Got My Period Today YEH

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Shiner081 - March 13

Well it has been 28 days today since I had my D&C and my period came today.YEH!We have been trying to conceive for the past week as the doctor said it was okay but I guess better to have a period first for due date purposes.Hopefully my period will be 28 days apart as it would be easy to tell when I will ovulate(day 14)so 2 weeks from today hopefully I will be ovulating and we will conceive and finally get pregnant and have a healthy baby after having to miscarriages(Oct/07 and Feb/07).I got pregnant after my first miscarriage after my 2nd period with irregular cycles,so hopefully it will only take one cycle this time round.My period before I miscarried was always 28 days but after the miscarriages it was 23 days for the first and 26 days for the second so maybe having a 2nd D&C regulated me back to 28days.I just pray I will become pregant soon hopefully this time round or after the next cycle and have a healthy baby as I really do not want to go through another miscarriage.3rd time better be our lucky charm.I just can not see god doing this to us again even though we have 3 healthy problem free pregnancies already .We want our 4th to complete our family and I am not near wanting to quit yet.I just wander why I am going through this now after have no trouble before.The good thing I guess is that I can get pregnant pretty quickly .The not so nice thing is that I keep losing them now.I need alot of babydust from u all and the sticky kind too and in return I give it right back to you all.I hope in I month I can come back and say I am pregnant and all is well.


1mom - March 13

Wish you the best of luck. LOTS OF BABY DUST YOUR WAY~~~~~~~


Hope21 - May 15

best of luck to you...i had my miscarriage on march 13th...and my af came back right on calander time so i thought i would try to conceive again so we got back into the swing of things once my body stopped blding i thought maybe i would get preggos after the first af but it didnt happen and now im on af #2 and tho i was disappointed i can always try again after this one since i wasnt lucky enough after or before the first af came to get a bfp so all i can really do is wait. fingers crossed for next time and best wishes to you LOTS OF STICKY BABYDUST TO YOU**** Let me know what happens k. i also just created a new thread me and briannysmummy so your welcome to check it out ..its called starting over after mc/d&c. TTYL


stefkay - May 15

Congrats and good luck Shiner!


Shiner081 - May 15

Hi all,wow this thread was written awhile back.I have had 3 periods since my last miscarriage.I should be ovulating anytime in the next few days.Taking me longer to get preggo this time.I was BBt charting and found out that my Luteal phase was short so this last period I started taking Vit B.I am on cycle day 12 today and I have alot of Raw egg mucus today and my temp. dropped also this morning.I have been ovulating on cycle day 18 the last to cyclces before and getting my period 8 days later(not good for trying to conveive) but now it loks like I may ovulate earlier,I PRAY!Gonna check out your new thread!



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