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Brooke - October 24

This is a continued thread of GOING FOR JULY/AUGUST BABIES. I am still currently ttc and would have a July baby if I ever finally o and get a bfp in these coming weeks. In the last thread we just found out that Tracy got her BFP!!!!! There are also a couple other ladies that got bfp's this past month as well. Sherie is one of them. I can't remember who else, so sorry about that. Please start each day of posting with your cd and where you are at in your cycle such as o, tww, af, etc. This thread is full of baby dust!!!!


Chaney - October 24

Happy Monday ladies! I am currently on cd31 and still no af. I have been trying to convince myself all weekend that my nausea is not pg related and I have put off testing because I don't want to see a BFN, I would rather see AF. Tomorrow is the big test day if af doesn't come today (however, while typing this I am starting to feel af -like cramps). DH doesn't think this is our month. I hope he is wrong. Brooke, thanks for starting the new thread. I am sorry that you are so frustrated with trying to detect o. I thought a few days ago you thought you o'd, what changed your mind? Maybe you will be pleasntly suprised with a BFP soon? Tracy, Congrats. I am so happy and excited for you. I'll be praying for you and the health of this new baby. Lilu, sorry to hear about your af. However, I am so impressed how positive you are. I hope I can take that att_tude if af shows up for me this month. Allision, I am sorry about for af as well. Try to stay positive your time is coming soon. I think it is wonderfull how you always respond to everyone's post. How do you do it? Val, your sympotms sound promising. I have a feeling that this is your month as well. I am sorry about those I forgot. Everyone try to stay positive and look forward to the day you get your bfp. We all were able to get pregnant once. The odds are in our favor that we will see the BFP again. Baby dust to all.


Carole - October 24

cd 16, ttc, wating for ovulation (that was for you Alison) I think it is a great idea so everyone knows what is going on. Keep you chin up Alison, it will be our month soon. I am thinking of you. Brooke, thanks for making a new thread, it was needed. I hope you get your o soon. I know you are confused. Do you think working at nights messes you up? CRISY, I can't remember if you have o'd yet. I think you said you did. Your cycle is probably much shorter than me. I think someone else is on our cd too. TRACEY!!!!! I have been waiting all weekend for you and KIM to test. I am so excited for you, I can't stand it. I know you have done a few tests, right? I think I would use every one I had. I knew all of those prayers would come thru for us. Please give us more info as it inspires those of us who have yet to o this month. KYLIE thanks for the congrats on the weight loss. I have been doing Weight Watchers and going to the gym 5 days a week. It has just melted off of me. So having this goal helps with not stressing over getting pregnant. I am trying to get as much off as I can and be that much healthier for my next baby. What cd are you on? I love reading your posts knowing you are on the other side of the world and have such different experiences. All of us together have so much culture as we all live in different places but we have a common goal. VAL your weekend sounded awesome, is it cold there now? What are you crocheting? My grandmother use to crochet a lot. I didn't pick up the knack for it. KIMD3, I'm glad you are still checking in. I'm sorry you are so sad. Please have positive thoughts and keep coming back, we have a lot of support to offer. SHERIE, I hope you are doing well. Keep us updated as you progress. KAROLINE, Have you been to the doctore yet? Please let us know how you are? MEG, I can't remember what cd are you on and I can't flip back now as it was on the old thread. Gosh you miss so much when you don't check in for a couple of days. I have a really busy week with lots of Halloween activities for my daughter and I am throwing a Halloween party with my friend this weekend. Anyone else going to a costume party? Can't wait to see if I will "o" this week. I think the cm is picking up. I am already through my first box of opk so I am going to get the digital ones. Love you guys! I hope to hear more news today from everyone. Have a great Monday!!


Kim - October 24

Hello ladies! Sorry not much time to write just this second but wanted to let you all know that the doctors just confirmed it - I'M PREGNANT!!!!!! 4.5 weeks to be exact. :-) I won't get an ultrasound until the end of next month - UGH how will I make it? I'm hoping to hear of more and more bfps (TRACY!!!!!!! I SAW NEWS OF YOUR BFP! AND WHO CARES IF IT'S EALRY OR AN LFP???? IT'S A P NO DOUBT!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! I am so thrilled for you!) CHANEY all my best thoughts are with you for your bfp tomorrow, I can't wait to hear the results. BROOKE thanks for starting this thread, I still feel so positive for you this month. CAROLE o is fast approaching... yes! Good luck to you this next week, and keep us posted with all of your signs and symptoms! Love all you girls so much and will write more later. :-) Take good care!


Carole - October 24

OHHHHHH MYYYYYY GODDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't believe this. KIM and TRACEY, this is so wonderful, I want to sit here and cry. I know you guys are close too so I am sure this just made you that much tighter. I am so happy for you both. I am saying prayers for both of you to have happy healthy babies. Tracy, when will you go to the doctor? Kim did you test over the weekend and go to the doctor immediately? Did you guys do anything differently this month that the others? We now have 4 BFP's this month and 2 or 3 from last month. All of us will be soon. I can feel it!! This couldn't be a better start for a Monday! Please give more info later!


KimD3 - October 24

Hi everyone, KIM YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm so happy for you, and Tracy!!! Oh my gosh!!!!!!!! My thoughts and prayers are with you and your babys that you will all be healthy. Very happy for you!!!!! Take Care!!!! Great way to start the week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KimD3


Tanya - October 24

Congratulations Kim & Tracy! I was just sitting here at work thinking what a dreary rainy day it is here in Florida, when I decided to check in. I know you are both thrilled!! Kim, how awesome to get to the doctor so soon. Early confirmation is always peace of mind! Since I just joined I don't know everyone's history, but I think it's great how you all have stuck together. I haven't seen another forum like this! Carole, I'm on cd 16 too. I usually o on cd 14/15 but I haven't had the usual abundant cm this month. So Brooke, I feel your frustration. I hope I didn't miss it. DH was out of town cd 10-12 :( Do you use opks? I haven't. Maybe they're worth trying. Like Chaney said, maybe you'll be surprised with a bfp anyway.I sure hope so! Allison, I totally understand the AF torture. I think I had the worst pms att_tude ever last month! If we got pregnant before, we'll do it again. I'm glad to be a part of this group. From what I've read, ya'll are amazing! God bless!


Val - October 24

A very happy Monday! Kim and Tracy - wonderful, wonderful, wonderful! I'm so happy for both of you! Spread that dust around... I'm on cd35, 6dpo and hoping... My dh thinks my symptoms yesterday were promising but I'm trying not to get my hopes up too high. Carole- well, it's rainy but not very cold yet. I keep waiting for it to turn colder! I finished crocheting a baby blanket (for a friend) and a hat (for me?) yesterday, and started knitting a new scarf. I don't want to go back to work today!, but it was wonderful having a day off. I think it was the first day off for dh and I in 2 months. Brooke- thanks for starting the new thread. Chaney- I'm hoping that you get a good test result tomorrow. The nausea is a hopeful sign. Take care all... I'll check back in tomorrow...


crisy - October 24

Hi ladies. Kim and Tracy CONGRATULATIONS!!!! YAY, YAY, I am doing the happy dance for you girls. I needed to hear the good news!!! Brooke, I am so sorry to hear that you have a UTI. Drink +++ cranberry juice. Carole, I'm on cd17. I think that I ovulated but I'm having +++ difficulty with my cm; it's not ew. I am forcing myself to stay very positive but everything seems that it's about to crash down! I was sick the entire week-end. I could not eat much. I had so much nausea and heart burn and all my bones were hurting( probably gastro!). This weather is not helping much (it's raining again!!! I'm fed up! I need some sun!) Tomorrow it's going to be 6 months since I lost the baby and I'm really trying to be strong about it even though it seems that I'm always complaining and being depressed. I'm also worried because I have to go for another u/s for my b___st tomorrow a.m. I hope that they won't tell me that I have b___st cancer. That's all I need right now! I'm so scared. Sorry, I'm going to stop worrying and I'll put my faith in the Lord. I am sending hugs to all of you. Kim and Tracy thank you for the good news! I am so happy that you both got pregnant at the same time. It gives all of us hope and it makes my day a lot brighter. Bless you all and take care. XXXXXX P.S. Alison, I hope that you are feeling better today. Sending you hugs.


Kim - October 24

FINALLY! More time to write! OH how I love you women - thanks to all of you for your warm thoughts and your congrats. I just got back to the office - drove over to where my hubby works to give him the good news and he was shocked! I had the secretary page him and say, "AJ you've got a couple of visitors here." Hehehehe. He couldn't believe it and was so happy. Thought he might cry - I sure did! I got a lfp this morning and went right in to the doctor to get one of their pg tests. They left me sitting in this little room for about 15 minutes. i mean really - how long can it take? When she told me it was positive, I bawled. I just could not stop crying I was so happy. Anyway! Thanks again and I will still be on here every day to check in with you all - I simply could not live without this thread! ALISON: How are you doing this morning sweetie? I was thinking about you lots this weekend and hoping that you are going to have some time to rest while af is visiting. Your evening last night sounded wonderful - Friends and hot chocolate, delicious! Am so hoping this is the beginning of your next little baby. CRISY: Okay I hate to say it, but maybe EPO actually did the trick for me and Tracy this month - could it have for you too?!?!??! OH MY GOODNESS! You totally sound pregnant. Oh I just can't wait to find out! When are you testing????? SHERIE: How are you???? Hope you are feeling well and that your progest. supp. are doing the trick! When do you see the doctor next? BROOKE: I cannot believe it has been almost a year of ttc for you, I am so sorry. How frustrating. AND a UTI on top of it? UGH!!!! That just downright sucks. I am so hoping your o is just around the corner, for heaven's sakes! Just hang in there. Maybe this is the month. I so hope it is. Please keep us updated. KYLIE your puppy sounds adorable! I know it might sound silly to some, but I totally think having a little puppy to take care of got me through some dark days. It is totally therapeutic, if you are a dog lover! The beach sounds so lovely, I'm so glad you got a chance to relax! I see that you sent me an email, so I'll write back more in my email back to you. :-) MEG: Sorry you are under the weather, ick. That never helps when you're trying to focus your energies on getting pregnant! 5 dpo is one of the toughest times of the whole cycle, I can totally sympathize. It is so emotionally upsetting to keep seeing bfn over and over again, no matter how much you tell yourself you could get lucky. These darn early pg tests have never worked for me, ever. They are terrbile. They've been saying negative for the last 5 days and only gave me a shadow of a positive this morning before I went in to the doctor. I am so fed up with them! LILU Oh my goodness STILL no af???? I cannot wait for your tests to arrive! I hope so much they give you a bfp. Oh wait...I'm reading ahead that your af just started. Sorry you're not pregnant this month! :-( But I'm very happy that you can start fresh and you have such an excited att_tude about it! Good luck with temps and opk! I think this could be your lucky month too! VAL: Another 5 dpo like Meg - yuck! Hang in there, getting closer by the day...Your day off sounded so nice yesterday, hope it was relaxing for you! I also crochet, and I find it completely wonderful and relaxing. I might have to take that up again to get me through the next several weeks until I can get an u/s...KIMD3: You sweetheart. i am so sorry you had such a terrible day last Monday. Some days you just need to cry, don't you? I too have been consumed with thoughts about where I would be in my pregnancy, it is so hard to think about. I hope that this month brings you lots of good news to celebrate. NICOLE: Hello! I certainly do remember you and I'm so glad to hear that all is well so far with you in your pregnancy! Thank you so much for checking back in and letting us know how it is going. Looks like I Tracy and I are not too far behind you, I am so pleased! Keep us updated on your progress!


Alison - October 24

Hya- CD4 waiting for AF to end and trying to feel hopeful for this month for good news! BROOKE good for you starting a new thread! I hope you get that +OPK soon and then a nice big fat +++ HPT!!! CHANEY oh no not Af cramps :( still you never know cramps can happen in early pregnancy many women feel just like AF is coming when they are pregnant. Hope you get a BFP tomorrow. Thanks for your kind words to me bless you. It takes ages to reply to everyone but I feel bad if I don't! Sometimes I want to post but know there won't be time to respond to all the new messages so I leave it until I have more time! CAROLE hope ovulation comes soon for you. Thank you for your kind thoughts bless you. Wow 5 times a week to the gym I am impressed I am sooo unfit! Let us know what the digital OPKs are like-I've been tempted but am nervous of the cost incase Dh is not impressed! KIM YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYY! Congratulations and bless you and babybean that is wonderful!!!!! Oh I hope the weeks fly by so your ultrasound comes quick for you! waiting sucks doesn't it! Oh that is lovely to hear well done and bless you ((hugs)) What a cool way to tell your hubby that is so sweet! what a wonderful moment for you both! Thank you so much for thinking of me and such sweet thoughts. I am still sad but Af will be over in a few days so I will have something positive to focus on and am having faith this month will be the one that I will get a BFP and conceive a healthy little baby to hold in my arms at last! Dh is keeping me stocked up on cuddles which helps. TANYA thanks for the encouraging words and sympathy about AF. I hope you get a BFP this month. The OPKs are quite good are you going to give them a go do you think? You might not need to of course if you get that BFP this month-I hope you do! By the way it's dreary here in Scotland too-wet and very cold! VAL I am hoping for good news for you and that the symptoms are the real deal! What is the baby hat like? You'll be needing it soon I'm sure! When are you testing sorry I can't remember? CRISY oh you poor thing :o( I will pray for your b___st u/s that it will be all be clear and healthy and also for you as the 6 month mark is very sad. I am sending you ((hugs)) and totally understand what you are going through-bless your heart I really hope you get a BFP this month you deserve it so much. Well I have to go but will try and be back sometime soon to hear all the latest news-sending ((hugs)) to everyone and thanks again for such support it means so much to me just now you girls have no idea how much! ((hugs)) xxx


Alison - October 24

TRACY oh I am so sorry I totally missed your news what a silly wifie! YAYYYYYY!!! Great news! Don't worry about it being a little postive it's still early days it will get darker! WOWOWWWW! Congratiulations and bless you and babybean I am thrilled for you! It's going to be ok Tracy there is a healthy babybean growing away in there-keep telling youself that. I know waiting to tell people is hard, but you'll be ok and when you do tell you will be able to show them lovely pictures which will make it even more exciting! ((hugs)) xxx


Roxanne - October 24

Hi everyone. I am just going crazy waiting for the doctor to call. Still no results from the pelvic ultrasound or blood work. Heaven only know what cycle day I am on but it is definatly not past ovulation. I have been charting since my miscarriage (Feb) and only once have I gotten the rise in temperature. This is so frustrating. I would love to get af just so I knew where to start. WOW, so many bfp's. That is wonderful, I am so happy for all of you. It seems like every time I come to read someone has a bfp. That makes me so happy and hopeful. Congradulations!!!!!!!


sherie - October 24

Hi to all, CONGRATS Tracy, and Kim this is huge. I just went a took another progesterone level and an hcg blood test to see if my levels are rising. (I LOVE that they are keeping a close watch on me, it makes me feel more relaxed knowing that I am being monitored. Good idea to start a new thread. I should have the results at 1:00 my time so I will make sure to let you all know how my baby is. I am now having morning sickness, but I am so welcoming the sore b___bs, and the morning sickness. I feel more BFP coming this month, this has been a good BFP month. LOVE YOU All, this is my last day off, UI took whatever Vacation leave I had to relax, and get use to these supositories I am taking. How is everyone, I am now babbleing but I who cares.


sherie - October 24

I forgot to ask them to let me know when someone posts, so I had to post again to do it. LOVE YOU ALL


Lilu - October 24

(my status, cd2, ttc, af) WOW... I CANT BELIEVE ALL THE GREAT NEWS THIS MORNING! YIPEEEEEEE. CONGRATS to you Kim and Tracy. How are the other preggos doing? Chaney, I didn't get af until day 35 but I was expecting mine b/c I tested and got the BFN:( but it's okay, hopefully this will be the lucky month. I'm going to make dh bd for 2 weeks straight! already asked him if we're really really gonna try hard this month. I also bought the opk this month and a bt. But I didn't start it this morning so is it too late. I know I should temp 1st thing in the morning and just keep a record right? I will start tomorrow. Brooke, what cd are you on? You will o soon... HUGS to ya! Crisy, sorry you're down. I feel as if ttc makes me miss my daughter more. What is EPO, should I try it this month and where do I get it? Allison, cheer up sweetie... this is a start of a great month. It's fall and everything is changing so hopefully it will be our month! can't wait to read some great news. baby dust to all xoxoxo


Tracy - October 24

Okay...I've got a break in the action here at work. Phew...what a day! First, I love you guys. Thank you for your prayers and kind words. I think we're all struggling to keep up with everyone and have so much we want to say to each other! Just a little update: Took another test this morning here at work to verify my test the other day. It's a BFP this time--as opposed to the "little fp" the last time! So, I'm feeling a bit more confident in the result. I'll probably call the doctor this week and see if they want me to come in. I think it's all a bit surreal for me right now. Someone asked if I did anything different. Well, I bd'd every night for a week pretty much from day 10 to day 17. I wanted to cover all of my bases--poor dh! I told him he's hopefully off the hook now for about a year! Total mixed emotions and I think subconciously I'm preparing mentally to m/c again yet overjoyed if this time it goes smoothly. Even now, I keep expecting to see spotting every time I wipe. (I spotted pretty consistently through the entire 11 weeks I was pregnant the first time.) Anyway,CHANEY- You are so strong--waiting it out like that! DH's don't know anything so don't let him think that this may not be your month. I think we've been pretty consistent on this thread with our BFP's so please let that give you hope. CAROLE- I know you've asked for more info so that it will give you guys hope. The only thing that I can say is that for months and months I read this site and posted my frustrations and tried to be patient. In the meantime, I met people that I felt closer to then I did with my long time friends "from home". Every time people from home told me, "It'll happen", "Be patient", you know the rest, I always doubted them. I always said, in the back of my head, "I'm 35. This is easy for them to say. My time is running out and I don't have the energy to go through this much longer." Well, the only thing that gave me the hope to go forward was to hear it from you ladies because I knew you know what I was going through. I felt your support and your prayers. Trust your body and don't overa___lyze symptoms because the last few months, I could have sworn that I was pregnant and had tons of symptoms. This time when I really am pregnant...nothing. I feel totally normal--bloated a bit, but nothing else. Lean on us all here because we know what it's like and I don't think that people that haven't been through it can support you in the same way. I know I'm going to completely need my new friends here to help through the next few months and stages. VAL---what a long and patient wait you've had! CRISY- Just an FYI, I didn't have any ewcm this month either..at least I didn't think so. If I did I may have missed it so don't worry too much about that. You're in my thoughts. Please let us know how your doctors appointment goes tomorrow. Sending you hugs and prayers. KIM-As you know, I can't be happier about this and that we're pregnant at the same time. I love the announcement the secretary gave him about "some visitors"--love it! SHERIE- Where are you? Update please!! VAL/MEG- I agree with Kim. 5dpo is the hardest time! One more week until you can test...ughh...there is nothing worse.NICOLE-So glad to hear from you! Are you on another thread now? I'd love to hear how things have been going for you. ALISON- It's sounds like you have the most incredible DH--it certainly sounds like he loves you a lot and there isn't much that's better than that.xoxoxo...sending you hugs.



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