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Brooke - October 3

Crisy - sorry for the BFN. Maybe it is taking a while to convert to positive. I hate that preg symptoms and af symptoms are similar. It gets very confusing. Q - Sorry for your BFN also. Maybe it is too early yet to test. When did you m/c? I can't remember. Val - that diet sounds horrible. I don't think I could follow it. I like my junk food too much. More power to you for trying it. It almost sounds like a low carb diet. Kylie - when are you going test? I am hoping for the best!! Kim - actually I am on cd 6. AF showed up Wed. afternoon. It begain as 3 days of very scant spotting, then this weekend was full b__wn af. It is still heavy, but getting lighter by the day. Hopefully this month is my month. I am off tonight so I will be able to check back while you all are posting today. I work a few nights a week, so my schedule is all out of wack usually. I always have a few days of brown spotting at the end of af. Af usually lasts a week to week and a half for me by the time I spot in the beginning the spot for a few days in the end until it is all gone. I hate that it takes so long. My dh hates it more though. Tracy - if you are checking in, I hope your vacation is going well and it is sunny and beautiful weather for you!! Have a great time. This may be your last vacation as a childless couple (unless you have someone to babysit next time)!!!!


Karoline - October 3

Kim - I am on cd 10 as well. Actually, I had a lot of the brownish stuff after af for my last cycles. This was my first without the brown stuff. I felt like my periods were lasting forever (I guess just like you..on cd 10 w/ still brown stuff). Sorry to be gross. This was my 4th period after my m/c as well and 2nd month ttc. I don't know if the 1st counts b/c I was away from my husband for 2 weeks during what was probably the most important time. I am going to try the opk's for the 1st time this month, I guess I will start them tomorrow. I hope we will all be able to share good news this month. Alison, I am sorry I was under the wrong impression...I thought that you had written that before.


Kim - October 3

Hi Karoline! I had forgotten that we are on the same cd...and I think maybe Mrs. Halvie is with us too? Not exactly sure, it gets so hard to keep up! I'm glad to hear that is pretty normal. It's not like I've never had the brown stuff before...just seems that since my m/c it is hanging around a lot longer and it's driving me nuts! This was my third af since m/c, so I'm hoping maybe by 4th it will be totally normal again (although what I'm REALLLY hoping is that there IS no 4th!!!!) Good luck to you with opk, I hope it works perfectly! Brooke - sorry I got your days wrong! Apparently you can add delusional to my growing list of dysfunctions. :-) I hope this month is your month too!


Kristin - October 3

Hi to all you wonderful ladies!! Hated not having access to email at my training today..but I guess it wouldn't be much of a training then, huh?! Q-sorry about the confusing tests...could it have been left over hormones from your miscarriage? Glad you're here! Brooke: sorry about af and your cramps, even though we may not be on at the same time...we're thinking about you!!! Crisy: sorry about the bfn..but no af still?? you hear all the time about women who are pregnant and it doesn't show up on hpt so you still have such a good chance!!! It is so hard to think about how far along we each should have been...if I could just make that part go away...:) Glad you indulged in some comfort hot chocolate! Kylie: your symptoms sound soo good-I'm getting excited for you! my husband and I had our honeymoon in Australia and just absolutely loved it!!!! Alison: I'm amazed at how great computers bring people from all parts of the world together!! Good luck with the bding-I really admire your strength after all you have been through! Shae-lynn: yeah on the +opk-now get busy!!!!!:) Val: I'm so glad your parents are okay! How scary for all of you!!!! Kim: ditto what everyone said about brown spotting..perfectly normal and okay..I get some before af..my doctor just said it was "old blood" sorry that sounded gross..:) Karoline: good luck with the opk this month-you're right on track to start now! Well I'm still holding out hope. I'm 8dpo..I had some cramping over the weekend but today it seems to have stopped and just some ovulatory pain. I have been real tired and hungry...I'm sure all made up in my head and af will arrive any day but I'm trying to stay positive either way. I actually stopped taking my temp Friday as it was stressing me out. My temps this cycle have been much lower than past cycles...staying above coverline but staying around 98degrees instead of high 98's. I hope that doesn't mean something is wrong with my progesterone..I'm also hoping if my cramps were related to af that it holds off at least another two days so my luteal phase isn't too short. Okay,. can I find anymore problems to worry about? I really have been doing much better and more positive..I know it will be okay and know they can fix problems like progesterone levels...mine was really high when I was pregnant..oh my. Sorry for the babbling. :)


meg - October 3

Hey ladies, how are all of you doing? Q-I'm sorry to hear abour you - tests. I,too had 5 + tests with faint lines and a blood test turned out that it was negative. Don't give up hope, though. Af is not here yet, right? My fingers are crossed for you. CRISY-You never know if you are or not. With my last pregnancy, I took a HPT on CD 30 and got a BFN, then 4 days later, BFP. Don't give up hope and I am hoping you get that BFP ASAP!!! ROSE-Welcome and good luck to you . I, too, had a m/c around the same time as you. These ladies on this site are like family and give great advice. Look forward to reading more of your posts! KIM-I have been having spotting at the end of my af, as well. On cd6, yet af usually gone by now. It's weird and don't know what's going on. I hope it goes away, soon! Talk to ya all soon!!


sherie - October 3

I was in a panic when I can tell that nobody has been posting in the last thread, so I had to read through ALL of them to get to the one about starting a new one.I thought that I was left stranded, just kidding. I am so glad that we all have eachother, even when I do not post, I DO READ! Missed ya all very much and will be post to this thread now.


Q - October 3

Hey everyone, thanks Meg for telling me about your false positives - I am glad I am not just imagining it. One up side to thinking I may have been pregnant is that I think I am ready to conceive again! When I thought I might be pregnant, I was excited, not scared - even after 2 m/c's. I am going to talk to dh-to-be (getting hitched in feb) and see what he thinks. Means I might be pregnant at wedding, or have a m/c around xmas, but I can do it. ** baby dust to all**


Kylie - October 4

HI ladies it is a beautiful day here in Australia but I feel like c___p. I'm soooo tired and felt quite nauseous after lunch. My dh insisted I do a test last night, I told him not yet but he kept at me. It was negative but I am only on cd25 so there is still hope especially with how I'm feeling. Poor thing he is so keen for us to be pg everyday he asks me are u pregnant yet, do another test. He is adorable but he's not helping my wait til later theory. Crisy i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you hope you get a +ve bfn. I'll test again Saturday i think if af hasn't come.


crisy - October 4

Hi lovely ladies. Well, still no af today. Yesterday I had lots of PMS symptoms:back pain, my b___sts were extremely tender and painful and I was very sad. Today all the symptoms are gone! What is going on? I'm planning to do a HPT tomorrow a.m. as soon as I wake up. I am preparing myself for the BFN. How depressing! By the way, I am so tired of people not understanding what we are all going through. My co-workers who are nurses and are supposed to be compa__sionate don't even have a clue. Yesterday I got the comment :You're still young, you got pregnant once, stop being so stressed. I think that society wants us to shut up and suppress our emotions. I feel like screaming right now. I refuse to keep my mouth shut. I want people to know what a miscarriage does to a person. Everybody minimises this or avoids the subject as if it were a contagious disease(Sorry about my complaining but I needed to let that out). Thank you all for your kind wishes. Kylie, I have a positive feeling for you. I think that the BFP is just around the corner. Kristin, I think that I will do the temp method next month if af comes. Do you find that it works well? I'm not a very patient person but I think that I am willing to give it a shot. Sending all of you lots of baby dust. XXXXX


Kim - October 4

Hi girls! KRISTIN: Don't worry about your temps - I find that mine are usually lower than normal and I got pregnant just fine the first time! I think it's not so much the actual degree readout you get as the pattern of highs after ovulating. But hey, if it's stressing you out I say quit it! You don't need that. People get pregnant all the time without monitoring their basal body temperature and so can you! Thinking about you and hoping the next week goes soooo fast for you. Hi MEG! Okay so I'm starting to think this false positive pregnancy test thing is an epidemic. ME TOO. It is so frustrating, it's not supposed to happen! I know it's not leftover hormones for me because my miscarriage was in June and I've had three periods since. Sigh. I'm sure I screwed it up somehow and got a false readout. Anyway, thanks for your update! We are close in days...today is cd 11 for me. SHERIE: haha! So funny to ready your post. How are you? Q I sincerely hope you have a little bun in the oven when you and your finace tie the knot in feb - maybe you guys could come up with some awesome and unique way to announce it for the attenders! KYLIE: girl you're right still early. But it is so endearing to me that your dh wants you to be pregnant again so badly. Mine does the same, and I appreciate it sooo much. Can't wait to find out your results on Saturday! CRISY: Okay so what day are you on? This is looking good! I pray no af for you this month, I would be so thrilled to hear that you are expecting!!!!! I know exactly what you mean about society wanting you to shut up and not talk about the scary contagious "miscarriage" topic...it's maddening! I have to vent about it to every now and then. I would think it's especially hard for you being around health pract_tioners who should know first hand how devastating it is for parents when they lose a baby. Ugh. Try to have a better day, I'm sending you my most postive baby thoughts. :-)


Cyndi - October 4

Hey girls I just wanted to get in this I am trying to have a baby I just had my second m/c and am going to start trying right away. I m/c on September 27 and only had bleeding for 5 days and I should ovulate in a couple weeks. Well good luck to everyone Baby Dust....


Kim - October 4

Hi Cyndi: I'm so sad for your losses. But welcome to our famliy! I'm glad you made your way in here. These women have been my total support since finding out my baby was not doing so well back in June. I'm very glad your bleeding was just a few days and you can get right down to business. How are you feeling emotionally? I can imagine it is still quite fresh and raw. Good luck to you in your attempt this month, I'll be anxious for your updates!


Laura - October 4

Hi Girls, I had a miscarriage Sept 3. We are ttc right away. This site has been so helpful. Have fun trying!


Tracy - October 4

Hi Girls! I found you! Just checking in quickly between the pool and lunch and wanted to see if there were any BFP's while I've been gone. Haven't had a chance to really read what has been happening with everyone--hopefully I'll get a chance to do that tonight or tomorrow. Wanted to say that I'm thinking of you all! Turks and Caicos is lovely--the water is better here then any other island we've been too--truly amazing. I wish we were here next week while it'll be prime baby making week because it's so relaxing and romantic here. Oh well, I'll take it! I miss chatting with you guys---I'll be back soon---hugs to you all! xxxxx


Kim - October 4

Girls, I just wanted to share this with you all, as I am absolutely in tears and emotionally undone. My older sister Sarah lost her first baby in May and I lost mine in June. I have been having a dialogue with my mom today about all the baby stuff. I don't always know if I feel like she's "safe" in that she'll support me in the way I need to be. But I took a chance today and asked her, "Mom, do you think even when I get pregnant again, will you still call the baby we lost our first baby? Would you do that for me?" And this is what she wrote back: "Not only will i do it, but early in the summer i placed two angels in my garden....one is sitting on the bird bath (sarah's little one) and a sleepy little fella who is tucked under my white salvia along the path....(kimmie's little one). Love you to pieces." i just felt so blessed and overwhelmed by her response that I had to share it. I know we all run into people that just don't know how to hurt with us and not try to make us forget about our unborn babies. Some of them are even close friends and family. But every once in a while, there are people who touch your life in just the way it needs, and I hope you will all be able to take some encouragement from that. All of you women are like family to me, and I think about you all the time. xxoo


Carole - October 4

Hello Everyone!! I guess I will be 1 more newbie to add to your thread. I have been following you guys since end of Aug. when I had a m/c. You always have great advice and stories to tell and this site is the first thing I check in the morning. Kim... you just made me cry with the story about your mom. I think that shows that sometimes others feel just as deeply about our losses as we do. After that... I had to post. I had a m/c on 8/25. It was almost a missed m/c. I had no idea I could have been pregnant, just had a weird feeling one night and took a test. We see a fertility spec to help with my cycles. I have been on clomid 7 out of the last 12 months. He is not putting me back on it. I have now found out that it thins your lining.. It has been 41 days and no af. I did have lots of cm last week. Dh and I were able to bd twice. So now is the waiting game but who knows when af will come. How long does it take from fertilization to implantation? I figure I will wait until 10/15 to test. I had cm from 9/24 - 9/29. Sorry this is so long. I just wanted to let you guys know that I think you are wonderful and I am always keeping my fingers crossed for whoever is up next for testing. I hope we have some bfp's on their way!! Hope everyone has a great day. It is rainy here in VA today. It sounds like we have people from all over converging together for some much needed support. Thanks for listening! How do you get through the wait time??



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