HCG Levels Rise AFTER Miscarriage

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Kristine - December 1

Hello all, I went in for a sono on 11/21 and was told there was no heartbeat. I decided to not have a D&C since is was my second miscarriage and I want to do it naturally. I had a D&C for my first one. It's been 10 days and nothing has happened. I have some cramping but that's it. The doctor took my hcg levels today and they are higher than before the sono. However, they only rose by 5000. Has anyone had this happen to them?


Kim - December 5

Hi Kristine: I have had not had this happen as both of my miscarriages happened "naturally". How far along were you when told there was no heartbeat? Have you had a follow up ultrasound to confirm that? I would definitely have them take another look before going for a D&C. Good luck to you.


Kristine - December 5

Hi Kim, Sadly, I began to spot yesterday so the inevitable is occuring. How long should I expect this to last? I was 6 weeks along with no heartbeat. Did you have tests taken after your miscarriages?


Kim - December 5

Hi Kristine - I am so sorry to hear that you are starting to spot. It is always scary to see that, even if you are suspecting the worst. I don't want to give you lots of false hope, but spotting doesn't always mean a miscarriage is inevitable (I know you know that since you've been through this before, and coupled with not finding a heartbeat I know it would probably seem that this is a miscarriage beginning). But stranger things have happened, I'm sure. Anyway, if you are, I'm so very sorry. Both times for me, I spotted for two days, and then it turned brown for a day or two, and then I started to bleed red. Both times, from the beginning of spotting until everything dried up, i bled for 2 weeks total. It is one of the hard things about miscarrying naturally. The first time for me was like a bad period in terms of pain. The second time for me was more painful. But both times, the severe cramping only lasted for about a day and then I felt much better. Because I've had two miscarriages, my docs did run a couple of the simpler blood tests to make sure things were normal (they tested thyroid, lupus, and anticoagulants) and all of my results came back normal. They don't do the full panel of testing until you've had 3 miscarriages at my hospital, so they are still hopeful that we've just run into some bad luck. I hope it's the same for you and that next time everything will work out. As a precaution, even though my blood appears to be fine, they are putting me on baby aspirin, 1 a day from now through my next pregnancy. This helps keep the blood thin and moving through the placenta as it's supposed to. Lots of women take it after two miscarriages, just to be safe. Will you ask for any tests do you think?


Kristine - December 5

Hi Kim, Are you pregnant again? I have heard about baby aspirin and also progesterone. My OB plans to run tests after this miscarriage is over but not sure what type. I'll certainly request any and all tests that I can.


Kim - December 5

Hey Kristine, no I'm not pregnant yet. I just finished my mc and am waiting to ovulate now. I hope it happens for me again soon though, I love being pregnant, just would love even more for a healthy pregnancy to happen! I'm so glad your ob will run a few tests for you. There are some simpler ones they can do that will at least rule out some potential causes that have easy fixes. I asked my OB about progesterone, but she says that it is the opinion of the wider medical community that it really does nothing to affect a pregnancy that is in trouble. There's not even any real evidence that taking it preventatively makes a difference. So I'm just doing the baby aspirin and hoping for the best. I hope all goes well with you at your follow up and that your doctor will be helpful. Good luck! When do you plan to try again?


Kristine - December 5

Thank you, you too! I want to try again after my AF. I'll be 34 next year and it's very upsetting. I, too, loved the feeling of being pregnant. It's indescribabIe. I have lost both pregnancies at around 6 weeks. My first M/C was 8/22/05 and I got my AF on 9/29/05. I got pregnant in October and am now miscarrying. How far along were you?


Jennbj - December 5

sorry to jump in but, Kristine, definetely ask for tests! I didn't after having 2 mcs this year. I am now ttc again and very afraid. I wish I had asked to about being put on baby aspirin and progesterone, because now I am afraid that if I do get pregnant it will be too late. I am sorry for both of your losses. I hate to see so many women going through this.


Kim - December 5

Hi Jenn: I'm so sorry too for your losses. It is so sad that this affects so many women, how tragic. You know - i talked with my doctor about this. Baby aspirin won't hurt you, it is so worth trying, and you don't need a prescription for it. You may want to consider just starting to take it now and through at least your first trimester. It is definitely not too late to start. And if you are worried about your progesterone, it's not too late for them to talk about that with you either! It is the perfect time now that you are ttc again. I wish you tons of success with your next pregnancy.


Kristine - December 7

I plan to take baby aspirin after this experience is over. I began the actual miscarriage yestaerday. The pain was so bad, I had my OB call me in a prescription. Natural miscarriage is so hard emotionally. I don't know how I got through to today.


Min - December 8

Kristine the hormones aren't produced by the baby themselves but by the placenta tissue which is why levels can still rise even though the baby has died. That happened to me I am so sorry for what you have been through. The pain physically and emotionally really is unbearable I am just so sorry...


Kim - December 8

Oh Kristine I'm sorry! I know you were expecting this to happen soon, but it's just so sad when it finally does. I hope you are feeling better today, I know it can be quite painful. I'm happy that you'll be taking the baby aspirin next time around just to be safe. When you do feel like trying again, come on over to our thread "GOING FOR..." The women over there have become like sisters to me. One of them sent me flowers when I miscarried the second time, and I've talked with her on the phone. We've been emailing almost every day for the last several months. It is amazing. They are so supportive and loving and encouraging. No pressure, just if you ever feel like you could use and extra boost as you try again, we'd love to be there for you. I wish you the best and hope this part will be over for you soon. If you ever need to talk more, feel free to email me anytime: [email protected] Take good care and again, I'm so sad for you. Min, I'm extending the same invite to you. I am also so sorry to hear about your loss, it is just so tragic. I hope you will take good care of yourself as well. xxoo


Krystal - December 10

Kristine, I am sorry to hear about your situation. Mine story is very similar and it has been very confusing for my husband and me. I conceived after taking Chlomid so we are pretty sure when we got pregnant. I started spotting last weekend or what I thought was spotting (browish in color) so my doctor wanted to see me. He performed an ultrasound and showed that the fetus measured 6 wks 1 day which is about 3 weeks less that what we thought. The exam showed that my cervix is closed, there is a gestational sac, and a fetus was present - although no heartbeat was detected. Yesterday I began a heavier spotting and this time it had a tint of red to it so we went to the ER. They conducted another ultrasound, and again we were measuring 6wks 1day. Again everything else was normal. However, we figured there was no doubt that the baby had stopped developing - that is until we got my BHCG, Quant_tative numbers back. (I guess I should add that I have had no symptoms of miscarriage except for the on again off again spotting). My level on Monday (12-5) was 17,777 - yesterday (12-9) it was 21,615! So now we're back to "what if" status. I see where Min stated that the the placenta is what is driving the numbers up. Could my #s be this high if I have had a missed miscarriage? I happened upon this sight after searching the web for a couple of hours. Any help or suggestions as to where I can find answers would be greatly appreciated.


Kristine - December 12

Thank you ladies for all of your support. No one understands this but those who've gone through it. The miscarriage is finally over. I am ready to move on and start once again after I meet with my new OB. I am taking the baby aspirin because I will try anything at this point. Krystal, there is nothing I can say that will ease your fears but just enjoy the time you are pregnant no matter what the outcome. The best place for answers is your OB and also what you feel in your heart.


Erin - December 12

My numbers were very high with a missed miscarriage at 10 weeks. Only knew from the ultrasound. I had lots of morning sickness, no spotting. I had seen the baby with good heartbeat at 8 weeks. It had been entirely reabsorbed, so the sac was empty. The sac measured right for dates, so it had not recognized that the pregnancy had ended and continued to grow. So I consequently had increasing HCG numbers, but no more baby.


rachel - December 12

hi all, i so sorry to hear what you going through, i going through same thing at the moment and got to have a d&c tomorrow. Hopefully i can start trying again, but you mind me asking what is the baby asprin? thanks again and good luck.


Krystal - December 12

Hi everyone, Thank you so much for your responses. Seems like I am getting more information from you than my OB at this point. I'm actually headed to a doctor's appointment in an hour or so for another ultrasound. I don't expect a miracle at this point, but will wait and see. Rachel, if everything goes as I think it will, I will be having a D&C as well at some point this week. I've seen several references to the baby asprin too, and I'm not sure what the use of it is either. I will think of you tomorrow and pray for a quick recovery both physically and emotionally. Kristine, I'm sorry that you've had to go through this ordeal. I hope you have your prayers answered soon. Erin - thank you again. I know it is tough for you to relive this - just know that you are truly a blessing - you had answers when I needed them the most. Take care. Will update you soon.



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