Has Anyone Had An Ectopic Pregnancy

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Michelle - October 19

I have been preg. 8 times (I have had live births but several m/c also), so I am pretty familiar with what to expect. This time is very different. I have been cramping since the get go (am only 5+ weeks now). I had an u/s that ruled out a cyst as I was on Clomid and they (my RE's office) don't seem to be taking this cramping seriously. It even woke me from a sound sleep last night. I've never had an ectopic preg. before. When did you know? What were the signs and how early can they tell on an u/s? Any advise would be appreciated. I'm thinking of going to my midwives even though I'm still supposed to be under the specialist's care.


Elona - October 20

I had an ectopic pregnancy last year. I knew right away that something was wrong because I was bleeding, and I'd just had my period 10 days ago. Also I was in a bit of pain in the lower right quadrant of my abdomen. (I thought it might be my appendix, except for the bleeding.) This pain got worse when I had a BM. I also got quite lightheaded - possibly from the extra bleeding. I had 2 ultrasounds, but all they could see is that there was not a sac. But my blood test said I was pregnant. My doc kept taking my blood HCG levels every other day for a couple of weeks. It soon became evident the HCG levels were going up, but not fast, and not much. Normal pregnancy HCG levels double everyday and shoot up fast! Finally I was in so much pain that even though we had decided to schedule the laparoscopy for the next day, we did it that night. Keep going to a specialist, and look up ectopic symptoms (google). The pain came and went (probably as the cells for the baby doubled) and it got progressively worse. If it's waking you up now, keep going back to the doctor. Have them check the HCG levels over a few days. Don't bother with the midwife. If it is ectopic, you'll need surgery - not something they can do. Good luck. Keep me posted.


Michelle - October 21

Elona, I'm sorry for what you've gone through. Thank you for all of the information. I realize that midwives are not surgeons but they tend to pay more attention to the feelings and concerns of their patients. I did finally call mine and spoke to her (not her nurse) and she asked me several questions and feels that the hcg is doing what it should and the cramping is a result of having been on Clomid. I just wish my RE's office (I only spoke to the nurses) had taken my concerns seriously; this isn't my first time. If they had questioned me and explained that the cramps can be a side effect of Clomid, it would have saved me a lot of worrying. Now I'm worried that the pregnancy will fail for the same reasons as the others (I have a uterine anomoly and a LP defect). I'm definitely not out of the woods. I hope that your lot has improved. Thank you again for your reply.


Elona - October 21

Michelle, I'm glad you had someone to turn to. I'm fine now. I'm hoping we'll get pregnant sometime soon (but it's ok if we're not - I have a 5 & 2 year old) I hope things go well for you.


heather - October 21

michelle, definitely keep pushing for answers and make sure you don't have an ectopic. i had an ectopic 4 years ago and first of all didn't know i was pregnant because i had what i thought was a period, and then was having all these pains and difficulty with bowel movement type issues i thought. went into the ER and they told me i was pregnant based on a urine or blood test. was sent back to my OB who told me i should eat more fiber! anyway, long story short - i was having a lot of pain and went back to the fertility doctor to see if they could do an ultrasound, but they said they couldn't fit me in and my appt was the next day and that night my tube ruptured and i had to have an emergency surgery after my husband came home and found me pa__sed out on the bathroom floor. gosh - i hadn't written all this in a long time. i was 2 months along when it burst. needless to say, we switched fertility doctors and OBs! we now have a 2 1/2 yr old girl and are trying again... good luck!


Heather - October 23

Wow. I'm sorry to hear no one listened to you. I didn't have a doctor at the time, I knew something was wrong so I called 10 different doctors before I could find one to see me! Congrats on your 2 &1/2 year old, and good luck for the next!



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