HCG Level At 11

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Lanislee - March 7

Just thought that I would update my post. I had my blood taken Feb. 28, then night of my m/c and it had 30 hcg level. Then had it taken again on Fri(Mar 4) and got the results today and it is down to 11. The nurse told me to do it again this Friday, so, when it gets close to 0, does that mean I'm on my way to a new cycle? Just kinda unsure about what to expect after hcg level goes all the way down. Thanks for any advice!


lanislee - March 7

Oh, forgot to mention this....I am just about done bleeding almost nothing today, does that mean that this whole thing is almost totally over with? I haven't had cramping since last thurs. Thanks alot!


Di from PA - March 7

Lanislee, I am so sorry to hear of your loss! It sounds like you are on the road to recovery though! I had a mc on 1/11/05 and I bled for about 12 days. My hcg was down to 2 by 1/29/05. Then I got my period on 2/19/05. Everybody is different and it takes a while to go back to feeling normal. Hang in there and keep us posted


stacey - March 7

I am having so much trouble understanding all this and it annoys me (not you guys). I miscarried (d&E) on 1/28. Nothing! i had spotting-brown and brown cm from 2/16-21. A dip in temp on the 22nd, and then nothing again. On Tuesday I took a blood test and my level was 7. So I was hoping that I was pregnant again b/c I see everyone else posting how quickly their hcg levels returned to 0. (I'm not- only neg so far!) SORRY to vent to you guys, but I can't understand. I know the drs. say 4-6 weeks (Friday will be 6 for me) before you get your period. And, I heard you can't ovulate until you reach 0. Do you get a period first, or ovulate first when you finally do get to 0???


Lemi - March 8

well,I had a miscarriage on the 19th of Feb. and bled a little that day with horrible cramps..it was a tubal abortion and they gave me a methotrexate shot.I didn't bleed at all till a few days and then started spotting..it was only after 2 weeks after my m\c that I started bleeding...n I had severe cramps than wht I had during my m\c. I had called up my doc and she tht I'll have to wait another 2 cycles to try again...I'm praying God 2 give me alot of patience....and that's wht we need the most....my hcg level on the day of my m\c was 2300 and after a week went down to 991...still have a long way...haven't checked after that....Stacey,i've heard that it takes 2 weeks to ovulate aftr the hcg level reaches 0.It's a gr8 thing that u reached 7 already..!


stacey - March 8

Lemi, thanks for making me feel normal. i just kept reading all these people that reached 0 so quickly- 2 weeks after, I thought I was crazy!



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