HcG Levels 57 4weeks Past D Amp C Hpt Help

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staci - April 28

hi ladies, well I tested yesterday on first response and had a positive. I am only 4 weeks past D&C-doc had me come in to have levels tested and they are only at 57 which she thinks may be just left over from m/c. I feel pg-but dont want to get my hopes up. I have taken 2 tests both with positives, however they will test my hcg again tomorrow to see if rising or not. has this happened to anyone-pg right away? levels around 57-I would have no idea how pg I am, only 1 or 2 weeks? any help?


Steff - May 2

How far along were you when you misscarried? That will contribute to how long it takes for your levels to go back to 0. I'm sorry for your loss.


staci - May 2

well, to follow up, I tested again on friday and levels had tripled-a new pg! very scared...my doc hasnt tested my progesterone levels but put me on 200mg (2x) at night to just be "safe" also I had inquired about it and was told that if my levels werent low it wont hurt to take it. I have a u/s scheduled in 2 weeks-it is agony to wait-i wish I knew how far along I was!!! anyone gone through this?


lauren - May 3

staci - i'm going through the exact same thing. had a m/c on 3/17 and got a pos. hpt on 4/22. went to the dr. and blood test came back at 53, then 320 then 713. so, it's a new pregnancy and it's heading in the right direction. i'm just so nervous. my first u/s isn't until 5/13 and that feels like ages from now.


staci - May 3

lauren-we sound similar in situations. please keep me posted as to what your u/s goes. I wonder if I should ask to have my hcg levels tested again? they only did it twice. I am so nervous this time around, every little pain that I have or cramp I think m/c. I know to wait until the u/s feels like eternity. sorry for your loss...how far along were you? I was 6.5 weeks and had seen the heartbeat a few days before. I am thinking of you and sending you warm wishes for a happy u/s and healthy pregnancy!


lauren - May 4

staci - i was a little over 5 wks. along when i miscarried. i'm past that point now, but i'm still really nervous. i'm constantly paying attention to my symptoms and if i don't feel something for even a short period of time i get really nervous. i'm hoping the u/s makes me feel a little less nervous. only 9 days to go!


staci - May 4

do you experience mild cramping? I have been having some cramping now for a day or so, feels like af but its not. is this nrormal? I get scared everytime thinking when I go the bathroom I am having a m/c or will have spotting.


lauren - May 5

i haven't had a lot of cramping, but i've read it's a normal symptom of pregnancy. what other symptoms do you have? i'm nervous because i have symptoms - sore b___bs, tiredness, some skin problems - but they're not that bad. i'm hoping my u/s on the 13th puts my worries at ease - at least a little.



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