Have Another Question About Preg After M C

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Steffer - June 30

I just need some advice, I had a m/c the middle of April, i was about 6 weeks, and bled for a few weeks. My doc never told me what my levels were or anything like that just said I had lost the baby no heartbeat. Now it is the beginning of July almost and I have not got a/f yet and took two preg tests and both were positive. I feel little nausa, very tired and moodiness and felt like I was preggo again, but I am just scared to believe it. I don't have sore br___ts, but I just wanted to know maybe was the test was possitive because I still had some hormone levels left? I had a natural m/c, please can anyone help me, I want to be happy but don't want to get my hopes up yet and go to doctor yet., which I know I should, but I am scared


SaraH - June 30

Steffer, while hcg levels can last for a bit, they should normally be gone after 2 months. I would expect that you are probably pregnant again. Call your doctor. Good luck


d16mond - June 30

hi, your hcg levels shouldn't still be present from your previous pregnancy. You need to see your doctor to have the pregnancy confirmed. Thats the only way you will know. All the best. Keep your chin up.


Steffer - June 30

Thank you so much for your answers. Is it normal that my b___bs don't hurt or are not swollen or anything? The last time they were really tender and I know every preg is different, but it is like everyone has some symptom.


SaraH - July 1

Hi sometimes you don't have pregnancy symptoms right away -and some women say they never have any.- While normally your b___sts will become bigger during pregnancy you may not see it right away. As far as them hurting- they don't always. My first pregancy I has really tender b___bs, my second they started to get bigger before the m/c but they never hurt (and I was a 8 w along by the time I m/c so...).


Steffer - July 2

I am so scared I just don't feel like I am pregant besides the mood changes and sickness. I had alittle bid of brown/redish discharge last night. Not much just alittle after I went to bathroom, like you could hardly see it but it was there. I know it is normal but that was how my last m/c was. I had one day of alittle bit(more than i had last night though) and then i didn't even bleed again for another week later. I don't know what to do. I don't want to go into the doctor again for him to say that I am going to have to wait to pa__s everything again. Any advise? I am going crazy please help.


SaraH - July 4

Steffer, I'm sorry your confused on what is going on right now. I guess if I was you I'd call my doc. again. While I understand not wanting to hear about another m/c (which this may not be), if it is a second m/c nothing is going to change about it if you know or don't know. You're still going to have to wait to pa__s everything either way, and it would be good medically for your doc and you to both know that you have had a second m/c if indeed that is what is occurring. It would also be good to have some medical care incase a complication arises. And this may not be a m/c so...call your doctor and find out what is going on as it is better to know than to worry about something being wrong with you; or wondering if you are or aren't pregnant; if you did or didn't m/c a second time, etc. I wish you the best and I'll pray that all goes well for you.



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