Has Anyone Gotten Preg Right After M C

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KarinaAnn - March 3

I just went thru my m/c this week had my D & C monday 2/26 and had guily dont know what to say or do s_x with my fiance after a night of drinking (which i keep telling myself stupid stupid stupid). That was on sat 3/1 which I shouldnt of even had s_x in the 1st place because my dr. told me wait 10 days. Now I am just worried of getting preg right away just from that. Ive always wanted to plan my preganancies and when I found out I was preg in Jan I was soo excited because my due date was 2 days after my bday but now I just want to wait until I am ready. I just wanted to see if it was possible for pregancy to happen right away after m/c


tdo - March 3

Karina, Anything is possible. However, it seems highly unlikely that you would get pregnant 4 days after a D&C. Usually it takes 1-4 weeks for your HCG levels to return to zero. Your body will not ovulate when you have elevated HCG leves since your body believes it is still pregnant. Don't be too hard on yourself about not waiting the 10 days. I waited one week & am wondering if I"m preggers already. good luck


KarinaAnn - March 3

Yea I guess it is thank you I've just been down and sad today


beckyttc#3 - March 3

HI KarinaAnn - I got pregnant soon after a m/c. I did wait one cycle as instructed, and was pregnant the next. My first daughter was perfectly healthy! (I now have a 2nd daughter and am 16 weeks pregnant with a third baby right now) Good luck! They say many women are more fertile right after a m/c.


KarinaAnn - March 3

Thank you soo much! I just dont know whether to try so soon again or not I miss the excitment of being preg. Im having some cramping today is that common to have after D&C a week ago?


beckett - March 3

i'm in the same boat as you Karina. I accidently got pregnant in Jan but even though it was unplanned and we weren't "ready", i was so, so excited. we both were. losing the pregnancy was the hardest thing i've ever dealt with (and i'm still dealing with it). i'm definitely get better as the days go by, but i still have bad days where i just feel so, so sad. and i don't feel like i can really connect with anyone around me, even though everyone is great, i'm still sad alone. it's especially hard because i feel like the only way i really know how to heal is by trying again, but i'm just not in the right situation, but i want it so badly. it's so hard to fight that feeling. i'm so sorry for your loss.


saddenedexpectantgrandma - March 5

Hello KarinaAnn, beckytcc#3, tdo, beckett...wanting a baby so much and losing it is horrific :( I am sorry to each of you. It's good to know that after one full cycle that for the most part women are more fertile. I've read that too , elsewhere. Some people are comforting ( as my daughter has learned) while others don't think the loss of a baby they wasn't 'born' and held cannot be as much of a loss??!! :*( beckyttc#3.. you've given what EVERY women needs to see in BOLD LETTERS... HOPE! Everyone have HOPE that after such a tragedy there comes a MIRACLE ( or several ) G-D BLESS YOU ALL! I truly feel the sadness and wish I could wipe away all of your tears. But as an almost grandma.. I too cry often. When you all are physically and emotionally in a better place. I wish happy and healthy babies to each of you. beckyttc#3---BEST OF LUCK TO YOU ON NUMBER THREE :) ((((((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))) for everyone that needs one.


sillypickles - March 6

Yes you are very fertile right now I had a misscarriage and got pregnant even before I had another cycle docto told me after a misscarriage you are very fertile so be very careful so your body can recoup


beckyttc#3 - March 6

Saddened grandma... I have read many of your posts over the past few weeks and my heart goes out to you and your daughter! I'm sure you have been a tremendous support to her. I'm sure she will conceive and have a healthy baby again when she is ready. Just give her LOTS of rea__surance. Her 2nd trimester loss is rare and so unlikely to happen again.... but she will undoubtedly be terrified. I had one m/c early with a first pregnancy (and actually lost a twin with this current pregnancy), and I'm still scared almost every day. Just that little "trickle" feeling can make you RUN to the bathroom fearing the sight of blood.... everytime it takes my midwife a minute to find the heartbeat I am on pins and needles (apparently this baby is quite active and makes a game of avoiding the doppler). HUGS to you... you WILL be a grandma with a beautiful baby to love, hold and generally spoil soon!



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