HCG At 45

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Colette - May 25

My Dr.'s RN advised that my HCG level is 45. Has anyone heard of such a low HCG level rising? I am currently 7 weeks past my last menstral cycle.


Janet - May 26

No answers from anyone else.....too bad.


amy - May 26

well i mite not be to much help but i m\c 3 wks ago and my 1st level was at a 27 and and my second was at a 50 and they said at that maybe i was 3 to 4 wks so maybe you just o later and that is why your level is only at a 45 GOOD LUCK


Colette - May 26

Tx Amy. This is my second pregnancy since we began trying almost 4 years ago. We suffered a m/c in March and miracuously we have again found ourselves pregnant again. With my first pregnancy the HCG measured at 300, then climbed to 1200. Then, within a few days it crashed back to 300...the m/c happend within a few days. I feel like I am just waiting for inevitable now. Good to you in the future. I am certainly glad I found this forum.


Kishia - May 27

For 7 weeks that is a low but I'm hoping you are just barely pregnant that's why they are so low. GOOD LUCK!!!


Colette - May 27

Thank you for your well wishes. My RN just called to advise that the number has dropped to 27. Another m/c. This is tough to go from never being pregnant to having 2 m/c in 5 months. Guess I just need to find the strength to get back on in the saddle and try again. Good luck to you all. Here's hoping for us all!


crisy - May 27

Hi Colette. I had low hCG levels too. I had complications because I had cramping and spotting. When I was 6 weeks pregnant my hCG levels were 67. I miscarried on April 25th at 7.5 weeks gestation. My hCG levels were around 400 at that time. Three days later my hCG levels went down to 62. I am very sorry for your loss. I feel your pain. This was my first pregnancy and it was devastating. How are you holding up? Having 2 miscarriages in 5 months is heartbreaking! I hope that you have a lot of family support. Even though I miscarried a month ago the pain is still there. There are days when I feel that I am better and there are days when I just want to cry. Next time when you get pregnant ask your doctor about taking hormones. Some women need to take progesterone in order to bring the pregnancy to term. Good luck and my prayers are with you.


Kishia - May 28

I am sorry for your loss. I was hoping everything would be ok. :(


Colette - May 30

Thank you so much for the support that you have all provided. Different days are easier to deal with than others. We will try again to achieve another pregnancy as soon as possible. I know it's strange but, I feel okay with the second m/c. We have been going through IUI and taking clomiphene for the first pregnancy only to m/c. The second pregnancy came as quite a shock. I didn't even realize that we were pregnant before the m/c began to occur. Next time....things will be different. I like this baby dust saying. Be sprinkled in the goodness of the dust y'all. Thank You again.



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