HCG Levels Rising And Normal But Fetal Demise

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Angie603 - January 26

You can read my posts..."pregnant after m/c 1st ultrasound" and the "updated" version as well for the full story. I am over 7 wks pregnant. My last 4 HCG levels in the past little over a week have been increasing and completely within normal limits for how many weeks I am....but today the NP told me that I will miscarry due to no further growth and no heartbeat on my ultrasound from the one done last week. I feel so nauseated and so pregnant and my levels are normal. Is it possible to have HCG levels increasing or completely within normal limits when fetal demise has already occured? I just don't understand why this is happening.


rl- - January 26

Is there anyway you could get a second sono just to be sure...usually when there is a problem the levels start to drop. I had a mc at the begining of 2005 and even though there was a fetal heartbeat when I started bleeding my levels kept dropping and I mc just does not seem right yours are all normal I would def get a second opinion good luck!!


JuJu - January 26

Angie603; I would definitely get a second opinion - but just wait a few more days, closer to 8 weeks so that if you dates were wrong or something it gives the HB time to kick in. Good luck; I know how heartbreaking this situation can be. It's not an easy wait. JuJu


sharerc - January 26

Angie, I had the same thing happen and unfortunately I did end up miscarrying. My levels looked great and kept going up. I still felt pregnant and everything. I should have been 7 weeks along when I went in and the U/S showed a baby 5 weeks along. I went in for another one the next week and the gestational sac grew. I went for a 3rd and there was no growth and no fetal pole. I wish you the best of luck. Were you able to see the fetal pole?


DownbutnotOUT - January 28

usually it is the HCG levels are the main factor in whether a pregnancy is viable or not and if the levels are doubling than I would definatly get another u/s to make 100% sure there is no HB. I have heard of a woman on here not getting a HB until 9 weeks and the baby was perfectly healthy. good luck


Alauzeta111 - January 30

Hi all, I went in for my first ultrasound today. I thought I was 11 weeks pregnant, but was surprised to see only a tiny 4-week old foetus in my uterus (i.e. I would only be 6 weeks pregnant). My Dr. first thought of a missed abortion; I had a positive pregnancy test 7 weeks ago (right the first day of my missed period), so if this foetus I saw today is the one that tested positive then, it "has" to be dead. But to be sure, he took a blood test, and my HCG levels are 24000, which should be just fine for a 4-week-old foetus (i.e. a 6 week pregnancy). I'm thinking - could I have had a chemical pregnancy, then no period, and then become pregnant right after? This early, my Dr. couldn't see/hear the heartbeat. This sounds rather like sci-fi to me - being pregnant twice within 2 months and 1/2.. any thoughts? I'm having a second blood test for the HCG levels on Wednesday but can't wait for an answer. I thought I was going in to confirm a missed abortion, and I walk out of the ER wondering if I might be 6 weeks pregnant! (???) A.



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