HCG Levels Will Not Fall

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PB - March 27

Has anyone had their HCG levels stay stagnant after a miscarriage. I had an ectopic about a month ago and had the methotrexate shot. My HCG levels have been the same for the past 3 weeks. The doc does not know why and has me come in every week to draw blood. They are now sending my blood to other labs for evaluation. Confused!!! Any answers or similar situations?????


stacey - March 27

How frustrating! Sorry I don't have any ideas.


Angie - March 29

I would have him do an ultrasound to make sure that the ectopic pregnancy did actually disolve like it was supposed to. I have heard of a few cases where the methotrexate did not work properly.


Terry - March 31

So sorry... I have never heard of this. Please keeps us posted as to what happens. Thanks.


PB - April 2

Well it's been a month now with my HCG staying stagnant. My doc just found a lab that just a___lyzes HCG levels. They are freezing some vials of my blood and sending it to them next week. I will finally have answers to whay my HCG will not fall. The doc. it stump. So hopefully it's nothing bad. They think I may have an antibody that mimics HCG. We will see. Has anyone else had probelms with their HCG levels not falling?


Allie - April 2

I've never heard of this, but keep us posted as to the results. I have heard of what is called persistant ectopic, which is when some of the cells from the baby continue growing after the pregnancy has been removed - have they ruled this out?


kim - December 13

Did you ever get an answer? I have miscarried as well but my HCG level is stagnant around 80.I'm am currently waiting for blood test #4 results.


SadandWorried - July 1

Hi PB & kim Have either of you found out what the cause of your stagnant hcg levels are? I am now 4 weeks post miscarriage and my levels have been as follows: 24 May - 170 26 May - 373.4 1 June - See sac with foetus but no heart beat 2 June - Miscarriage 11 June - 43.1 23 June - 57.6 25 June - 40.3 28 June - 46.4 Any advice please? Please let me know what happened to you both. I am so worried!



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