HCG Went Down Then Back Up Please Help

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sarah35 - March 16

so on cd32 i had a hcg of 175--which to me seams really low to start. about cd38 i had another beta that came back 124, doc said you are probably going to miscarry so come in for an US to see if we can see anything. well, a day later at the US-- nothing there. I know it was early-- i would have been like 5+weeks and seeing that my betas were super low.... Anyhoo, doc said it was probably a "Chemi" and after AF shows i can start to ttc again. She wanted to make sure i kept taking my betas until it went to 0. So reluctantly i went back for my betas next week (6+ weeks) and they went up to 1100 approx.. doc said they wanted to repeat in 48 hours.... and so we did and it only went up to just over 1750. Basically the doc said im still going to miscarry and to think about how i want to go about it.... the shot or a d&c. Im confused thou. i know the numbers are low and she said she dosent think its eptopic (she did a pelvic) she just thinks the fetus started to die and then instead of releasing, it started growing abnormal cells. So i go back in 2 day to have a vag. US and more betas. WHAT DO YOU GUYS THINK????? does anyone have experience with dropping betas then rising again????????????????????? and then when we see the US.... are we going to be able to see abnormalities?????? i would only be 7+weeks on Tuesday so it seems unlikely to see any details of fetus. Please, anyone with any resourceful information-- please help. i hate to think im carrying a fetus that i have to remove..... This is my 3rd pregnancy, i have 2 boys already (5,2yrs). i was on a break from clomid too. Thanks in advance!!!!!!!!!!!


sarah35 - March 17

bump..... anyone?????


saramcg - March 17

Hi Sarah- I am so sorry that you are going through this. It is not easy. Last summer I had something like this happen to me. However, I didn't have betas checked until after I started bleeding. Anyhow, I started spotting at 6 weeks. I went in for an u/s and there was a very misformed sac in there. My betas came back in the 800's (which was supposedly low for 6 weeks) I was told that this was most likely a miscarriage. I had a follow up u/s the next day and they saw nothing in there. I indeed bled VERY heavily for a full week. They rechecked my betas a week after I started to m/c (to make sure they were going down to zero) and they were only at 750ish a week later! So I went in 2 days later (dissappointed that they were going down so slow) and they had gone back up to 1100 and something!. They thought it might be ectopic so I was rushed in for another u/s. They then saw another sac which looked OK, but no yolk sac. I had another beta done and in went up to over 2000. I had another u/s and the sac had grown, but still no yolk sac or fetal pole. I had one last beta and it was at 2500. Because it was not doubling they thought that it would not be a viable pg and wanted to do a d&c. I agreed, but they did make me wait a few more days and did another u/s to confirm that there was no further growth of the sac (which there wasn't) I had also started to spot again along with this but only lightly- still red though-I had the d&cand they were still scared that I had ectopic. The doc said that even though there was a sac, the egg could still be in my tubes and the weird numbers are a red flag for ectopic (so be careful) He was going to give me the metotrexate shot during the d&c, but they flash froze the tissue they removed and looked at it under a microscope and they DID see fetal cells. So the baby was in utero, but just didn't develop. THey even thought that there may have been twins? Unfortunately, my case wasthat the pg was not a good one. I hope that is not the case with you, and even my doctors say that crazy things can happen with the numbers. If I were you, I would keep getting checked until YOU are sure which direction you want to take. Don't do the d&c if you do not feel you had given it a chance. (but do be careful of ectopic even if they see a sac) My whole ordeal lasted almost 3 weeks before it was all said and done, and it was VERY hard emotionally, but I am glad that I was SURE before I had the d&c. I wish you luck and a better outcome than I had, but if not, then I am truly sorry for what you are going through. I hope my story helped. BTW- I too have a son (1 1/2) and my loss was my 2nd pg. I waited until I got af and then started trying again. It took us 3 mo, but I am now almost 20 wks pg, so there is hope that this is all a fluke for you too! Take care and please let me know how you are doing. ~Sara


sarah35 - March 17

saramcg-- thanks so much for your response. sounds familiar to my story except ive had no bleeding.....all except for a tiny bit of red blood spotting at 5wks. I also had heard that its maybe from multiple sacks and one sack dies off so the only way to catch it is the betas. I will totally let you know how this progresses. i go for my betas and an US tomorrow. i have no clue what to expect tomorrow:-( Thanks again


momjoy0691 - March 18

Sarah: I had that I had a number of 485 then 405 then went back a week later, it was 9000, then I had an ultrasound nothing was seen too early-- i was only 5 weeks-- then went back at 8 weeks there was a baby and a heartbea,t then I went in at 12 weeks all was fine then I went at 16 weeks 5 days and no heartbeat, u/s showed the baby stopped growing at 13 weeks I never bled or anything, no cramps no nothing. They say the baby had a genetic problem, I had a D and C, this was my 2nd out of 3 m/c. BUT I do have 2 children. Hope your outcome is better!! Praying for you.


sarah35 - March 18

Hi ladies- just wanted to give an update. I got an US today and it showed two babies. both are similar size although it was too early to see any heartbeats even though im 7wks. They think i maybe had 3 babies, then one absorbed (thats why numbers dropped). The only thing is that my betas are kinda low. today is 7 weeks 2days maybe, and the numbers were 3300. Doc thinks im off on ovulation.... but i dont think im off by that much cause we only BD one time that month. im still being watched for eptopic and MC..... hope neither one happens!!!! Just thought id keep you guys updated in case someone else out there trys to figure out what may be wrong with their pregnancy.


daphnek - March 18

Hi Sarah, I hope everything progresses slowly and the babies both turn out OK. When do you go back again to check for heartbeats? I posted a question a few hours ago as I am in a waiting mode myself not knowing if the baby is alive. I feel for you. Please keep us posted. Daphne.


momjoy0691 - March 19

sarah: Thanks for the update, keep us informed I am Praying it will all work out!!!


saramcg - March 19

Sarah- I am very glad that things are looking up for you! THanks for updating us. Sometimes those little babies just take a little longer to get started. I hope that both of your little ones give you strong heartbeats very soon! Congrats on the good news so far, and please let us know when you know more.


sarah35 - March 25

Hi ladies, i got another US today and doc said babies are growing fine.... he saw two yolk sacks but no fetal poles or heartbeats yet. he said that i may have implanted much later then i suspected. I feel a little better about things today, but still not out of the woods until i see some strong heartbeats. Just an update anyhow. thanks for checking on me:-)


daphnek - March 26

Hi Sarah, Very glad to hear things are progressing OK. I totally can understand your hesitation until you see those heart beats but at this point you can only hope for the best and take care of yourself. So, how many weeks is the Dr suspecting you are?


BeckyBunny - March 26

Glad to hear things are progressing, be sure to keep us updated when you finally get to see those heartbeats.


sarah35 - April 1

Back to not feeling good about things again. i went for another US today and US tech said babies are measuring at 5 1/2 wks along. OK, someone please explain to me how someone who had their AF 9+wks ago can only have fetus' that small . I really feel like something is wrong. no heart beats yet either, just yolk sacks. UGH. i feel like if this isnt going to be viable.... i want to be done with it. be done with the worry and the stress and everything. one bad thing after another..... thats now how this is suppose to be:-( I will report back later when i know more. I see the doc tomorrow morn.. I will keep you all posted. Thanks for having a forum like this-- its worth so much when your in tears about the unknown.


BeckyBunny - April 1

aww...I wish I knew what to tell you...I guess they can check again to see if your beans grew in another week or two, but until then unless you m/c naturally, it's hard to know what is really going on. *hugs*


daphnek - April 1

Sarah, I am so sorry. I know exactly what you are going thru. I had to wait for almost 2 weeks to find out what was going on with mine and it is agonizing. Unfortunately, there is nothing to comfort you. You just have to hope for the best. Try to distract yourself which I know is not easy. Hope the Dr can provide some more info to you tomorrow. Please do keep us posted. I have been thinking about you.


Jessicab3 - April 1

OH Sarah, I was so hoping you would see heartbeats today. We are all thinking about you. Hope the doc can give you better news tomorrow.


sarah35 - April 2

went in today to talk to doc and he said im 4 weeks behind. basically he dosent know my i havent miscarried yet. i will get another viability screening next Tuesday.... but im 99% sure the D&C is coming. The babies are still growing-- so i asked if it was possible molar pregnancy-- he said he dosent think so. So i wait another week:-( Thanks for checking in on me girls. i wish i could press Fast Forward and move on with life. right now it feels as though someone pushed pause.



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