Has Anyone Rented A Doppler For Preg After M C

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Kara - January 10

Hi all. I am going to rent a doppler this time to ease my anxiety after 3 m/c's, but I am having a hard time deciding where to rent from and which one to rent. I am currently 8w4d. I figure it will take a least a week to get here. Has anyone rented one? What kind is the best? How soon did you find the heartbeat?


Nicole - January 11

After 2 mc I was freaking out everyday not knowing what was going on...if my baby was still alive. I rented my doppler from Bellybeats.com and it was a life savor. Not only did I feel more comfortable but I think it made it more real for my dh. I am 25 weeks now and just returned it. I feel the baby kick everyday.. Good Luck. BTW I rented the one that counted the beats per min it is more expensive but I loved seeing how fast the heart was beating. I recccommend a doppler for everyone who has had a mc.


rizo123ex4 - January 11

Ya i did i got my from sweetbeats.com and i had a m/c in may and 3wks later got pg so i felt it would ease my mind and it sure did i got it about where you are and then we could not hear heart beat till 14wks i got the one with the BPM on it i had one that did not have it i sent that back and got the one that did that way i knew what the BPM was i'm now 34wks 4d and my Logan Jace will be here c-section Jan 25th :) GOOD LUCK AND BEST WISHES:)


Kara - January 15

Thanks Nicole and Rizo for your responses. My doppler came today, but no strong heartbeat yet. The digital screen picked up something and registered 158, but I couldn't hear anything. I am 9w1d, so I know it may be a little soon to hear it yet. When did both of you start using your doppler and when did you hear a heartbeat?


tanya w - January 30

I rented one from bellybeats.com the kind that tells you the heartbeats per minute. I found heartbeat at 10 weeks with it but it was only registering at 96-102 beats per minute and when I would go to the doctor they would see it on the sono and say it was 154 or so. Maybe at 10-12 weeks it registers but isn't loud enough to get the correct beats per minute? Maybe I have one with a defect? Anyways, my doctor said as long as I can hear it I'm doing well. I am currently almost 13 weeks.


Tracy - January 30

Congratulations Kara! I rented mine from Babybeat.com as well. I got the one with the recorder and the heartbeat display. I think it was $49/month for three months. I ordered it when I was nine weeks and while it was hard to find at first (and of course that was followed by a demand to my dh to take me to the ER stat for an ultrasound, until he found it about 30 seconds later!), I am 18 weeks right now and still listen every other day or so. Very easy to hear the hb now. I LOVE IT. Doctors tend not to like us to use it because some say they tend to make us upset if we can't find the hb one day. But I'll tell you, if you are using it just to rea__sure yourself, you are patient and don't jump to conclusions if you can't find the hb in the first few minutes, I think it's a godsend to those of us that have had m/c's. Again, at nine weeks it's perfectly fine not to hear anything. I think I heard it most easily and clearly around week 10 or 11...but even then, I had some days where it was so difficult. My doctor even had a tough time with hers. Apparently the placenta can get in the way at times and the baby hides behind it!


Kara - January 30

I ended up renting the Nicolet 3Mghz doppler from FetalSure. I am currently 11wk3d, but I have not picked up the heartbeat yet. I was really concerned until I talked to a nurse. She asked me to describe what I was hearing. I told her when I was in the center of my abdomen about 2in down from my belly b___ton, I would hear this "whoosh" sound that sounded like when you listened to a sea shell. She said that I probably had an anterior placenta which I may be hearing that could br masking the heartbeat. I have an appointment on Wednesday, so if I haven't found it by then, I am going to ask for an u/s to confirm that we still have a healthy baby. Thanks for all your responses!



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