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lil_cutie - April 10

i've just been to the toilet and when i went to whipe there was blood on the tissue whi has been happing since yesterday but i'tm thinking that it could be my period. but now i'm getting quite big blood clots. i think look in the toilet and there was the quite big blood clot in the bottom of the toilet could have i just miscarried?? or what?? i don't understand what it is? if i'm actually on my period that has never happened before in my life i'm really scared


Cerulean - April 10

I am by no means a medical professional, but I just had a miscarriage a week ago and that is how mine started out. You might want to contact your doctor and if the bleeding continues I would go to the ER. That's what I did anyway. Hope that helps a little.


Susan W - April 10

I would call my doctor or go to the ER and see what they say to do. If you are having a m/c, you can opt to go home and finish it (I did that) or have a D&C. Are you cramping too? Hope this helps. Good luck.


Morrison1 - April 10

I think, since youhave been so worried about this yesterday and today, it would be worth a trip to the doctor or emergency room. They can also give you a blood test that will detect low levels of hcg (lower than an hpt will detect) and that would answer the question you brought up on the other thread about whether you are even pg or not. To be honest, I had slightly clottier blood than usual when I m/c, but I m/c at 5.5 weeks and there were no "big" clots for me, so it depends on how developed the fetus is as to how much clotting you might see. Good luck!


lil_cutie - April 11

i was cramping alot yesterday when alot of the bleeding happened but today the bleeding has settled and the clots are getting smaller and the cramps are dying down. so if it was a miscarriage and i tried to take a hpt it would come out negative cuz the hcg levels would be too low?


Morrison1 - April 11

lil cutie- I think I have explained this in the other thread, but HCG levels do not drop overnight. Once they are up, they may take up to a month to drop, depending on how high they were and how far along you were. Even if you have a d&c, the levels can still take awhile to drop. If you were really pregnant enough to be expelling clots, you would have seen a positive test by now. Did you take one today like you said you were going to? What did it say? There is a VERY remote possibility that you got pregnant but it was never detected by an hpt, but the possibility of that is fairly obscure. Most hpts will detect hcg to a level of 20, and that is VERY low. I m/c early on and mine were up to 140. I really think you need to either take another hpt or go see a doctor for a blood test if you think you were pregnant.


Morrison1 - April 11

Actually, my levels got to 150...and I don't mean to seem blunt...but it just seems like you keep worrying about the same thing and you should have a blood test to check your hpt levels soon if you really want to know whether you were pregnant. None of us can tell you for sure. Good luck.


lil_cutie - April 11

i've mad a doctors appoitment for tomarrow so i shud know pretty soon what happened


Morrison1 - April 11

Good! That is great news. They can do a blood test that will detect ANY HCG in your system. If it is above, say 4 or 5, than you were most likely pregnant. I say 4 or 5 because some people have a low amount of detectable hcg in their systems all the time, so you can not necessarily a__sume that a level of 3 means you were pg, but the doctor should be able to explain all that pretty well. Keep us posted.


lil_cutie - April 11

okay thanx for your help Morriso1 i will definitely keep you posted.


lil_cutie - April 12

hey everyone i went to the doctor for a blood test and i should be getting the results by the end of the week. i'm still getting a few lil blood clots but nothing major i'm just going to let it pa__s the cramping has stopped.... hopefully everything will be okay very soon



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