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Kylie - December 31

Hi girls here is a new thread for a new start for 2006. I've sprinkled lots of baby dust around so we'll all be lucky very soon.


Lynn - January 1

Question: Kylie, thank you for your support, I am glad that you had a great new years. It is great that you are so determined, that gives me hope. How hot does it get in Queensland? Another Alison, thank you for your story, that really gives me hope. I don't think I will need a D&C because I was only 5 weeks along, and yesterday it seemed like most of the tissue came out and right now it seem like I just have a period that is a little clotter than normal, no cramps or any thing. It just makes me question God why would he do this to me after I lost my baby Faith this year. It is hard but I have hope and I am ready to try again. Thanks for all of your support everyone, baby dust to all, I all praying for health babies in 2006


Carla - January 1

LYNN- I am so sorry you are going through this and i know it's just not fair! You will be in my prayers and i wish you lots of luck in 2006! I am glad that you are going to ttc right away...try and keep your spirits up although i know it must be hard, HUGS to you. KYLIE- WOW im so happy to hear about your bding habits!!! lol Sounds great and fool proof lots of luck to you! Im glad you started a new thread for the new year.


Patreasa - January 1

Hello Ladies...I lost my baby girl 3 days after christmas, and me and the hubby are trying again soon. I was 5 and a half months along and i went into preterm labor. she died anhour later. We are hopng to fall pg and bring the baby home with us this time around:) Good luck to all of you ladies, and let's try to stick together and pull through. Baby dust to all, and I pray we all get our wish and bring a baby home. this is OUR year!!!


Alison - January 1

Hi Ladies Kylie thanks for starting a new thread-I'm on CD19. Feeling blue as DH & I enter 2006 and look back on yet another awful year of loss (told ourselves after the miscarriages in 2004 that 2005 would be better but it just got worse!) But here's hoping and praying this year we will finally be blessed with a child in our arms-I pray all the ladies here will be. (((hugs)) to everyone-sorry for sounding glum/venting! Lynn oh goodness I am so sorry I really am it is awful that you are going through this after your still birth as well I can't say how sorry I am. Patreasa oh gosh I am so sorry to hear you lost your baby girl and so far on too-I am so so sorry. Well sorry it's a quick post again but I will catch up properly soon-lots of love to all xxx


Kylie - January 1

Hello everyone Did you all have a good new years eve. Alison you poor dear, I'm sending you more hugs you must be going through hell right now. Lynn in answer to your question the temps have been in the 40oC + lately we are having very hot and humid days.Patreasa welcome to our little family, I'm so very sorry for what you have been through and so close to Christmas! You por thing. I'm praying for abetter 2006 for you too.


Hopeful - January 1

Hi, just thought I'd join in if you don't mind. Lost our daughter in November. Want to try again as soon as poss. Waiting for my opk to be positive and we'll give it a go. Good luck to us all and here's hoping 2006 brings us more luck than 2005. xx


Lynn - January 1

Patreasa, I am so sorry for your loss. Do they know what caused the preterm labor? I am glad that you found the thread. I feel so bad for you, I hope you will bring home a baby this fall. We do all have to stick together. It gives me hope and comfort. Alison, I am sorry the last 2 years where hard for you, I am hoping and praying for you and DH that this wil lbe your year. Don't be sorry for feeling glum that is normal, and I am glasd that you are able to vent. It is good to get it out, I wish the best for you. Carla thankyou for the support and (hugs) ,(hugs) to you too. Good luck to everyone, baby dust to all


Jen01 - January 1

Hi ladies. I am starting off the new year with high hopes. This will be our first month ttc since a m/c in late Sept. I am sorry that we all have these tragedies in common, but it sure does help to have ladies like you to talk to for support. I don't think I could have made it through the last 4 months if it wasn't for this forum. Good luck to all.


Alison - January 2

KYLIE you are so sweet-how are you doing? It sounds very hot where you are-it's cold here but dry and sunny. HOPEFUL I am so sorry to hear you lost your daughter how awful-I'm so sorry. I pray you will be blessed much this year. LYNN thank you-bless you! How are you coping? Do you have lots of support around you at this time? I'm just so sorry you are going through this and am sending you ((hugs)) JEN01 here's to a year of happiness and blessing for you-I pray you will get a BFP very soon and have a healthy happy pregnancy. OTHER GIRLS looking forward to hearing from you all soon-sending lots of love as always xxx


Lilu - January 2

HAPPY NEW YEAR LADIES! Baltimore was great. Although I'm just so tired. Geez... when I go out anymore, it takes me days to recover... haha! I'm cd 12... waiting to for the big o. I'm not temping though. DH said let's just do it natural this month. No opk or temping. So let's see how it turns out. Just be more relax. LYNN... I'm so sorry this happened to you. You make me worried b/c I too add a stillbirth in August. Please let me know what the doctors said to why this could have happened. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Allison... this is a new year and I hope it brings you nothing but good! HUGS! Where's Queensland?


meg - January 2

Lynn, I'm so terribly sorry for your loss. It's just not fair!! I don't understand why this has to keep happening to us! You are in my prayers. Please take care. If you need to talk, I'm here for you. PATREASA-I'm so sorry for your loss. Welcome and you will find that we are like on big family. Good luck ttc when you are ready. ALISON-I'm so sorry that you are feeling sad. I know what you are going through b/c I was feeling that way a few days ago. I bet you will get your bfp very soon this year!! 2006 is full of optimism for me. It can't be any worse than last year. Good luck and I'm send you lots of hugs!!!!! HOPEFUL-I'm so sorry for your loss. Welcome to the group! We are all here for each other. JEN-good luck ttc this month. What cd are you on? LILU-glad to hear that you and dh had a great time in MD. You will be bding in no time!! As for me, I'm on cd 26, 4dpo and in the 2 ww. I don't think that I am pregnant this month b/c I really don't have any symptoms. It's probably a good thing b/c I have my follow up doc appt tomorrow and then fertility on 1/11. I am nervous b/c they will be doing some testing. Well, hope to hear from all of you lovely ladies soon!! Take care and hope eveyone has a great New Year!!!!!


Val - January 2

Hi ladies. First of all, LYNN, I'm so sorry you had to go through that. I'm sending hugs your way. I hope 2006 works out much better for you. ALISON, I'm sorry you're feeling down - you have been through so much... I hope this is your year also. KYLIE - you're not anywhere near those fires are you? I hope you're safe and having fun with dh! CARLA - how are you feeling? PATREASA, HOPEFUL, and JEN - I'm terribly sorry about your losses, but glad you've found our little thread. Being able to come here has really helped me through the past several months. LILU - glad you had fun in Baltimore. I think it's great that you are just trying to let it happen this month. I've thought about doing that, but am just too neurotic and stressed about the age thing! :-) MEG, we are definitely close in our cycles! I'm on cd28, 7dpo. Had a dip in my temp today after a big spike yesterday (which could have been related to not much sleep and our friend's house being hotter than I'm used to in the mornings.) Trying to remain cautiously optimistic. I get really depressed when I think about having to start yet another cycle over. I hope everyone else is having a good start to the new year. xoxo


Carla - January 2

Hi Val thanks for asking about me...I feel good, my b___bs are super sore lol they have gotten worse than a few days ago and im uriniating alot more especially at night time, thats really my only symptoms so far, Im trying to be optimistic and take it day by day and try not to think to far ahead although it is hard, I hope this is your month and you get a bfp for the start of the new year!


justme - January 2

Hi Ladies! Great optimism! Who is "O"ing soon ? I think I am on the 5th or after!


Jen01 - January 3

Meg & Alison - thanks for the well wishes. How many Alison's are there in here? I haven't really began ttc again. AF is on its way so I'll be off to a fresh start soon. I think the first month I'm gonna try the stress free way. I will still use the opk's just for my own piece of mind. I'm very nervous about this time around b/c my dr wants me to try it w/o and help. My last pregnancy, I had very low prog. She's not sure if it was that caused the m/c or vice versa. She thinks that since I got preg so quick it probably isn't a problem. Still worries me. I'd rather be safe than sorry.


Amy - January 3

Hi everyone~ It has been a few days since I have been in here. I have been kindof down. My due date is coming up. My church is having a baby dedication service that I should have been dedicating my baby too. Instead, here I am ttc. It is just not fair! I hope we all get pg soon! That would be so much fun to all be pg together after suffering such great loss. I wish youy all happy new year and baby dust!



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