Have I Lost The Baby

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tanibop80 - June 24

Ok here goes, in june 2004 i was really sick vomitting after everything i ate at night, i had been with one partner for 6 yrs and had never had any accidents with pregnancy but in june 2004 my partner was skeptical and brought a home test which to my delight revieled positive :) i had a doctor confirm it a few days later as well. Then 4 days after doctor confirmation i was about to go to sleep when i felt a gush of blood, upon going to the toilet there was a nasty ammount of blood so i raced to the hospital, the hospital confirmed my pregnancy but indicated nothing towards any loss. I had an ultrasound 3 days after the bleeding occured which mind u i was still bleeding, the ulatrasonic could not detect a sac but said i could still be around 4 to 5 weeks pregnant. I got sent home no more questions or tests offered just told me i was pregnant, i blead on and off for 2 weeks believing i was pregnant cuz i didnt get told otherwise, i supsected i could only be 2 weeks pregnant at this time because i a period in may and one also in june the month i disscovered the pregnancy and i also bled again the following month around the time of my periods being due. At 19 weeks pregnant i had my first real ultra sound and heart beat scan, both proved a happy healthy baby and i was infact 3 wks pregnant the first time i had the ultrasound for bleeding. My pregnancy went on very well, very normal with no complications or anything and i had a beautiful baby girl who is now 15 months old! Just recently i went to the doctors because my period went for 10 days to my normal 7 followed by daily spotting, i thought possiably another hormonal imbalance because my periods were really off before my daughther but had come regular, but the doctor diagnosed that i was infact pregnant, i did not understand as i had just finished a period and spotting 4 days later. the doctor recommended a ultrasound and blood test. I had both done and took heaps of home tests over the next few days all faint lines but saying i was positive the lines got stronger over the days, i got the ultrasound back which revealed again i had no sack but had been impregnated due to a thick lining. i also have a 4.3cm cyst on my left ovary wich may have ruptured. I am awaiting till tues to take this ultrasound back to my doctor and get the blood test results back that day also. im just worried and confused now because the ultrasound says i could have a normal early pregnancy or may have miscarried or have an ectopic pregnancy wich has had me stressing for days because the spotting has not yet stopped at all, sometimes the blood is a little more than others i am just hoping this is like my first pregnancy although i did not bleed with her straight after a period, makes me wonder when i got pregnant as i have only 1 partner and we have a healthy s_x life!



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