to do plus this was the first visit of the season and we had many leaves to rake and stuff to get ready for the year. I did get to ride in our new boat, I just love it and it is much more comfortable than out other boat and has more room too. We did get some fishing in but I never had any luck. Oh well, I guess I have all summer to try. My poor little Sarah was fishing (with those little Barbie rods, no hook) and dropped her rod in the lake. She was so upset so grandpa said he would buy her a new one. She got that as a birthday gift on May 3rd and this was the first time she got to use it. Oh, and her little Dora ballcap that she got for her birthday flew in the lake but fortunately we did retrieve that. Very traumatic weekend for the little one. I had quite the experience as well. We were just walking around in the water while my dh was loading the boat and when we were heading back to the cabin I noticed something on my leg. There was a yucky leach, ugh I have never in my life seen one and I hope to never again. I just started screaming and calling Dan to help me. The poor guy thought I was dying or something. He is my hero because he got it off my with no damage LOL. Alison it is funny that you say you want toast all the time. I am the same way now, before I never wanted toast. It just tastes so good to me lately. That's wonderful that you and dh can enjoy the babies movements now. It just seems to make everything more real for the daddy I think. I have a question: do any of you have pain on the inside of your upper legs. Mine have been achy for a few weeks now and it seems to be getting worse. It happens when I am walking or standing too long. Honestly, I know I have done nothing but complain this pregnancy. My moods are just terrible, you guys are lucky you don't have to talk to me every day. LOL Kim I can't wait to hear about the ultrasound. They are always so much fun, send pictures if you get some. I have my next appointment on June 6th so I will probably have that yucky glucose test shortly after that. Brooke and Sherie you are so close now. I hope everything goes smoothly for you. Crisy you must be pretty close as well. Tanya, how are things with you? We haven't heard from you in a while. Carla, what a lovely picture, you look so good. I am jealous, I know my face is a little puffier than before. Oh well, baby is doing great and is always kicking. I don't know when he sleeps because there is always movement in there. Val and Carole, I am still rooting for your bfp. I can't imagine the heartache you are feeling and I am so sorry you are having such a hard time. I feel so truly blessed (even though I complain constantly, I know I am very lucky). Sorry for who every I missed. I have to get back to work and my mind is all over the place. Have a wonderful day!


justme100 - May 23

Hi All! Hi Kim L. I am going to send the us pics. along how was yours today ? Finding out the s_x ? I am 22wks. I never really feel any kicks. I didn't last time either. I am hoping I can do a vbac... I will know more after Friday. Maybe I am just oblivious. Hi Carla and Allison glad to hear everything is well. Cheers,


Nicole1 - May 24

Hey Ladies sorry I have been MIA. Just figuring out how to be a MOM. Campbell will be 5 weeks on Thur and time is flying. He smiled at me on Sat...it was the cutiest thing ever. He is very uptight and demanding baby....type A all the way. KIM you said somehting that I remember everytime I am up at night and want to go back to bed. I think it was you that said you can't wait to bond with your baby at night. So I have started to try and view the night feedings different and it really does help get through the night. I try and bond with him rather than just feed him and go back to bed. I hope everyone is doing well. We should have more babies soon. Sorry I don't have time to read everyone posts but I will try and catch up soon.


Kim L - May 24

Hey justme: I got your ultrasound pics and they are adorable! Can you believe the level of detail?!?! WOW! Thanks for sending. good luck on Friday, let us know what they tell you. NICOLE: I am so happy to hear from you and that your little man is growing and smiling. That is so precious! That is excellent about your nighttime feedings - I think it's probably something that feels easier said than done, especially at the beginning when you must be so exhausted, but I feel so encouraged to hear that it's working for you. Thanks for telling us - I will DEFINITELY try to employ that strategy with nighttime feedings! It's so nice to have a resident mom around to give us a peek into what we can expect...is Campbell's tummy doing any better recently????


Carla - May 25

Hi girls, I just wanted to post quick and wish you all a wonderful memorial day weekend. Today is my last day at work till tuesday so i wont be able to post. I will be 26 weeks on friday and Im also going to get highlights done, im so excited, as i really need it lol. I have been actually feeling quesy here n there for the past few days and sometimes i think its nausea and sometimes just indegestion, i have no idea, you think i would be able to tell by now. My dr gave me my vitamins but with an extra capsule of dha and i took it for 3 nights then had to stop taking it because i felt i was going to vomit any second from the dha capsule and i couldnt sleep because i take it at night so thats when i really felt the side effects. I called the dr and they told me to stop taking the dha capsule so i did and i definilty feel better but here n there i am still feeling nauseas so i wonder if its not out of my system yet....who knows lol KIM- How was your sono??? KYLIE- How was your sono?? Are you having a boy or girl?? ROXY- So nice to hear from you and glad your doing well! To Everyone i missed i am sorry and hope you all have a great weekend HUGS


Kim L - May 25

Hey girls! Sono was great - my little bubs is a thumbsucker! She said it was a good thing we didn't want to know the s_x, as they wouldn't have been able to tell. He (using generically) was laying on his tummy the entire time with his little rump sticking up and knees tucked underneath. So cute. The tech said he weighs about a pound and everything looks right on target! How much FUN that was to see! I will send out my ultrasound pics to all this morning. :-) CARLA enjoy your time off! Enjoy those highlights (I can't tell you how much better I've felt since I got them myself) and take care of yourself. Hope that icky queasiness pa__ses soon. Talk to you all later!! xxoo


Nicole1 - May 25

Last night was hard remembering that we are trying to bond......when he woke me up every 1 and a half. Sometimes I sit in silence looking at him and rocking..it makes the nights easier. Two books I would read before you have your babies. THe Happiest Baby on the Block and the Baby Whisperer. I wish I had read more when I had the chance. It seems like I read so much on what to expect while pregnant that I was not prepared when he came. I have been around many babies...I am one of 6 kids and have 12 neices and nephews but it is very different when you can't give him back to his mom and you are the one that needs to put him to sleep or calm him down.



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