Hair Loss After Miscarriage

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tiffany79 - April 3

Im just wondering if any of you experienced hair loss after your m/c? Recently my scalp has itched and my hair seems to be falling out.. not in clumps tho. I searched the internet for "miscarriage and hair loss" and actually found thats its very normal (especially after giving birth) from stress and change in hormones. Also says could be from start/stop of BCP. Well.. i stopped the pill in Nov, was on it for 10yrs. Looks like i might have a double whammy.. m/c and stop BCP! Also said that it takes about 3mo after the m/c (or whatever change that caused it) for your hair to begin to fall out/ thin and last around 6mo. Thought that was interesting. It says it wont be noticablly thin, but you will notice many strands of hair around. Im going to see a dermatoligist tomorrow..just in case! Just thought i would share..and see if anybody else has experienced this!


stefkay - April 3

I wonder too if it has anything to do with the hormones and/or prenatal vitamins? I still take my vits, but I noticed that while I was pregnant my nails grew FAST! I wonder if after pregnancy (or even b/c because there are extra hormones in your body in that case) our hair seems thinner because it goes back to "normal", just a theory...?


Cerulean - April 3

I read awhile ago that when you are pregnant you lose only 1/2 the hair that you would have normally lost before you were pregnant. And then after delivering (or miscarriage, I would imagine) you kind of play "catch up" with your hair loss but it evens out eventually. =)


tiffany79 - April 3

I did read that during pregnancy, your body creates more estrogen, which creates more hair..thicker and fuller. After you deliver your hormones drop drastically (as do in a m/c too) and that causes your hair to fall out.


CourtneyG - July 13

I had a misscarriage 4 weeks ago and a D&C 3 weeks ago today.  I have always lost a lot of hair, but now my hair seems to be coming out in handfuls.  I am starting to see bald strips and patches.  I was only 8 weeks and lost the pregnancy at 6w3d.  I was on birth control when I got pregnant (for 11 years) and havent gone back on since the miscarriage.  How long will I continue to lose hair?  I feel like I dont have any left to lose.



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