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Brooke - October 1

I started a new thread. This is continued from the previous thread of GOING FOR JUNE/JULY BABIES. Welcome to new ladies and a big hug to everyone else. This is such a wonderful group of ladies. I hope everyone that visits this site feels as good as I do after talking to these ladies.


crisy - October 1

Hi Brooke and Alison. Ok so my husband is out for his friend's bachelor's party tonight. It's 8h45 p.m. here in Canada. I decided to sneak into his laptop computer because he has wireless internet connection. I think I'm addicted to this site. Alison, I am so happy to hear from you. You are such a sweet person. Thank you for your kind words. You are always in my thoughts and prayers. This month will be the lucky one for you. I am convinced. Brooke, I am so sorry that you have cramps. I hate the ugly af. I hope so much that you will be pregnant too this month. If you girls lived near we could have had a junkfood party tonight. I am so bored without my hubby and my b___bs are in so much pain. I had a PMS crisis when I got home from work. I miss my little angel so much. I would have been 7 months tomorrow. As my due date approaches it's more and more difficult. I think that I will make myself a nice cup of hot chocholate like Alison did. It will surely make me feel better. I wish I had some ice cream too but there's none in he fridge and I don't feel like going out to get some. Ok lovely ladies I'll get going to my hot chocholate. Talk to you soon. Hugs and kisses. XXXXX


Kylie - October 1

Great idea Brooke the other thread was getting sooo long. I'm feeling sicky at the moment and my b___st are constantly aching and sore i'm hoping this is a good sign. TRACEY hope your holiday is awesome, plenty of baby making time. Your are all such a lovely group of ladies. I have had such a tough time finding people to talk to but you have all helped just by me reading your posts thank you from the bottom of my heart. If anyone ever wants a holiday in Australia you'll always have a place to stay.


Karoline - October 1

Hi everyone. Alison - Thank You so much for the kind words. I believe you will also go on to have healthy pregnancies. You have the condition where you will need aspirin, right? Well, I heard of someone that had 3 m/c's and once she found out about this condition, she went on to have 3 healthy children and never m/c'ed again. I once had a + lupus test so I got that test done and it ended up negative. (My lupus scare ended up being negative as well) That is why I knew about this condition. Crisy - my husband didn't show much emotion either and that ended up making me more frustrated b/c I thought I was the only one that cared about my baby. When I got upset with him, he said he was trying to be strong for the both of us. Men deal with things so differently... I believe him now. Speaking of the him...he just came down...I think he wants to do some baby dancing! BYYYYYYYYYE...


Brooke - October 2

Crisy - What cd are you on again? I can't remember. If I remember right, you are with me around cd4. I am at work right now. I feel all alone on this site when I am at work since all of you work during the day. When I am off I check the site a few times a day and there are always new replies and now everyone is asleep. Oh well. I will talk to you all tomorrow I guess.


Q - October 2

Crisy, I am addicted to this site too. It is so relieving for me to find this forum with women who have the same worries and hopes as me. No one I know in my personal life really has a clear understanding, with the exception of my partner. He has been absolutely wonderful, I don't even know how to describe it. Alison, you are simply a wonderful person and I hope you know it. I hope we all have healthy babies in the near future!


Alison - October 2

Hi Crisy like you I am on DH's laptop do have another chance to post! Yes a junkfood night sounds good right now! Don't know why but I'm so tired just now-had a nap this afternoon and think I'll lie down again in a bit and have a snooze! The hot chocolate was lovely-it wasn't ice cream though it was fresh whipped cream-I love cream! There's some left so might make some up a bit later. Kind of warm & comforting :) Sorry you're feeling yuck-the due dates are always hard I totally sympathise :( I'll be thinking of you and sending you ((hugs)) Kylie feeling sicky & achey b___sts is a good sign! During my last pregnancy my b___sts ached on & off and were very tingly at times too which is a funny sensation! Wow I'd love to see Australia, also New Zealand. Maybe one day when we save up! Karoline thank you-no I don't have the blood clotting condition. Like you I had a + lupus test (only slightly +) then a - one. Just to rea__sure me the specialist did a third test which too was - so I felt better after 2 negatives. The specialist said to take the baby Aspirin just to help my blood along and said even if it didn't make any difference it wouldn't hurt either so as instructed I am taking them! We have had various tests including genetic Karyotyping and no cause has been determined for the losses. But as the specialist said there is still alot unknown about recurrent miscarriage-and he said even after 3 it could still just be "very unfortunate"a and he says he still has good hope for us. I pray he's right. It's good your Dh told you how he felt so you knew he did care but was just being a guy trying to be strong as they do -bless him. Hope the BDing was fun and productive lol! Brooke I tend to find when I post it is a different time to alot of the girls here unless it's the weekend where it may be more similar depending what time of day I post. As I type this it's 5.40pm here in Scotland. Sending you ((hugs)) as you sound a little down-bless you. Q aww you are so sweet thank you *blush*! I agree it is good to share here-like you other than my wonderful Dh (he is very special) no one else around me "gets" the situation or what I am going through/have been through. Friends try to help which is lovely bless them, but they all have beautiful children and can't really understand the experience of going through miscarriage after miscarriage-however I believe like all the lovely ladies here my Dh & I will be blessed. I just have to keep hoping and trusting it will happen. BDing has started this month so who knows-our miracle baby may be conceived very soon :) May be all be blessed soon! Wow nice short reply compared with usual loL! I bet by the time I get a chance to post again it will be a million messages long! Take care all & have a good week xxx


Shae-lynn - October 2

Hi girls - good idea starting yet another new post - may this be the last one for all of us!!! Just wanted to say that I finally got 2 similar lines on my OPK and I am going to bd like there's no tomorrow! I know I shouldn't get myself so worked up but...here's goes!


Val - October 2

hi gals! It's a rainy, windy day here in Oregon and dh and I are getting ready to snuggle and watch a movie. I love getting the wood stove going again! My parents are fine...thanks to everyone who asked! The wildfire is nearly contained. The diet that the Chinese doctor gave me is pretty interesting... I think the basic idea behind it is to consume foods that don't require a lot of energy for your body to process or to heat up. Everything is supposed to be cooked, so salad is not on the "approved" list. Neither are most fruits, I guess because of the sugars. Starches and dairy products are also to be avoided, as are obvious things such as caffeine, soda, alcohol, etc. You can have red meat, eggs, poultry (post-ovulation - not sure why!), goat's milk, b___ter, spelt, rice and soy flours,broccoli, kale, etc. I've actually decided that I like spelt products, which is good. I was trying to follow some of the the guidelines, but it mostly went out the window when I got af. I just realized last night that I have a friend who practices Chinese medicine in Portland so I think I'm going to contact her to follow up and get some clarification about what the San Francisco doctor told me. Some of it seems sort of contradictory and not very intuitive, so I'd like more advice. This is a link for a PBC doc_mentary highlighting the doctor I saw in SF: http://healingquest.tv/AcupntFertTrans.html. This link: http://www.amfoundation.org/tcm.htm also has some good info about Chinese medicine. Hugs to all... :-)


Kylie - October 2

Alison my specialist told me too that they could find no reason for both of my m/c's happening put it down to bad luck and won't do further testing until it happens again, which for us isn't very rea__suring i don't want it to happen ever again. i'm on cd 24 and am hoping that the symptoms i am feeling aren't in my head. Wishful thinking can conjure up anything I guess worse part is i'm on holidays for this week so time will go ven slower because i'm at home all week. Hugs to you all. I guess I'm a little addicted to reading everyones posts as well


Q - October 2

Well, I am full of disappointment tonight. I took another pregnancy test this morning (after getting a faint positive two days ago) and it was totally negative. I am feeling sad and even though we weren't trying, I just don't understand why I would get a faint positive, then a negative. I'm not sure if I should go to the doctor or just wait and see what happens. Anyways, thanks for listening.


crisy - October 3

Good morning lovely ladies. How is everybody. I hope you all had a nice week-end. Here in Montreal it's a beautiful sunny day. Dh is on vacation for the next two weeks. He was so sweet this morning making me breakfast! Q, i am so sorry for your BFN. What cd day are you on? I am also confused about my HPT. I got BFN too yesterday. I'm on cd 30. I'll be testing again on Wednesday and if it's still negative I'll wait one week before testing again (if I don't get my af). Yesterday I had pregnancy symptoms like tingly sore b___sts (it was coming and going). I still have that today. My hubby said that they also got bigger (I'm so sorry for the details). I also have back pain and ovarian pain. We will see what happens. I guess I'm in a more positive mood today (Maybe because it's nice outside). I wish everybody a nice day. Talk to you soon. Lots of love. XXXXX


Rose - October 3

Hello I am new to this site. I am on cd 20 and I want to be pregnant so bad. I only have about three periods a year. This cycle was my first one since my mc. I had that on July 22. I normally don't ovulate on my own so we will see if I did this time. I have never gotton a + opk. They are always negitive so I never know if I should be bding. We are just on the every other day schedule. If anyone has any suggestions I am willing to try almost anything.


Kim - October 3

Brooke: WOO HOO! You read my mind totally! Thanks for starting this continuation...CRISY: I'm trying not to get my hopes up while reading your posts but I've got to tell you - NO AF STILL? YESSSSSSSS!!!! I hope that means what I think it means! Just hang in there...I'm so nervous and anxius for you and I can't wait to hear of your bfp. I've got all my fingers and toes crossed...KYLIE: So it sounds like you are on cd 24 today...I'm so glad you're feeling some symptoms and hope that you and Crisy will both have good news for us in the next few days! When do you plan to test? KAROLINE: WOO HOO! You get to bd-ing, we'll stay tuned...that was sooooo funny! May you be completely sucessful this month! What cd are you on now? BROOKER: I feel so sad that you are usually awake when everyone else is sleeping! You are our little night owl for sure. :-) How are you feeling today hon? Sounds like you are on cd 25 and possibly getting close to testing? Can't wait! Q: Hello! I am so glad you have joined this group, but so sorry for the personal heartbreak and loss you have been through. I hope that you will find the support and encouragement here that I have. It's priceless! Let me just say that I know EXACTLY how you feel. I got two faint positives last month, got all excited and confident, and then blaringly negative pg tests followed by af. I don't understand it either, except that it was possible the tests I was taking were expired (they were like, 2 years old, I found them in a drawer in my bas____nt). Even my dh saw the positive line, so I know I wasn't hallucinating. Or else we both were! I would say that until you get your for sure af, there is still hope. If it would help relieve your anxiety, maybe you should just pop in to your doctor and tell him/her that you got a positive test followed by a negative and feel confused. A blood test would put an end to the anxiety at least. I know it's all so confusing and frustrating, I'm sad that you're going through that. Please let us know what you find out...SHAE LYN: Whooppeee! Happy day to you and your +opk! I pray this will be a succesful month for you (and us all!) July is not such a terrible time to be expecting a little one, is it? Warm weather for long walks, swimming pools, and BBQ on the grill...sounds like heaven. I already figured that if I conceive this month I will be due July 1...Come on my little July baby! I am totally dreaming of it for you...and for you too ALISON! I am thinking about you and hoping your bding is fun and productive! Keep up the hot chocolate consumption - it is getting to be the kind of weather here where hot chocolate is the perfect remedy for a cool windy evening! Mmmmm how fun it will be to be pregnant in the winter months! VAL: I hope you have lots of great luck with Chinese medicine and diet. Good for you putting in the effort! How was your romantic snuggly movie night with your dh? That sounds like a picturesque Oregon evening! Hi ROSE: So glad you joined us, that is sooooo wonderful! I am so sorry about your frustrating experience of not only m/c but then having irregular cycles, which only makes it more complicated. You asked about suggestions - might I recommend picking up the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility (pause for laughter from the other ladies on this site who know me) by Toni Weschler? It is a great resource book that will teach you much about your own body and cycle, and help you get the most out of each one. She does address irregular cycles and how to best maximize your chances of pregnancy. Other women here have used it to, I know. It is wonderful. Also, have you talked with your doctor about using some kind of meds that may help regulate your ovulation? I think some of the women here have had pretty good luck with Clomid in the short term...I am thinking about you and hoping for your success this month. In the meantime, I'm sure you can't go wrong with the every other day schedule. Good for you!


Kim - October 3

By the way! Forgot to ask this: I am now on cd 10 but have been having only brown spotting for the last three days following up my period. I've never had quite so much of it before. I suppose it's normal and fine, but wondered has anybody else experienced lots of that at the end of their cycle? I'm just treating it as "spotting" and not really af. I am starting to get myself ready for a fun week of baby making!


Kim - October 3

Duh! I meant has anyone else experienced lots of brown spotting at the end of AF not at the end of their cycle...hello Monday.


Brooke - October 3

Crisy - sorry for the BFN. Maybe it is taking a while to convert to positive. I hate that preg symptoms and af symptoms are similar. It gets very confusing. Q - Sorry for your BFN also. Maybe it is too early yet to test. When did you m/c? I can't remember. Val - that diet sounds horrible. I don't think I could follow it. I like my junk food too much. More power to you for trying it. It almost sounds like a low carb diet. Kylie - when are you going test? I am hoping for the best!! Kim - actually I am on cd 6. AF showed up Wed. afternoon. It begain as 3 days of very scant spotting, then this weekend was full b__wn af. It is still heavy, but getting lighter by the day. Hopefully this month is my month. I am off tonight so I will be able to check back while you all are posting today. I work a few nights a week, so my schedule is all out of wack usually. I always have a few days of brown spotting at the end of af. Af usually lasts a week to week and a half for me by the time I spot in the beginning the spot for a few days in the end until it is all gone. I hate that it takes so long. My dh hates it more though. Tracy - if you are checking in, I hope your vacation is going well and it is sunny and beautiful weather for you!! Have a great time. This may be your last vacation as a childless couple (unless you have someone to babysit next time)!!!!



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