Had A Miscarriage Passing Tissue

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D - May 17

I miscarried two days ago. Seems like an eternity. I had to start a brand new job the very next day, so I have not had a chance to rest, though I sit most of the day anyway. I was 6.5 weeks when it happened, so I didn't expect much tissue passage. In the past two days, I have passed at least 4 or 5 clumps of tissue about 1-2 cm long and 0.5 cm in diameter. This is very disturbing. I hate going to the bathroom and finding bits of mine, and probably my baby's bodies coming out. It's devastating. How much tissue will I pass? How long will this last? I hate these bloody reminders that come every few hours. I am afraid to go to the bathroom now. I want it to be over.


zekat - May 17

They go away and pretty quickly. I had a natural miscarriage at six weeks along. Not only was it painful while it happened, but I did pa__s small clots for a couple of days afterward. I have small clots sometimes during my period and that's what it reminded me of. I really think it was just the endometrium lining.


Steff - May 18

If it is greyish in colour and covered in blood it is probably the placenta. That's what I was told. I am sorry for your loss.


crisy - May 18

I had a miscarriage on April 25th.I bled for 9 days. I also pa__sed a lot of clots the first 2 days. I lost the baby while I was waiting at the emergency when I went to the bathroom. The pain was horrible. How are you feeling? Make sure that you are not in to much pain. If you are dizzy, you may be anemic. Make sure you take your prenatal vitamins because they contain a good amount of iron. After I lost the baby I was very dizzy and I could't walk straight. Taking the vitamins helped me. I also had to go for an endov____al ultrasound to make sure that everything pa__sed. You should ask your doctor if you need to do an ultrasoud as well. If any pieces get left behind you might need a d&c. I am very sorry for your loss. You are very brave to go to work in your condition. My prayers are with you. Take care.


Elyse - May 18

I m/c naturally to 9 weeks ago and my last period was the worst i lost some more material and it's just a constant reminder every time you go to the toilet, i was so freaked to.Sorry for your loss D.


KJ - May 18

D, I'm so sorry. I pa__sed a very large grayish clot similar to what you described, perhaps a little larger. I too was 6 1/2 weeks but with an ectopic pregnancy. From what I understand when you see these clots/tissue this early in the pregnancy, you are seeing the placenta, not the baby. The baby is so tiny at this point, you probably would not notice it. I went trough the same thoughts as you. I couldn't bear the thought of my baby being flushed down the toilet. It's just heartbreaking. Every clot is just another reminder of the loss. This was on Friday, and I pa__ses some very small clots on Saturday, only spotting since then. I am so sorry. I know what you mean about wanting it to be over. I have been having HCG levels drawn for 4 weeks now, the latest being this morning.. my arm is so bruised.


Amy D. - May 18

I have been feeling so confused. I'm always very regular, and when I missed my period and took a hpt (First Response Early Answer), it was positive. (Due for af on May3rd, took test May4th) DH and I were not even trying, we have 2 sons, 5yo and 1yo, and I was very surprised! I took another test on May7th, because I was still in disbelief, and again it was positive, (EPT test this time) and we began to make plans. I remembered how quickly I gained weight with last pregnancy, pulled out my maternity clothes to go thru, etc. We started talking about hoping for a daughter, since we have 2 sons. Then, on May13th (Friday the 13th!) I began bleeding heavily, with cramps and backache. We just changed health insurance so did not have a new ob/gyn yet, didn't know who to call, so we went to the ER. They did a quant_tive blood test and it was 5hCG, borderline, basically not pregnant. The doctor said it was just a late period, but I'm very regular, besides I had 2 clearly positive hpt, 2 different brands, done correctly and read at the appropriate time, etc. So, I asked about that, and also, I was bleeding so heavily and it was dark with small blood clots, he didn't seem to think much of it, just said "you're not pregnant, I don't about the home hpts, but you should call an ob/gyn when you get home, and they sent us on our way. I was very upset, crying and mad. I felt like I was robbed of this baby, and I knew I was pregnant, it was just like our other pregnancies, I wasn't "imagining" anything, we weren't even attempting it now, we wanted to wait until our son was at least 2yo! We do not use birth control except for condoms during mid-cycle because I have a very regular 27-28 day cycle with ovulation between days 13-17, we've charted it for 6months prior to son #1 and again for 9 months for son#2. Sigh, so I just feel so upset with this whole situation, and robbed of the the grieving process. I did some research over the last few days, I had what they call a chemical pregnancy, a pregnancy lost so early on that it barely registers with most women. I don't know what to think, I am just very sad I guess, I feel like it was a dream.


Crisy - May 20

Hi Amy D. I am so sorry for your loss. You were indeed pregnant. My friend had the same experience like you. I know that some doctors are very insensitive and they don't care about their patients. When I miscarried and I showed the doctor the piece that I pa__sed (size of an egg) (Sorry for the details!), he just threw everything in the garbage. I felt as if I had no right to be sad or to grieve. He minimised the entire situation. The doctor told me: you just lost the baby. I felt like screaming at him. I just lost the baby and nobody cares??? After they made me wait for 3 hours in the waiting room at the emergency and I had to beg the nurse to let me lie on a bed because I was to dizzy and in to much pain to sit. You have every right to feel the way you feel and that doctor is not a real doctor for what he did to you. I feel very sad for you and I feel your pain. My heart goes out to you. Reading your story has touched me so much because it reminded me of my horrible experience at the hospital. To make things worse, I am a nurse and it hurts to see that the health professionnals don't care about their patients. The nurse who was a__signed to me was horrible. I called her twice and she did not even come to see me. My prayers are with you and I hope that you will find some comfort soon. Don't give up. God will bless you with another child. Take care.


Amy D. - May 21

To Crisy - Thank you so much for your reply! I appreciate everything you said, it has been difficult this last week, I feel so out of touch with what happened because it was all so fast, and I don't really have anyone to talk to about it. No one in our family even knew we were pregnant, and I couldn't bring myself to tell anyone what happened yet. Maybe I will eventually, but it just isn't the time for me yet. It was so frustrating to deal with the doctor in the ER, I didn't feel like he even wanted to bother with answering my questions, and maybe he didn't have the answers, but the whole situation was dealt with as if nothing of import had even happened. I understand that there are more traumatic things going in the ER, and I was no longer an "emergency", but there was no follow-up care given, he couldn't answer my questions, he was rude. To make it even more surreal, the nurse a__signed to me in triage was very pregnant. I felt dumb-founded that they would give her my chart, it was cla__sified as threatened miscarriage, I felt like what I was going through was difficult enough, to look at her and see her pregnancy was even more emotionally damaging. And I have to imagine it wasn't pleasant for her either, as a pregnant woman how must it have been to care for someone going through a miscarriage? I still feel so unsettled, and I have difficulty discussing it with my husband. I think the isolation of this situation is the worst part. I feel so "lonely" with my pain. Crisy, thank you for acknowleding me, and I want to tell you how sorry I am for you and your baby as well, I'm so glad I found this forum and have the opportunity to connect with others going through the same things.


Maureen - May 21

I appreciated the responses to D's questions. I am 9 weeks and had sonogram 5 days again showing no heartbeat. Now started bleeding. My blood levels are decreasing instead of doubling so dr. said will definitely be a miscarriage. Bleeding got heavier today so hoping this happens sooner rather than later. The info you all provided was very helpful in getting me prepared for what is ahead. Thank you all. It was generous of you.


jenn - June 5

Yesterday, I just had a miscarriage in my 11th week and the amount of clumps I pa__sed were about 5x 5cm. The pain continued for 7 hours getting worse and worse until I had to go the hospital. On the way, I pa__sed a large grey white tissue that was about 10x15 cm. I was stunned at the size. The pain subsided but I continued to bleed. The hospital staff were wonderful, doctor and a very supportive nurse ( I live in Canada maybe that makes a diffference- public healthcare). However, the whole ordeal was sad, emotionally and physically painful and exhausting. I am glad it is almsot over.


Q - June 6

Jenn - I am sorry for your loss. I actually started to m/c on Saturday as well. I would be 6 wks today. When you say it's almost over what did you mean. Did the doctor's tell you how many days it would take to pa__s naturally or did you have a D&C? I'm just wondering when it will be over. It is very hard and I am wanting to continue naturally. I haven't been to the doctors yet ... I know I need to.


Amanda - June 6

Is that what I am waiting for??? A grayish/white tissue. Is that when you know you have m/c? OMG! I have been bleeding for 5 days now (thick and syrupy with clots). I went to the ER Friday, and they found a baby (6wks) and sac, but no more heartbeat. I know exactly what you mean when you talk about the anxiety of going to the restroom, never knowing what you may see. When are we going to be able to grieve properly? I haven't actually lost anything yet b/c my baby is still with me. Sometimes I even make myself believe that I won't loose my little one. That all of this bleeding is perfectly normal. Maybe the u/s was wrong, and my baby is still alive. I am sorry. I know I am talking crazy...this is just so hard. I am just cramping constantly and so tired. I am so sorry for all of your losses. I have to believe that after all of this saddness, God must have big plans for us. You are all in my prayers. Baby Dust to All! CRISY, you continue to amaze me with your thoughtful words of comfort.


crystal - August 23

I also miss caried on sunday. I went to the er on sat.night and the did an u/s. We had seen the heartbeat and thought everything would br okay. Sunday afternoon when i finally got home from the er i had pa__sed a tissue like substance. When i saw the ob/gyn on monday he said he wasn't sure what went on because we did see the heartbeat. the did more blood tests and as of right now i am waiting to find out what is going on, meanwhile still bleeding and cramping.


Beth - August 23

Crystal, are you alright? You said that there was a heartbeat so the baby is fine, right---except that you are bleeding and cramping. I know someone who had a lot of bleeding for weeks during her pregnancy and her baby boy was born fine and healthy (he is not a baby anymore)--I hope that is the case for you too (that your baby will be healthy and stron). Try to stay off your feet and rest as much as possible & make sure to eat frequent, small & healthy meals. Let us know how it goes.


Onelove - August 12

The Doctor figured i was about 6 weeks pregnant from my first day of my last period. I went to the ER wed night with light pinkish blood only when i wiped. with slight cramps ( like period cramps). They did a ultra sound internal, and external. Took blood and did a pelvic exam. From the day ive found out i was pregnant, i have spotted brown discharge with small blood clots it seems. Today i had another blood test to see if my number has gone up or down to determine if it was a miscarriage or not. It looks like i am pa__sing tissue but its not grey.. Its redish or so.. but very small.. what could this be? i wont get results till probably monday or tues.. im freaking out :-(.. ty all who can help me any


myrrhie - February 26

It's been 10 years since I had an experience that I believe was a miscarriage. I wasn't sure until I started reading up on some of your discriptions. It started with light bleedings and crampings that I seldom experience during my periods. And because my periods are irregular, I never know when I'm having my cycles. Anyways, I remember being at work and experiencing cramping pains with pa__sing of small clots. I went to the bathroom and before I flushed, I had noticed a bigger clot with greyish tissue. It reminded me of an oyster structure surrounded in blood. I mentioned it to my co-workers how odd it was to see that, but they didn't show concerns, either. The pain and bleeding stopped immediately that day. I have never experienced a miscarriage and have 2 full term pregnancies 10 years prior. I have forgotten about the experience even though it comes back to me and makes me wonder if I did experience it. My current husband and I just celebrated our 10th year anniversary and have tried for years to conceive. In fact, we haven't used any birth control methods since we were married. Now after reading your articles, I am confident that I was pregnant with his baby, even though we didn't have the opportunity to conceive it to full term. He doesn't have any children of his own, but has accepted mine as his own.



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