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ALISON - April 2

can't get my head around what to do. just had 3rd miscarriage at 43 and I know I am a bit depressed so I'm not thinking clearly but I just don't know what to do. I can't make up my mind whether to try again, say for a couple of months or to forget about trying now. its because of my age that this whole thing is upsetting me and getting me so undecided. 44 in july


JuJu - April 2

Alison; I am so sorry for your losses; I have had 2 m/c's this year and understand how upsetting it is. Regarding your age - have you spoken to any fertility specialists about what can help you? I would speak with both medical and natural therapists ........ best of luck :)


marranie - April 3

Hi alison, i am 44 and had three miscarriages in a row. I waited one cycle before trying again though without the age factor would have waited longer. Now 18 weeks pregnant and getting nice and fat and was all worth it. At 40 plus they say you have about one good egg in five, so i just kept plugging away until i got the good egg.


ALISON - April 3

I spoke to the doctor after he did the D & C but he just said 1 in 4 pregancys result in micarriage. think yesterday because I couldn't get into my mind what to do because of my age I had got myself into a state and got quite depressed . Like you Marranie I can't wait to long. I didn't bleed after the D & C for three days then I bleed like a period but unsure if this was part of the D & C / misscarrage process or if this was my first period. last two times I just bled from firght from the minute I started to loose them right through nver stopped bleeding.


marranie - April 4

hi alison, the bleeding would have been the end of your d&c, good luck if you try again, maybe like me it will be fourth time lucky. One thing i have not worried too much about genetic testing (i can feel baby moving as i type... real nice), i feel with all the miscarriages my body has an excellent 'quality control' system, an upside if not a very nice one, and this baby should be just perfect, did have a nuchal fold scan at around 12 weeks and it was excellent. One more scan next week and on the home run, pretty unbelievable after the third m/c when i though that this just can't be happening again. I did do one thing different with this pregnancy and took mega doses of fish oil for the first 6 weeks, dont know if that helped or it was just striking a good egg.



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